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1 Operating Room Product Portfolio  Tony Phelps CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY - FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY OR COPYING UnoVac, HandyVac, MiniVac and OP-Flex are trade marks of Unomedical a/s. Realize the possibilities is a trade mark of ConvaTec Inc. All other trade marks are the property of their respective owners. © 2012 ConvaTec Inc. AP-013148-MM EM

2 1 Operating Room Product Overview Operating Room Wound Drainage Systems UnoVac™ System HandyVac™ System Passive Drainage High Vacuum Suction Systems Standard OP-Flex™ Range OP-Flex ™ Flexible Yankauer System CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

3 2 High Vacuum System UnoVac™ System Passive Drainage System HandyVac™ System HandyVac ™ ATS System Wound Drainage Systems CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

4 3 Wound Drainage  Drainage systems may be used to drain fluid, mostly blood, from surgical wounds after an operation.  Low Vacuum  Passive Drainage  High Vacuum (except close to intestine and glands) CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

5 4  A key element in infection control and in facilitating the healing and mobilization process. Why do we need wound drainage?  The process of facilitating and collecting post-operative bloodshed in order to avoid haematomas.  Without drainage the fluid; Is a medium for infection Prolongs the healing process Causes pain to the patient CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

6 5 The ideal wound drainage system  Removes blood effectively  Reduces the risk of wound infection  Gentle to the tissue CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

7 6 What Are Wound Drainage Systems?  A sterile, single-use medical device consisting of:- Catheter – different types, sizes, materials (PVC or Silicone) Trocar (usage optional) Connecting Tube Receptacle – Bottle / Bag Bellows CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

8 7 Where are they used?  Predominantly where surgical procedures are performed; Theatres – All specialities Day Surgery Units Recovery  Wards will need to have stock of spare receptacles for replacement CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

9 8 Types of Drainage Systems  Low vacuum HandyVac™ System UnoVac™ System MiniVac™ System  Initial vacuum pressure 50 – 120mmHg CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

10 9 HandyVac™ System: Low vacuum system CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

11 10 Bag Drain Trocar Bellows Hanger Clamp Connector HandyVac™ System 700 ml 125 ml With/without bottom outlet CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

12 11 Non-Return Valves – infection prevention Non-Return Valve No reflux of fluids CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

13 12 Suction Efficiency  Excellent suction curve (in- vitro) - 25/65 mmHg Minimises risk of hole closure Minimises risk of tissue damage Used for head, back and abdominal surgery Data on file. Test report: Suction pressure as a function of suction amount. 26 th September 2007. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Suction Pressure as a Function of Suction Amount HandyVac System with 700 ml bag. Ref nr. 400977182

14 13 HandyVac™ System  Low vacuum drain  Initial vacuum pressure 65mm Hg  Bellows capacity 125ml  Bag 700ml  Drain Sizes Ch 8,10,14,18  Bags with or without taps  Two non-return valves (NRV) Bag NRV prevents reflux Drip chamber NRV –eliminates need for clamps  Redon spiral drain CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

15 14 HandyVac™ System Competitors Bellovac™ System Exudrain™ Mini System Abdovac™ System CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

16 15 HandyVac™ System Competitors Redax™ System Redax™ Silicone System LowVac™ Plus System CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY


18 17 Bag Bellows Trocar Ulmer drain Protective cap  Filter 600 ml 300 ml UnoVac™ System CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

19 18 How to establish the vacuum  Press with two thumbs  No clamps needed Simple and time saving CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

20 19 Non-Return Valves – Infection prevention  2 Non-Return Valves CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

21 20 What are the advantages of the UnoVac™ System?  Low or passive drainage  Supplied as a closed hygienic system  With profuse secretion it is possible to change the bag  Constant suction level  Easy visual control of remaining vacuum  High capacity of 900 ml ( bellows 300 ml / bag 600 ml) CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

22 21 Start Almost full Passive drainage Suction Efficiency  Excellent suction curve (in- vitro) - 110/95 mmHg to 50/60mmHg Minimises risk of hole closure Minimises risk of tissue damage Suction Peak- almost full Data on file. Test report: Suction Curves at 15 ºC and 25 ºC. 6 th February 2001. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Suction Pressure as a Function of Suction Amount UnoVac™ System

23 22 Low Vacuum – MiniVac™ System  Small 30ml bellows  Initial suction vacuum 80 mmHg  Sizes Ch 6 Redon spiral PVC drain Ch 8 Ulmer PVC drain  Used primarily in Faciomaxillary (MaxFax) Head & Neck surgery Hand surgery CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

24 23 MiniVac™ System Competitors  Mini-Exuvac™ System (Minimed/procar3e/GB-UK)  Exudrain™ Mini System (Astratech)  Red-0-pak™ System (Vygon)  Mini Redovac™ System (B.Braun)  LOW VAX™ System (Athrodax) CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY


26 25 High Vacuum System Initial vacuum pressure Above 400mmHg 600ml bottle Drain sizes Ch 10,12,14,16,18 400ml bottle Drain sizes Ch 10,12,14,16 Non Return Valve 600ml bottles only Redon spiral drain CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

27 26 High Vacuum - Competitors  Redovac™ System (B.Braun)  PREVAX™ / Econovax™ Systems (Athrodax)  Drenofast™ (Nikomed)  Safe-t-Vac™ System (Pro-Care/Minster/Meddis/GB- UK)  Medinorm™ System (Summit) CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

28 27 Passive drainage  Passive  No negative pressure gravity only (25mmHg)  Ulmer drain  Soft 90cm tube  700ml drainage bag  Sizes Ch 20,24,28 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

29 28 Passive Drain - Competitors  Robinson System (Portex)  Drentech System (Summit) CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

30 29 Drains

31 30 Unomedical Range of Drains  Single use solid trocar  PVC or Silicone drains  Different perforations  Detectable X-ray line  Black indicator marks CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

32 31 Spiral drain Redon drain Corrugated drain Slit drain Ulmer drain Silicone drain Wound Drain Perforations CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

33 32 Silicone vs. PVC  Silicone is inert (does not react with tissue),soft and pliable.  Enviromental issues with PVC – clorinated by-products of incineration.  Silicone: the most researched and tested material for implantable applications. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

34 33 Multiple narrow ducts provide fluid entry at any point Radiopaque Flat Drain CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

35 34 Features of Round Drains Four continuous channels provide greater tissue contact area than regular perforated drains Constructed of silicone with solid center designed for strength and flexibility Offers multiple drainage routes to resist clogging Smaller, more flexible tube Due to channel design, removal may be less traumatic to surrounding tissues in comparison to designs with holes CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

36 35 Various Flexible Yankauer Standard Filter Flow System OP-Flex™ Range of Suction Systems CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

37 36 Suction in Surgery CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

38 37 Why is suctioning neeeded in surgery?  During operations it is necessary to remove blood and fluid in order to maintain an unobstructed view of the operating are and organs.  The surgeon uses suction handles (linked to vacuum) of different kinds to keep the area free of blood and fluids to have a clear view of the surgical field.  The production of a vacuum or partial vacuum in a cavity or over a surface - so that the external atmospheric pressure forces the surrounding fluid or blood, into the suction handle – through the tubing to the canister on the floor. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

39 38 The handle is THE tool for the surgeon CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

40 39 An operation suction set consists of a suction handle and a connecting tube. The connecting tube is connected to a canister which can be either reusable or disposable. The canister is connected to a vacuum source having a vacuum of 2-400 mmHg mm/Hg How does a vacuum source work? CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

41 40 Historic Overview - Yankauer Developed approximately 1907 by Dr. Charles Yankauer, the Yankauer Suction Instrument has become the most common suction instrument in the world. It's primary use is to aspirate fluid and debris from either a surgical site or orifice, e.g. the mouth. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

42 41 Yankauer Tips  Conventional yankauer – all surgeries  Tapered yankauer – narrow cavities  Flattened yankauer – between nerves and muscle fibres  Sump yankauer – delicate tissue  Super Flow – AAA or trauma  Poole – delicate tissue CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

43 42 OP-Flex™ Suction Handles CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Tapered Conventional Flattened Sump Poole

44 43 OP-Flex™ Range Ergonomic Suction handle With/without Vacuum control Detachable – easy to change Different tips available CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

45 44 OP-Flex suction handles are supplied both with and without vacuum control When the hole is uncovered there is no suctioning. When the hole is covered suctioning takes place. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

46 45 Detachable Handles CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

47 46  Relieving eyes Designed to minimise the risk of tissue damage Relieving Eyes CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

48 47 OP-Flex Connecting Tube  Anti-kink connectors Unrestricted flow through the system Full maneuverability in all positions. Cut -to-fit connector at the distal end to enable a fit to all canisters CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

49 48 Anti-kink Connector  Unrestricted flow through the system with no risk of stopping the suctioning due to kinking.  Full maneuverability in all positions which is very important as the surgeon will often have very limited space CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

50 49 To enable a fit to all canisters Cut-to-fit Connector - Universal CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

51 50 Flexible bendable tip Precise handling & maximizes protection of internal organs. Integrated basket Increases the safety of loosing the tip. Transparent material Easy observation of blood. Ergonomic handle Non-slip safe-grip groove. Integrated universal connector Secures firm connection to suction tube. OP-Flex™ Flexible Yankauer Handle CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

52 51 Yankauer Tip  A suction tip with a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head.  Designed to allow effective suction without aspiration of surrounding tissue. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

53 52 Easy to use – Flexible tip CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

54 53 Where to use the Flexible Yankauer Handle  Abdominal surgery ( Sump )  Orthopaedic surgery  Thoracic surgery  Breast surgery  Vascular surgery ( Sump )  ENT (ear-nose-throat)  Gynaecology The Flexible Yankauer handle can be used in most kinds of surgery CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

55 54 Competitors  Baxter/Alligiance/Kendall (Medi-Vac)  Cardinal Health  Sherwood /Tyco (Argyle)  Pennine  Conmed CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

56 55 Tyco Dahlhausen Pennine Astra Competitors

57 56 Selling Against Tool SUPPLIERFEATURESBENEFITS UM strong points compared to competitor Unomedical A.Lower priced “Me Too“ product B.High quality C.Moulded one piece D.Integrated tip A.Allows greater uptake on a premium product B.No assembly needed C.No risk of “disconnection” Less expensive Good support Good range of compatible suction handles Tyco Sherwood Argyle A.Image in market B.Market Leader C.Market share 60 % D.First mover E.Large Quality range A.Loyalty B.Innovation + experience C.Increased possibilities for easy sales to existing customers D.Greater ability to position suction handles in some surgical procedures “Me Too” product not at premium price UM have large suction handle range Able to gain market share due to high quality and low price Pennine A.Low price B.Acceptable quality products C.Market Follower D.Market shares 20 % E.Cheaper than Tyco A.Loyalty & Relationships B.Brand effect, Market awareness & enquires C.Fog of war, long term tie Ups ? D.Appeals to price sensitive E.Unknown, possibly ease of removal UM also have loyal customers Unomedical have higher quality to same price Unomedical can try to be low priced in NHS Supply Chain UM hope to offer better values, complaint handling etc UM product is same as Market Leader CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

58 57 The OP-Flex™ FilterFlow Suction Set CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

59 58 What is included in the Op-Flex™ FilterFlow Set?  FilterFlow handle containing a filter.  One extra filter included.  3 tips packed in set 1 short bent 1 long bent 1 long straight  Indication Intra femoral suctioning.  OP-Flex connecting tube.  Single packed filters are available in boxes of 20 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

60 59  Patented filter system prevents inconvenient and time-consuming blockages.  The patented cross-flow filter allows fluids to pass through with minimal damage, yet traps debris that could clog conventional suction sets. FilterFlow Filter CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

61 60 Malleable Tip with stylette X-Ray line 2 different lengths Graduated connector The OP-Flex™ Frazier Suction Handle With/without Vacuum control CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

62 61 Where are Frazier Handles used?  Neurological surgery  Plastic surgery  Cardiac surgery  Ear-Nose-Throat  Other operation field where a small suction handle is used to access CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

63 62 Close up features Flexible due to the stylette Vacuum control Easy to connect to tubing CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

64 63 Disarp™ - Disposable Abdominal Retracting Pad  Unique UnoMedical product  X-ray detectable  45 cm and 25 cm lengths The Disarp™ Device was developed to protect and retract soft tissue during surgery in order to keep the operating field visible, clean and free of blood and fluids. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

65 64 Benefits of the Disarp™ Device  Can be bent into desired position.  Can be placed in small areas in the operation field.  Excellent absorption of blood and fluids.  X-ray detectable.  Absorption capacity of short Disarp 100ml.  Absorption capacity of long Disarp 200ml. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

66 65 Retractorpads™ – Competitor CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

67 66 Inserting the Disarp™ Device CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

68 67 Decision Makers in the Hospital – OR products  Economic Gatekeeper  Clinical Gatekeeper  Economic Influencer  Clinical Influencer  Economic Decision Maker  Clinical Decision Maker  Surgeon  Nurse  Purchaser  Tender XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY

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