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Telophase is a phase of mitosis

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1 Telophase is a phase of mitosis
and the other three are phases of interphase Interphase is a phase of the cell cycle and the other three are phases of mitosis Binary fission pertains to prokaryotes and the other three pertain to eukaryotes Spindle fiber pertains to nuclear division and the other three pertain to cytoplasmic division Vesicles are organelles but are not directly involved with nuclear division as are the other three

2 C B D A C

3 1) G1: cell grows 2) S: DNA is replicated 3) G2: cell prepares for cell division 4) Mitosis: nucleus divides 5) Cytokinesis: cytoplasm divides

4 1) Prophase: chromatin coils into replicated chromosomes;
centrosomes start to move and generate spindle fibers (Prometaphase/Late Prophase: nuclear envelope breaks up; spindle fibers attach to kinetochores) 2) Metaphase: spindle fibers align replicated chromosomes at cell equator 3) Anaphase: spindle fibers retract, pulling apart sister chromatids at the centromere; individual chromosomes are pulled to opposite ends of the cells 4) Telophase: spindle fibers disappear; nuclear envelope and nucleolus reform; individual chromosomes unwind to chromatin

5 Vesicles from the Golgi apparatus carrying cellulose fibers fuse at the midline of the cell to form the cell plate. These elongate and eventually become the new cell wall that separates the cell into two cells. Without a G1 growth phase, the cells would not grow to their mature size after cytokinesis. Therefore the daughter cells would become smaller and smaller with each cell cycle.

6 Telophase Metaphase Prophase Anaphase

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