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Giovanni Zecchini 11/04/2014 AKA: How to become a Spartan!

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1 Giovanni Zecchini 11/04/2014 AKA: How to become a Spartan!

2  Why engineering?  My community college path  Advices for Chabot students  Life at SJSU  Community involvement  Engineering projects  Conclusion – Q & A


4 Scientific knowledge + Creativity

5  Started in St. Louis MO - Spring 2010  Transferred to Chabot College - Spring 2012  Transferred to SJSU - Fall 2013 Worked full time (30-40 hrs/week) during my whole community college career.

6 Spring 2012Course No.UnitsFall 2012Course No.Units Multivariable Calculus MTH 35.0 Intro. Engineering ENGR Comp Methods Engr. ENGR Elem. Linear Algebra MTH 63.0 Spring 2013Course No.Units Intro/Struct Progr. C++CSCI Engineering Design and analysis ENGR Comp Methods Engr.ENGR Differential equationsMTH 43.0

7  Learn Mr. Mayer 14 rules on the study skills guide (Don’t sell your books & Get every point)!  Put effort in your ENGR 11 project to make it as successful as possible!  When you don’t understand some concepts, ASK during class, or better, go to the professor’s office hours!  Try to complete as many GE requirements as possible before transferring to a 4 years college!

8  Plan your class schedules in order to fulfill multiple 4 years college transfer requirements!  Learn to become proficient in Matlab!  Join the Chabot Science & Engineering (CSE) Club!

9 Fall 2013Course No.UnitsSpring 2014Course No.Units EntrepreneurshipBUS StaticsCE Intro to MTLSMATE 253.0Intro Ckt AnalysisEE Design & GraphicsME 202.0Engr ReportsENGR 100W3.0 General PhysicsPHYS 524.0ThermodynamicsME Theatre AppreciationTA 103Intro Intl RelPOLS 43.0 Total Units15.0Total Units16.0 Summer 2014Course No.Units DynamicsME Human UnderstandingBIOL Total Units6.0

10 Fall 2014Course No.UnitsSpring 2015Course No.Units Strategic ManagementBUS Heat TransferME Intro MechatronicsME Applied Engr. AnalysisME Mechanics of MaterialCE Mech. Engr. DesignME Machine ShopME 411.0Thermal Engr. LabME Microfluidics (lab)ME Business OrganizationENGR Asian American StudiesAAS 33A3.0Dyn Sys Vib & ControlME Fluid MechanicsME Total Units17.0Total Units17.0 Current GPA: 3.93

11 Fall 2015Course No.UnitsSpring 2016Course No.Units Capstone Course3.0Senior Design Project 2ME 195B3.0 Experimental MethodME GE area S/VME 195B1.0 Senior Design Project 1ME 195A3.0Technical Electives6.0 GE area S/VME Total Units10.0Total Units10.0 Less units the last two semesters because planning to have a full-time job!

12  SJSU professors have less time to dedicate to each student (More students=less time per student)  Pace: At SJSU the pace is 1 ½ faster than at Chabot  If you do well in ENGR 25, you are going to do well in most courses at SJSU!  More clubs, more groups, and more opportunities at SJSU


14 Some companies from this year: -Ericsson -HP -Western Digital -LAM research -Visa -Vmware -National Instruments Corp. -eBay -DELL -Apple

15 Volunteer!  Engineering in Action Outreach program  The Tech Challenge (Judge)  Volunteer at Breakthrough Collaborative Main Events

16 The Problem: A Lady whose Mom has been under oxygen treatment for the last few years asked us to come up with a device to retract extra oxygen tube from the floor. Our Answer: NOSIDE87!! Image:


18  2 Microcontrollers (Arduino Uno)  2 Vishay Linear Strain Gages  Resistors, OP-Amps, Solderless Breadboards  An 8 inches diameter spool  2 Xbee Series 2 Radios with two Shields  A stepper Motor

19 Image retrieved from: /stepper.docx

20 Quarter_Bridge Half-Bridge Full-Bridge Image retrieved from: doc

21  Do well in Mr. Mayer’s classes and you’ll do fine when you transfer  Engineering requires a lot of work but it’s going to give you a lot of satisfactions  Outline a 4 years/5 years graduation plan and follow it  School projects give you experience and look good on resumes  Study, have fun, but don’t forget to dedicate some time for others!


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