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Portable/Desktop Projectors Small and light, ideal projectors for transports.

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1 Portable/Desktop Projectors Small and light, ideal projectors for transports

2 Like for all projectors the best position is in front of the screen, radially. This way there is no distortion. Use the standard test pattern to help you. If you don’t have the time to install it correctly don’t worry ! Installation

3 Extend and retract the rear feet to adjust the projector's horizontal tilt. Press the foot adjust lever to extend the front adjustable foot. You can adjust the position of the image by tilting the projector up to 11 degrees.

4 Special Features These projectors are small and light, very good for people who want to have their projectors with them every time. Moreover they have a high brightness to compensate the ambient light. They also have some features which allow to make an easy and quick installation:  Screen fit  Direct power ON/instant OFF  3 in 1 USB display  Wall shot (some projectors)

5 Screen Fit is a function that corrects the projected image automatically. The projected image is fitted into the screen, and keystone correction and focus adjustments are performed automatically. In this situation when you use screen fit the projector does: Focus adjustment Finding screen edge (if not, calculate by sensor) Vertical keystone Horizontal keystone After that your screen is adjusted. Screen fit

6 When you press Screen Fit a message box appears. When you have centered the box on the screen repress screen fit and let the projector works. Press Esc button to finish the correction when a message box appears. When the projector detects any movement, for example when it is moved or tilted, it automatically corrects vertical and horizontal keystone distortion. This function is called Auto H/V-Keystone. To disable: SettingsKeystoneH/V KeystoneAuto H/V Keystone Off Screen fit utilisation Example:

7 Instant OFF When you turn off the projector you don’t have to wait until fans to cool down. When you turn off you’re ready to go! Direct power ON When this function is enable the projector starts automatically when power cable is plugged in. ExtendedOperationDirect Power On To activate : Direct power ON and instant OFF

8 Instead of connecting three cables from your computer to the projector you can now connect only one cable and have the sound, image and the control ! 3 in 1 USB display

9 Wall Shot Background colour Before wall shotAfter wall shot Example: When you want to project on a surface which is not totally white the projector can analyse the colour of the wall and adjust the image. To activate the wall shot press the wall shot button on projectors until you see “Wall Shot On” on the screen.

10 Wall Shot Select “wall shot on” and the measurement of the projection surface will start. Colours in the order Red  Green  Blue  Black will be projected. Once measurement is finished images will be projected in the correct condition. If you move your projector to project on an another wall without turning it off select “Wall Shot Readjustment” by pressing twice the wall shot button. screen The projector measure the absorption rate of the screen with a sensor and make colour compensation.

11 When this function is activated the panel control is fully or partially locked: Full lock: All of the buttons on the Control panel are locked. You cannot perform any operations from the Control panel, including turning the power on or off. Partial lock: All of the buttons on the Control panel, except for the [t] button, are locked. This is useful at events or shows when you want to deactivate all buttons and only project, or at school when you want to limit button operation. The projector can still be operated using the Remote Control. Operation panel protected function (part 1)

12 Procedure: during projection press « menu » button on the remote control or panel control. You can release the Control panel lock by one of the following two methods. From the Remote or panel Control, select Off in Settings Press and hold down the [Enter] button on the Control panel for about seven seconds, a message is displayed and the lock is released. Settings Control panel lock Off, Full or partial Operation panel protected function (part 2)

13 The End

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