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3 en-us/sharepoint/fp142366

4 Let’s just jump right in to Visual Studio 2012! (DEMO!)

5 Integrated automatic F5 deploy functionality

6 SharePoint Administrator does deploy More control, however, deploying custom solutions to farms is just 1% of their job Takes time for them to do it Developer has to document the deploy process for them

7 For multiple farms Repeat steps above *Production farms need special care


9 Deactivate features Uninstall features Retract the solution Uninstall the solution Install the solution Deploy the solution Install features Activate features

10 DEMO: Sample SharePoint PowerShell Deploy script for a custom SharePoint solution

11 Put LOTS of comments in the script Put all variables at the top Ensure script stops immediately if error occurs Ensure proper disposal of all SharePoint disposable objects Ensure you are calling the correct parameters on each SharePoint Cmdlet for your exact scenario Automatically load the SharePoint Cmdlets if they are not present

12 DEMO: How to do the real magic! Continuous testing of PowerShell Scripts with Visual Studio!

13 1) Visual Studio must be run in Administrator Mode 2) In the SharePoint Post Deployment Command: Copy the msbuild file to the bin directory Copy the PowerShell scripts to the bin directory Execute msbuild in 64 bit mode to run PowerShell in 64 bit mode and load the script 3) Create a SharePoint deployment option to only run the Post Deployment command Not clear on these steps? No problem! I’ve documented them here with screenshots:


15 1) Start from a good example 2) Think about your exact deploy scenario 3) Build your script “line by line” in interactive PowerShell 3) Read the documentation for each SharePoint PowerShell Cmdlet to ensure you are using the proper parameters for your deploy scenario 4) Ensure you are following recommend practices

16 DEMO: How to create a SharePoint PowerShell Deploy script

17 Everything I showed you is located at:



Download ppt "en-us/sharepoint/fp142366."

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