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Men's Health Awareness lets talk balls!!!!

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1 Men's Health Awareness lets talk balls!!!!
By Dr PZ Buthelezi-Mlambo

2 Cryptorchidism Under scented testis
occurs on 30% of premature and 4% term born babies 6/12 tend to descent on its own in half of babies if spontaneous descending doesn’t occur the surgical treatment is indicated because the undescended testes may be damage which could affect fertility later or lead to medical problems Retractile testes is normal condition in which testes reside in scrotum but temporary retract or pull back into the groin

3 Scrotal swelling Treatment: (Depends on causes) For example:
Injury Underlying medical condition:eg ---testicular cancer -vericocel (abnormal enlarged veins in scroutum, - orchitis( inflammation of testes) -congestive of heart failure Accumalazation of fluid(Hydrocele) May be painless or very painful which is serious and needs emergency treatment mainly caused by =testicular torsions: injury that causes testicles in scrotal sac to twist which cuts off blood circulation Treatment: (Depends on causes) For example: Infection: antibiotics If vercocele, hernia or hydrocele: surgery Testicular cancer: will depend on severity of cancer . Eg. chemotherapy or radiotherapy

4 Scrotal swelling

5 Phimosisand Paraphimosis
Symptoms: inability to retract foreskins which leads to difficult in cleaning the area which can cause balanitis which is painful urination, painful erection, itchy glans Paraphimosis: occurs when the fore skin once retracted cannot return to its original location, the skin is trapped behind the groove of the coronal sulcus Treatment: Circumcision it can reduce the risk of caner of penis it can reduce the risk of urinary track infection lower the risk of certain sexual transmitted disease eg HIV lower the risk of cancer of cervix in sexual partners Phimosis-> Inability to retract the foreskin behind the glans Types: 1.Physiological phimosis in which children are born with a tight foreskins and separation occurs during late childhood and early adolescence 2. Pathological Phimosis occurs due to infection, inflammation or scarring usually found in uncircumcised adult men Causes: Physiological phimosis is present at birth and resolve without interventions. -Patholgical is caused by: scarring, balanitis , underlying medical risk factors

6 Phimosis and Paraphimosis

7 Erectile dysfunction 1.Viagra, - Dynafil, Cialis
Definition: Regular or repeated inability to obtain or maintain an erection Causes 1. Psychological causes:- - performance anxiety -stress -mental disorder 2. smoking is the key cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction, it causes arterial narrowing 3.Hypertension 4.Diabeites Mellitus 5.Cholesteremia 6. Obesity 7 Trauma from prostatectomy surgery 6. Hormonal insufficiency (hypogonadism) 7. Drugs side Effect eg: antidepressants and, nicotin 8. Aging- four times higher in man in the 60’s 9. Ascernic poisoning –from contaminated water Complications:-relationship difficulties ending in divorcing/Adultery, low self- esteem Treatment: eg - 1.Viagra, - Dynafil, Cialis 2.njections(mans clinic) 3.Penile prosthesis 4. Reconstructive surgery

8 Erectile dysfunction

9 Prostate cancer Risk factors: Age 50 yrs and older- undergo a yearly digital rectal examination and blood testing for Prostatic specific antigen Family history of prostate cancer…. Start screening at age 40yrs Obesity High blood pressure African( black) STI( Gonorrhoea, syphilis) prostatis Nutritional Recommendation: Soya, Vegetables, fish and low in calories or fat food, fruits, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil Treatment: depends on the stage of cancer -watchful waiting or active surveillance -Surgery radiation therapy -Hormone therapy – biologic therapy -Bisphosphonate therapy - targeted therapy Definition: Second most common form of cancer that develops in the prostate which is slow growing . Prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system that makes and store seminal fluid. Signs and Symptoms: 1.Difficulty initiating and stopping urine stream 2.Frequent urination 3. Pain or burning urination 4.Nocturia (increase urination at night) 5. Haemturia 6. Pain on ejaculation 6. Bladder obstruction – not urinating or urinating very little despite drinking enough fluids 7.Backache pains eg. Hips or thighs

10 Prostate cancer

11 Ten pointers to men's health
Know your health status with an annual medical check-up Know your ideal weight and maintain Watch your salt Do not smoke Take medicines as prescribed by your doctors see your doctor regularly Exercise regularly Live a healthy life

12 Stay blessed

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