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Professional image 黃靖雯 劉媞柔 王琲萱 黃懷萱 李旻庭 3/14/2012.

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1 Professional image 黃靖雯 劉媞柔 王琲萱 黃懷萱 李旻庭 3/14/2012

2 Professional image Tangible/ intangible Make the Intangible Tangible the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character as judged by your key constituents What is professional image? Why should create professional image? 3/14/2012

3 The importance of professional image Have the advantage of bargaining Have credibility Function An intangible asset The first step to success 3/14/2012

4 OUTLINE The perceived professional image The threats of devaluation Professional image management and impression management The elements of professional image Buff your professional image online 3/14/2012

5 Different Kinds of Professional Images & Three Identity Threats 971002013 劉媞柔 3/14/2012

6  Trustworthy  Caring  Humble  Capable Desired Professional Image 3/14/2012

7  Snobbish  Irritable  Lazy  Domineering Undesired Professional Image 3/14/2012

8 Perceived professional image  Direct feedback  Indirect signals 3/14/2012

9 Illegitimacy Predicament Stereotypes Devaluation 3/14/2012

10 Creating a Positive Professional Image 971002019 王琲萱 3/14/2012

11 What the impression they make? A writer and television host The 67th United States Secretary of State 3/14/2012



14 5 Steps of Managing professional image Identify your ideal state Assess your current image, culture, and audience Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for image change Use strategic self-presentation to manage impressions and change your image Manage the effort you invest in the process 3/14/2012


16 Impression Management Non-verbal Behavior Verbal Cues Demonstrative acts 3/14/2012

17 Positive Distinctiveness An attempt to create a new, more positive meaning for self-identity Educate others about the positive qualities of your identity group 3/14/2012

18 Social Recategorization Suppress identity that are personally and/or socially devalued. Distance yourself from negative stereotypes associated with identity group. 3/14/2012

19 How to create and maintain a professional image 黃懷萱 Alison 3/14/2012

20 How to create and maintain a professional image Quality of work Responsiveness and customer service Accountability Overall presentation 3/14/2012

21 Communication and listening ability Social networking personas Reputation 3/14/2012

22 8 Ways to Buff Your Professional Image- Online By EILEEN P. GUNN 971002024 李旻庭 Erica 3/14/2012

23 Your Problems of Online Persona Irrelevant stuff rises to the top similar names elbow you off embarrassing materials you wish to retract 3/14/2012

24 The Importance of Online Persona Q: How to change from disjointed online presence to cohesive online identity? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A: Prepare basic and consistent information about your work and career! 3/14/2012

25 1. Google yourself to avoid unrelated people and materials clutter your career-enhancing results. 3/14/2012

26 2. Choose the right professional name add a middle or initial name, or use hyphenate full name →nickname e.g. John Kennedy→ John Q. Kennedy use it on your resume, business cards, etc 3/14/2012

27 3. Use credentials consistently a job title company name e.g. Sharon, CPA (an accountant) use it on your resume, business cards, etc 3/14/2012

28 4. Create public profiles list your education, professional history, skills, achievements, interests ★ remember to be up to date and consistent! 3/14/2012

29 5. Build a website Showcase your work easy to build one ★ page titles, headings and verbal tags 3/14/2012

30 6. Create links use hyperlinks to guide users create your own self-referring network 3/14/2012

31 7. Become an expert start your own blog contribute to others →reflect your expertise hyperlink to others and reciprocate 3/14/2012

32 8. Push the bad stuff out of sight to hide personal information behind good privacy settings or just delete it! 3/14/2012

33 Last but not least Appearance is also important Package yourself -Personal branding Manage your own professional image before others do it for you. Mend the gap between “you are” and “you should be” 3/14/2012

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