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Ms. Dymek ELA 7 Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences Trashketball.

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1 Ms. Dymek ELA 7 Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences Trashketball

2 For this Quiz, You Should Be Able To… Identify phrases and clauses Identify independent clauses vs. dependent clauses Identify types of sentences: Simple, Compound, Complex Combine sentences correctly into simple, compound, complex sentence

3 Trashketball Rules Each team will get a chance to be the first ones to answer the question first. Teams will get 15 seconds to write their answers. Each team will write down their own answer in case the other team is wrong. If the team gets it correct, they receive a point. If the team gets it incorrect, the question is open for all other teams. In this case, each team that gets it correct will receive a point. Be sure to stay quiet so other teams do not steal your answers. Directions will be given to 1) cap your markers and 2) hold up your boards At the end of each round, there will be a shooter that will shoot from either the 1, 2, or 3 point line. These are considered extra points and do not count against you if you miss. Everyone from each team must shoot before people shoot again.

4 How To Lose Points… Heckling, name calling, or other intentional distractions while someone is shooting will not be tolerated. Any of these actions will result in a -1 point for your entire team... …Or more depending on my mood.


6 Identify whether the following is a phrase (P) or a clause (C). 1. Leaving behind the dog 2. The dog sat 3. No one rolled in the mud 4. After he waited for his owner 5. Splashing in the puddles 6. Tell the dog to sit 1. Phrase 2. Clause 3. Clause 4. Clause 5. Phrase 6. Clause

7 Identify whether each is a phrase (P), independent clause (I), or dependent clause (D). 1. The nose bled 2. As Jimmy picked his nose 3. Jimmy’s favorite television show 4. Bernard sniffed 5. Like the worst thing ever 6. When it smelled 1. IND.2. DEP. 3. PHR. 4. IND 5. PHR 6. DEP.

8 Identify the subject of the clause. Do not write any modifiers (adjectives) Please write clearly. 1. Lazy students whine. 2. Ginger, my dog, loves pizza crusts. 3. When I tripped down the stairs 4. When he chews and drools 5. My soda spilled all over the place. 6. Since Bernice couldn’t stand Bernard 1. students2. Ginger 3. I4. he 5. soda 6. Bernice

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