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1 Dr.ssa M. Brugi Siena Municipality IT Dep. General Manager Via Casato di Sotto, 23 53100 Siena - Italy Tel: +39 0577 292441 Fax: +39 0577 292467 e-mail.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Dr.ssa M. Brugi Siena Municipality IT Dep. General Manager Via Casato di Sotto, 23 53100 Siena - Italy Tel: +39 0577 292441 Fax: +39 0577 292467 e-mail."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Dr.ssa M. Brugi Siena Municipality IT Dep. General Manager Via Casato di Sotto, Siena - Italy Tel: Fax: Url: Dott.ssa M.Brugi

2 2 Essential Siena Broadband project Chronology - Project’s times - Telecom Italia is owner of broadband Municipality is owner of Head-End Monte dei Paschi bank and the Fondazione of Monte dei Paschi bank have sponsorized the project Dott.ssa M.Brugi Start up of the project “Socrate” for the cable network in Siena Start up of an internet provider service (internet web site Cable network and head-end activation cabled appartements cabled appartements cabled appartements

3 3 Optical Fiber Network Optical fiber network consists of a main network of optical fiber and a terminal Network with coaxial fiber The main network, in optical fiber, covers in optimum way all territory to supply business, P.A., universities and service communities, a network completely in optical fiber and to connect optical node to the HFC network The terminal network in coaxial fiber starts from optical node and has a radial extention of 5/600 metres. It connects the HFC network with television sets in the building Any kind of establishment works in the appartaments are not necessary Dott.ssa M.Brugi

4 4 Optical Fiber link SDH and/or GbE To national and international TLC Networks Optical Distributor Customer headquarters SERVICES OFFICE Interactive Services, Internet, … ADM -4 TLC Central Optical Fiber wiring to Customer Headquarters Coaxial Cable Terminal Network HFC Network Fiber Node The High Broadband for territory coverage Dott.ssa M.Brugi

5 5 TA p Optical Fibre Network TV VC R Téléphon e IP TV Digital Decoder Cable Modem LAN 10/100 base T Set Top Box TV TV TA p App. 1App. 2App. 3 underoof Optical Fibre Network (HFC – Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) Dott.ssa M.Brugi

6 6 Head End (Broadcast) HFC Network Head End Cable Modem Public Network ether satellite Server IP  Siena Civic Channel TV Channel (44) Dott.ssa M.Brugi Network System

7 7 Terrestrial analog national free channels, (10 channels) Terrestrial analog local free channels, (9 channels) Free analog channels from Eutelsat and Astra satellites, (10 channels) Free digital channels from Eutelsat and Astra satellites, (4 transponders) Terrestrial analog encrypted channels, (2 channels) Satellite digital encrypted channels (10 transponders) Analogic paying channels received by air Digital paying channels received via satellites 1 civic channel Dott.ssa M.Brugi Head End capability: channel profile

8 8 P roject focuses on the realisation of interactive services on broadband. P roject main purpose is to allow citizens to use the proposed services by using common instruments such as tv-sets and computers. The television will allow a greater number of people to use such services as ie: information real time electronic commerce home banking e-government information broadcasting about particular communities tele-learning and health-services Dott.ssa M.Brugi Objectives

9 9 Social Inclusion To improve the comunication between citizens and public amministration Services used to higher quality Objectives CableTV Interactive services TV PC Mobile Palm Dott.ssa M.Brugi Objectives

10 10 What’s active: Internet connection (Fast Internet) through a PC Internet connection (Fast Internet) through a TV What do citizens need? Cable Modem Set Top Box Dott.ssa M.Brugi Network interactive services

11 11 PC Phone Mobile GSM or GPRS (via Wap) Palm TV with digital encoder Smart card, if it’s necessary, with digital signature Dott.ssa M.Brugi Access instruments

12 12 Dott.ssa M.Brugi Through the Optical Fibre Network all citizen are connected together Everyone of them can share services like Cable broadband connection, Cable TV, Civic Channel an so on The best part about the HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network is that, as you can see from the slide, this network is totally Bi-directional, as the data can flow in the both directions. This allow the citizens to be users of interactive services through this interactive channel of trasmission

13 13 Dott.ssa M.Brugi The HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network connects to all the citizens. Every outside incoming and outgoing source is connected to the HFC network, that provide to deliver the service to the citizens The architecture is very simple and functional For example with only one ether and satellite receiver (a very big quality one) we can deliver every single TV channel to every single citizenz at the higher quality than they used to do with standard components, and wiping out every beautiful Siena’s roof of all those bad looking antennas

14 14 Thank you for your attention Dott.ssa M.Brugi

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