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1 Karel Uhlir, Deputy Director – IT dep.

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1 1 Karel Uhlir, Deputy Director – IT dep.

2 2 Customs: not extremely beloved by the traders è Stopping traffic, creating queues è Collecting money è Being generally unpleasant and bureaucratic

3 3 What are the duties of a decent Customs Administration è Service to the citizens ê Protecting from drugs and other illicit traffic ê Protecting the intellectual property rights ê Protecting from low-grade goods ê Creating fair competition environment è Service to the Government ê Securing the financial resources ê Implementing the trade policy è Service to World Trade ê Measuring and publishing the trade statistics ê Helping to create fair and unified trade environment ê Facilitating trade

4 4 DE PL DE SK AT The main task of Customs Virtual Warehouse Control

5 5 eCommerce, eGovernment, eCustoms, … How eWhatever can help ê Data prior to the goods (time for Risk Analysis) ê System-to-System (B2B) connection between the Customs and the Traders (fast and error free) ê Automated clearance systems (available to authorized traders) ê Shift from 100% checking to post-clearance audit ê Possibility of international co-operation (e.g. European Transit System); needs harmonization of data structures ê Possibility to clear the postal and express shipments before they are dispatched from the place of departure ê Predictable environment for JIT shipments

6 6 CZ: What is possible now è Customs Declaration System (CDS) ê Covers all customs regimes:  Goods registration (import, export, transit, warehousing, processing,..)  Declarations processing  Duty payment control è ECC (Electronic Customs Clearance) ê Flat file text messages ê VAN Operators ê smtp (for those who does not want and pay for more reliable service) è NCTS ê Electronic system – registers cargo on transit ê Currently 22 countries (more pending) ê Phase 3.1 in tests

7 7 CZ: What has been planned è CDS ê Selectivity principle in goods inspection ê Risk-analysis ê Self-assessment and audit è ECC ê Fully paperless ê Structured standardized messages è EU interconnectivity ê In addition to NCTS – connectivity to 12 common domain systems

8 8 Good news, folks! This is the last slide

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