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XINFO 3.4 What‘s New HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0 The IT Information.

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1 XINFO 3.4 What‘s New HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0 The IT Information System XINFO

2 HORIZONT 2 XINFO ® XINFO 3.4 Scheduling Systems (CA-7, Control-M, Cron, TWSz, UC4) Scheduling Systems JCL (Scanner-Improvements, Data Flowchart) JCL Space z/OS (CA-Disk, SMS-Management) Space z/OS Beta 93 (Spool History) Beta 93 SMF (CICS Transactions) SMF IMS (PSB/Transactions, DBD) IMS Source Scanner (Assembler, Cobol, PL/1, Natural, Easytrieve) Source Scanner Eclipse Plugin PC Client (Line breaks) PC Client XINFO DS (Improvements in installation, performance, administration) XINFO DS Miscellaneous (TCP/IP Performance, ISPF Region) Miscellaneous Planning (what is coming next?) Planning XINFO 3.4 is available since May 2009. It has following new functions:

3 HORIZONT 3 XINFO ® Scheduling Systems CA-7 (Jobnetplan without Conditional Dependencies) CA-7 Control-M (Job-Runtime-Barchart) Control-M Cron Scanner (Unix) Cron Scanner TWS for z/OS (Barchart, Description in Netplan-Symbols, Support of TWS for z/OS 8.5) TWS for z/OS UC4 (Object-Documentation, graphical Object-Hierarchy) UC4 Improvements are implemented for following schedulers:

4 HORIZONT 4 XINFO ® CA-7 Jobnetplan Trigger The Jobnetplan shows different dependency types: Job Predecessor Requirement ------------------------ CA-7 CPU JOB PREDECESSORS ------------------------- FUNCTION: (FORMAT,LIST,UPD) PAGE 0001 PRED FOR JOB: JOB0D LIST-SCHID: OPT SCHID LEADTM PRED-JOB NEXT-RUN 0 0099 JOB0C YES 0 0005 JOB0A YES 0 0033 ?JOB0B YES 0 0000 JOB0E YES 0 0000 /JOB0X YES This Predecessor-Types are not always desired New: Conditional Pred.

5 HORIZONT 5 XINFO ® CA-7 Jobnetplan In this view, „mutually exclusive“ (negative dep.) and „conditional Dependencies“ are not shown

6 HORIZONT 6 XINFO ® CA-7 Jobnetplan That makes the graphic better readable

7 HORIZONT 7 XINFO ® CTM Barchart - Selection New Barchart Selection Criteria

8 HORIZONT 8 XINFO ® CTM Barchart - Result z/OS Jobs Non-z/OS Jobs

9 HORIZONT 9 XINFO ® Crontab Cron - The cron scanner reads the crontab contents from several systems

10 HORIZONT 10 XINFO ® Crontab Easy read access to all crontabs from one single point We recommend, to convert these tasks to a real scheduling system

11 HORIZONT 11 XINFO ® TWS Barchart - Selection New Barchart Select by TWS values. e.g. application id, workstation

12 HORIZONT 12 XINFO ® TWS Barchart - Result New Barchart TWS values

13 HORIZONT 13 XINFO ® TWS Netplan - Description Application Description Operation Description

14 HORIZONT 14 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Operation Data New columns for “Conditional Dependencies”

15 HORIZONT 15 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Dependencies All new fields of “Conditional Dependencies” PS: Column X=Y/N for “ext. Pred” so far, now in addition I/E for “Conditional Dep.” int./ext.

16 HORIZONT 16 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Jobnetplan Internal “Conditional Dependency” External “Conditional Dependency”

17 HORIZONT 17 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Jobnetplan Click “right mouse” and select “Succ./Pred. of Oper” to get detailed information about cond. dep. (see next slide)

18 HORIZONT 18 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Dependency Information All Parameters of “normal” and “conditional” Dependencies

19 HORIZONT 19 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Current Plan New fields of “Conditional Dependencies”

20 HORIZONT 20 XINFO ® TWSz 8.5 – Current Plan Some more new fields: Submit/Execution- Destination (Virtual WS) Original RC (Noerror)

21 HORIZONT 21 XINFO ® UC4 - New Displays New display for documentation and structured documentation (UC4-Object Type “DOCU”) New graph for object hierarchy dependencies

22 HORIZONT 22 XINFO ® JCL „S001-Problem“ while reading the JCL-Libraries: –Option PT=Y (Point-Macro) is very fast, but in case of concurrent updates, an error S001 can happen. –Option PT=N (Find-Macro) works absolutely safe, but too slow for large libraries –Therefore we changed the behavior of PT=Y: If a S001 happens, it will be automatically recovered and processing continues with the next member New Tables: –Command Statements –Set JCL variables JCL Dataflow: Improved GDG-Handling Here are the most significant news implemented with the JCL scanner:

23 HORIZONT 23 XINFO ® JCL – New Tables The displays for the new tables

24 HORIZONT 24 XINFO ® JCL – SET JCL Variable Search for SET JCL Variables

25 HORIZONT 25 XINFO ® JCL – SET JCL Variable Result

26 HORIZONT 26 XINFO ® JCL – Command Statements Search for Command Statements

27 HORIZONT 27 XINFO ® JCL – Command Statements Result

28 HORIZONT 28 XINFO ® Data Flowchart - Include DD / DSN Maybe you want to see only certain files… Include and Exclude statements allow to select files you want to see, e.g. no DD=*DUMP*, but only DSN=PRD*

29 HORIZONT 29 XINFO ® Space - CA Disk Migrated Specify selection criteria like DSN, archive date/time etc. New displays “CA disk migrated” “CA disk backup”

30 HORIZONT 30 XINFO ® Space - CA Disk Migrated List of the DSN Detailed information Archive Date/Time

31 HORIZONT 31 XINFO ® Space - SMS New Displays with complete Information about SMS - MGMTCLAS - DATACLAS - STORCLAS - Storage Group

32 HORIZONT 32 XINFO ® Beta 93 - Spool History New display “Spool History” Specify selection criteria, e.g. at what time did Beta93 read the report (Input Time)

33 HORIZONT 33 XINFO ® Beta 93 - Spool History Results Detailed information

34 HORIZONT 34 XINFO ® SMF - CICS New display “CICS Monitor Transactions” Specify selection criteria Answers following questions: When was a transaction active? How long did it take? How many resources did it use?... The display has more than 60 columns (and 270 additional columns can be “configured”)!

35 HORIZONT 35 XINFO ® IMS - PSB/Transaction New IMS display “PSB/Transaction” Specify selection criteria, e.g. PSB-Name or Transcation Code

36 HORIZONT 36 XINFO ® IMS - PSB/Transaction PSB - Transaction Detailed information PSB - Transaction

37 HORIZONT 37 XINFO ® IMS - DBD A lot of new displays: Complete information about DBDs, it’s Segments, Fields, Pointer etc.

38 HORIZONT 38 XINFO ® IMS - DBD General Info e.g. DBD-Type, structure etc.

39 HORIZONT 39 XINFO ® IMS - DBD DS Group Detailed information about DBD/Dataset: DD-Names, LRECL etc.

40 HORIZONT 40 XINFO ® IMS - DBD Segment Detailed information about DBD/Segments

41 HORIZONT 41 XINFO ® IMS - DBD Log. Child DBD Logical Child information

42 HORIZONT 42 XINFO ® IMS - DBD Field DBD-, Field-, Segment-Name, detailed Information

43 HORIZONT 43 XINFO ® IMS - DBD Field - COBOL Use the „right mouse“ click, to go to e. g. COBOL-Copybook of the Segment or to display the Variable-Definition of a field etc.

44 HORIZONT 44 XINFO ® Source-Code Scanner New: Assembler (see extra presentation xxrdasme.ppt):Assembler –Copy und Macros (which program uses which macros)Copy und Macros –Calls (which program calls which program)Calls –External SymbolsExternal Symbols –DB2 Access (EXEC SQL-Statements)DB2 Access –Call-Graphik (interlanguage call graphic)Call-Graphik COBOL –New Display „COBOL- Variable Usage“ –New Display „COBOL- Unused Code“ PL1 –New Display „PL/1 - Variable Usage“ –New Display „PL/1- Comments“ Natural –New Display „Natural - Variable“ –Sample incremental update Jobs –Process special member names (containing „-“) –Ca. 50% less CPU consumption Easytrieve –Ca. 25% less CPU consumption

45 HORIZONT 45 XINFO ® COBOL - Variable Usage New display “Variable usage” Specify selection criteria, e.g. variable name, statement etc.

46 HORIZONT 46 XINFO ® COBOL - Variable Usage Detailed information Variable- Name Statement Line- number of Sourcecode

47 HORIZONT 47 XINFO ® COBOL - Unused Code New display “Unused code” Specify selection criteria, e.g. program name, section, paragraph etc.

48 HORIZONT 48 XINFO ® COBOL - Unused Code Detailed information Program name From line To line Label of the unused source code

49 HORIZONT 49 XINFO ® PL1 - Variable Usage New display “variable usage” Specify selection criteria, e.g. variable name, statement type etc.

50 HORIZONT 50 XINFO ® PL1 - Variable Usage Detailed information Variable- Name Statement Type Line- number of sourcecode

51 HORIZONT 51 XINFO ® PL1 - Comments New display “PL1 Comments” Specify selection criteria. It is possible to search for any text string: *string*

52 HORIZONT 52 XINFO ® PL1 - Comments The result PS: Sometimes mono spaced fonts like courier deliver better results

53 HORIZONT 53 XINFO ® Tip: How to change the font 1. Select “Options - General” 2. Click on “Fonts…” 3. Select “Table font” 4. Select “Courier”

54 HORIZONT 54 XINFO ® Natural - Variables New display allows to search for variables Specify selection criteria

55 HORIZONT 55 XINFO ® Natural - Variables Detailed information Variable- Name Program- Name

56 HORIZONT 56 XINFO ® Eclipse Plugin

57 HORIZONT 57 XINFO ® Eclipse Plugin Eclipse is freeware Used in many installations, especially by Java developers –XINFO will have Java scanner mid 2009 If customer uses RDz (Rational Developer for system z) by IBM: –These customers may also develop COBOL with Eclipse Eclipse is a development environment that is quite popular in development. XINFO 3.4 has a plugin for Eclipse to display XINFO data within that environment. Some points about Eclipse:

58 HORIZONT 58 XINFO ® Eclipse Plugin source code in Eclipse Mark any word in the editor, here table

59 HORIZONT 59 XINFO ® Eclipse Plugin XINFO menu entry offers direct access to XINFO tables

60 HORIZONT 60 XINFO ® Eclipse Plugin Resulting XINFO table

61 HORIZONT 61 XINFO ® PC Client

62 HORIZONT 62 XINFO ® PC Client – Line Break To read wide columns, you must scroll right

63 HORIZONT 63 XINFO ® PC Client – Line Break A new option allows line break


65 HORIZONT 65 XINFO ® Improvements for XINFO DS Better Performance during DB update –Faster because of new Index and enhanced SQL-Statements Easier Installation –No need to maintain the configuration files and license keys locally anymore. They can be send automatically from the central server to each local collector/scanner. Administrator GUI –New Views to monitor the jobs: – Planned, Active, Finished Jobs –View the Job-Log per right mouse click XINFO DS is the „distributed” part of XINFO and involves extra scanner for Unix/Windows systems, collectors (agents) und an own Server plus Administrator-GUI to control the scanner jobs. Improvements:

66 HORIZONT 66 XINFO ® XINFO DS Administration Planned scanner jobs On that system (Collector) Next run date/time

67 HORIZONT 67 XINFO ® XINFO DS Administration Finished scanner jobs Status

68 HORIZONT 68 XINFO ® XINFO DS Administration Right mouse, show the Joblog

69 HORIZONT 69 XINFO ® Miscellaneous TCP/IP communication –Drastically faster (>> 100%) ! It is available for all 3.x Versions Please download the latest version of the PC-Client and z/OS-Server (XXRFXD4) from ISPF dialog –due to compression 50% less region needed (important for large result lists)

70 HORIZONT 70 XINFO ® XINFO x.x - What’s coming next JAVA Scanner “Google” search –Specify a word and XINFO looks it up in all columns of all tables –“all columns” and “all tables” can be administrated, means the admin can specify where to search Following functions and features are currently under construction:

71 HORIZONT 71 XINFO ® Any questions to XINFO V3R4?

72 Many thanks for your attention! XINFO The IT Information System HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0

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