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TAC Vista 5.0 and 5.1 Software Licensing

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1 TAC Vista 5.0 and 5.1 Software Licensing
Licenses, ordering, packages, packages content and activation. 2012-Oct-01

2 Target Audience Customers who order products from GSC Västerhaninge or Rockford. Persons who are involved in marketing and sales of Vista 5. Persons who are involved in support of Vista 5 This presentation need to be adapted if presented to customers who are not ordering direct from the order departments specified above.

3 Content Vista Software Architecture Technology and Philosophy
Licensed Products License Types Maintenance licenses Ordering Ordering Maintenance licenses Entitlements Activating licenses Moving licenses Demo license In-house license FAQ

4 Vista Software Architecture Minimum Configuration
Vista Workstation Two software licenses Vista Server Vista Workstation Vista Server DB Xenta

5 Vista Software Architecture Extended Configuration
Vista Workstation Vista Server Vista Workstation Vista Server Vista Workstation Vista Workstation Vista Workstation Vista Server Vista Workstation Vista Workstation Vista Server

6 Vista Software Additional Licensed Functions
Vista Workstation TGML Graphics OGC Graphics Menta OPC Tool Signature XBuilder Database Generator I/NET Security I/NET Integrated System 7 Vista Server Webstation Screenmate Reports IPCL CIPCL OPC Client OPC Server

7 Technology Back office system Licensing system supplier
Integrated with the order system in Västerhaninge (SAP, used to be Argus) Flexera (former Acresso, former Macrovision) Market leader Long experience, mature product Licensing system supplier Flexera Dongles supplier Aladdin

8 Vista License Order Handling
Orders Orders ERP FNO EDI, Fax, etc to customer; Entitlement-ID Orders for Renewal of Maintenance Invoices Licensing web Customers: Activate, re-host Administrators: Manage customers, products and orders FNO = FLEXnet Operations

9 Vista Software Licensing Philosophy
Software is ”free” Downloadable from the extranet CD available for selected version Can be installed on any number of machines Usage is ”licensed” What you buy is the permission to use the software. Permission is controlled by licenses A license is an electronic file Interpreted by the license server and allows/denies the software to run.

10 License File Example TAC Vista Licensing

11 Locking of licenses Lock to MAC address Lock to Hardware dongle
MAC address = Unique ID of the network interface of a PC Lock to Hardware dongle Purchased from TAC, part no Pros and cons Use MAC address locking for normal customer PC’s. Will not require customers to keep track of a HW dongle. Use hardware dongle when fast or frequent moving of licenses (engineering) or moving licenses without Internet connection is required. Rehosting (=locking licenses to another PC or hardware dongle) is limited to 4 times per year.

12 Floating licenses Customer licenser are floating
The number of licenses decides the maximum number of concurrent users Accessible from the network, managed by the License Server, which is optionally installed with Vista Software Can be limited to certain computers or certain users .OPT file IP Ports numbers are configurable Running Remote Desktop to Vista Workstation is not supported

13 License Server License Server Vista Workstation Vista Workstation
Vista Server Vista Server The License Server runs in one of the PC’s. Uses the license file to what can run. Example: License File: 2 Vista Server, 2 Vista Workstation Both Vista Servers can run all the time Only 2 out of the 3 Vista Workstations can run at the same time

14 Vista Software Products, packaged licenses
Vista 5.1 Standalone Workstation and limited Server No Vista Server networking, no Webstation and no ScreenMate Not possible to upgrade to full Server Vista 5.1 Standard Workstation and Server Vista 5.1 Manager Standard + Reports Vista 5.1 Professional Manager + Menta + Graphic Editors + XBuilder Vista 5.1 Enterprise Professional + Webstation for 3 concurrent users

15 Vista 5.1 Software Products, add-on licenses
Server Server Communication add-on’s System 7 OPC Client LNS Server Workstation Reports Menta XBuilder XBuilder Graphic Editors OPCTool IPCL/CIPCL Editors Webstation ScreenMate Pelco Video

16 Vista 5.x Software licenses validity
License version TAC Vista 5.0.X TAC Vista 5.1.X 5 Yes No 5.1 X = Any available version number

17 License types Each Vista software product is available in three different license types: New license (e.g. Vista 5.1 Standard, ) Use for new installations Upgrade license (e.g. Vista 5.1 Standard Upg , ) Use when upgrading an existing installation to licenses for the latest version. Refer to Product Announcements regarding when a new version requires new licenses. Vista 5 licenses are valid for version 5.0.X. Vista 5.1 licenses are valid for Vista 5.1.X and 5.0.X Maintenance license (e.g. 1year Vista Standard , ) Use this to have access to all future Vista releases Requires an initial New license Note! In-house licenses are covered later

18 License prices 100% 40% 15% annually New installs Upgrades Maintenance

19 “1year…” Maintenance licenses
The purpose of the maintenance licenses is to allow software cost to be incorporated in service contract Yearly fee: 15% of the current new install license price Automatically renewed and invoiced Automatic order issued each year, without action required by selling unit Order acknowledgement and invoice sent to the selling unit that initially ordered the licenses, not directly to the end-customer Entitles users to new versions 5.1, 5.2, Includes access to latest version, independently of whether it is charged or not charged, Minimum agreement time: 3 years Cancellation requires specific cancellation request form to be issued and approved by TAC order entry IMPORTANT 1: Only use maintenance licenses when you have a well organized service business in place. IMPORTANT 2: Be prepared to handled the annual invoices that you will get without placing an order every year. Make sure the customer is invoiced some way. IMPORTANT 3: ”1 year” refers to ”there is a fee every year”, not that it is a 1 years service contract. Minimum agreement time is 3 years.

20 Maintenance invoice What you type in as End User Organization will be included in your annual invoice. After an enhancement during 2009Q1 the yearly Maintenance invoice will include this information: The purchase order reference, if specified The TAC L&P order number Entitlement ID The activation ID, unique for each order line (for internal L&P use only) Data entered at license activation: End User Organization Sales contact Sales contact

21 Ordering and Delivery of Licenses
License orders can be put to any Schneider Electric Buildings order department but have to be relayed to GSC Västerhaninge You can enter one or several orders per site and use multiple license files. Do NOT combine orders for multiple end-customers or multiple sites in the same order, since that will make license management complicated An Entitlement Certificate will be ed to all addresses: All direct customers have one or more default addresses registered the ordering system You can specify additional addresses in the order

22 Ordering Maintenance licenses
Can be ordered any time At the same time as the initial Vista software order Later, e.g. when a service contract is agreed with the customer In this case order Maintenance licenses only, since upgrade is included when entering the maintenance agreement. I.e: Don’t order upgrade as well.

23 Terminating a Maintenance agreement
Minimum time is three years Termination form must be filled in To be acquired from L&P order department or downloaded from Buildings Business Extranet Submit form in according to instructions in the form Must be submitted minimum 10 days prior to next annual expiration date of the agreement to be accepted Order department to approve If the conditions are fulfilled the agreement is terminated If not, it will continue

24 Ordering and Delivery of Licenses
with attached Entitlement Certificate (html) is sent out

25 Entitlements Defined by it’s unique Entitlement ID
One Entitlement ID per order One or multiple licenses Sent out as an Certifies that the buyer has the possibility to activate licenses Lists the ordered licenses, with count and Activation-ID One Activation-ID per order line

26 Entitlements

27 Activating licenses Licensing website Log in using an Entitlement ID
Log in using an Entitlement ID What you see A listing of the licenses you ordered Collected information Locking information MAC Dongle Customer details Sales details Project details

28 Activating licenses Activate licenses as you need them by locking them to a PC (MAC address) or a hardware dongle Specify how many of the licenses you want to activate Not all licenses in an Entitlement have to be activated at one time. A license file will be generated to Cut and paste to a text file, or Download, or For distribution Store that file in the correct directory Varies slightly depending on Windows version and whether it is 32- or 64-bit

29 How to find the MAC address?
Using ipconfig Example Windows XP Professional Start, Run, cmd ipconfig/all Find 12 hex digit ”Physical address” Using lmtools (TAC Vista version – 5.1.7) lmtools is a license server utility Find the MAC address under tab Systems Settings Using LMAdmin (TAC Vista version –>) The Ethernet address is displayed once you have logged in

30 How to find the Dongle ID
Printed on the device GetTACHLInfo.exe, available where Vista is installed TAC_HL_ID=

31 Moving a license Locked licenses can be moved (re-hosted) up to four times per calendar year From one MAC address to another From one Dongle to another From MAC to dongle From Dongle to MAC (log on with Entitlement-ID)

32 Demo Licenses Demo license Compare with Customer license...
Unlocked, expires Can be downloaded from ExchangeOnline; valid one month Not floating Opens up all TAC Vista 5.1 software Used directly by the TAC software, TAC License Server is not used Compare with Customer license... Locked to MAC or TAC_HL_ID Do not expire Floating only Uses TAC License Server

33 000885000 TAC Vista Inhouse Purpose Yearly fee Part no 000885000
Make it easy to use Vista for engineering purposes Opens all TAC Vista 5.1 software Yearly fee Part no Includes: Special Black USB dongle that unlocks all Vista software (without needing any license file) CDs every time a new CD version is made Access to instructional movies Other Automatically renewed and invoiced every year.

34 Troubleshooting

35 Troubleshooting

36 Products An example A customer has 3 operators, all need access all the time. 1 Server 3 Workstations What you order is 1 Vista 5 Standalone 2 Vista 5 Workstation If future expansion with additional servers is expected 1 Vista 5 Standard

37 Client side Asks for license server computer address at install
If failed, asks for computer address at startup HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Manager points out the license server machine

38 FAQ

39 Q: Can you please send me the order form for Vista 5
Q: Can you please send me the order form for Vista 5? I can not find it on the web. A: There is no order form for Vista 5. You order like any other products from the production and logistics division (L&P). There is no need to specify any additional information in the order.

40 Q: Why have you introduced the maintenance subscriptions?
A: Many partners and subsidiaries include upgrades in service contracts with end customers. Now when we are increasing the amount of chargeable upgrades partners and subsidiaries have requested this so that they can estimate beforehand the value of upgrade agreements. It is also a great way of strengthening the relationship with customers.

41 Q: Why would I want to use a dongle for end customer installations?
A: Licenses can be locked to either a network interface’s MAC address or a dongle. You can move the license server and the associated licenses from one computer to another without having to use the licensing website to “rehost” the licenses if you choose to use dongles.

42 Q: Why would I NOT want to use a dongle for end customer installations?
A: Some computers might not have USB ports. Hardware dongles cost a little bit extra. With MAC address locked licenses you do not have to wait for a physical shipment.

43 Q: I have a license locked to MAC-address
Q: I have a license locked to MAC-address. Can I move it to be locked to a dongle? A: Yes. You can log in to using your Entitlement ID or Activation ID and use the “Rehost” function.

44 Q: Can I rehost as many times as I want?
A: No. There is a limit of 4 times per year.

45 Q: It seems only a limited set of functionality is documented in the TAC Software Licensing manual. Do you have more documentation for the rest of the functionality? A: Yes. Documentation for the functionality on the website is available on that site. Detailed documentation for the license server installation and configuration, a License Adminstration Guide is available on ExchangeOnline together with the rest of the TAC Vista 5 documentation.

46 Q: I have a customer who has had Vista since 1998 and made upgrades along the way. He is running Vista on many computers with hardware dongles on each. Do I have to upgrade all his many modules, and on each computer. A: Probably not. The new licenses are based on concurrent usage. If your customer has say 20 Workstation licenses today, but knows that only maximum 5 users are logged on at any one time, you can buy 5 Workstation Upgrades. Earlier versions of Vista did not allow that.

47 Q: I have a customer with 5 servers today
Q: I have a customer with 5 servers today. He would like to merge the databases into one dedicated server and at the same time upgrade to Vista 5. How can I solve this? A: That is easy. You just order the modules you need after the network change.

48 Q: I have ordered Vista 5 end user licenses and have not received any CDs. What should I do?
A: The CDs are not part of any end user software license package and thus will not be delivered. We have chosen to make CDs and dongles as separate parts bacause only a limited number of customers are interested in or need those parts. Software can be downloaded from EOL and licenses can alternatively be locked to a MAC address.

49 Q: I have ordered Vista 5 Inhouse but I have not received any license files. What should I do?
A: No license files are needed for the Inhouse dongle to work.

50 Q: There are 5 engineers in my office
Q: There are 5 engineers in my office. I think it is too expensive to buy Vista 5 Inhouse subscriptions for all of them and I think it is unnecessary with CDs for all of them. Do I have to? A: No not necessarily. You can choose to only buy the amount that matches the number of engineers needing an engineering dongle concurrently at any one time. An alternative is also to use demo license available on ExchangeOnline (needs to be downloaded every month).

51 Q: I have tried to activate the license but the license doesn’t work
Q: I have tried to activate the license but the license doesn’t work. I typed in my MAC address exactly as it is given using ipconfig.exe /all ie C5-4F-EF-89. A: You have to type in the MAC address using NO “-“ signs. Example: 0015C54FEF89

52 Q: I have tried to activate the license but the license doesn’t work
Q: I have tried to activate the license but the license doesn’t work. I typed in my dongle id exactly as it is written on the dongle ie A: You have to type in the dongle id using this form: TAC_HL_ID= Underscore and equal characters to be included.

53 Q: The sticker on the dongle is damaged and I can not see the dongle ID. How can I get the dongle ID. A: We have created a tool that we install in the %program files%\TAC\License Server folder named GetTACHLInfo.exe that you can use from the command line. This will show the dongle ID in the right format so you can copy and paste into the host id field during activation.

54 Q: lmtools crashes when I try to view the System Settings tab
Q: lmtools crashes when I try to view the System Settings tab. What should I do? A: It is known problem that Microsoft Windows Data Execution Prevention can cause this on same computers. As a workaround, make sure DEP is not active for lmtools, lmgrd and taclic. See for more information.

55 Q: Do the TAC Vista 5 licenses expire.
A: No

56 Q: I have opted for the maintenance subscription
Q: I have opted for the maintenance subscription. How do I get access to the licenses for the latest version? A: The original entitlements are automatically updated in conjunction with the release of a new version.

57 Q: I ordered the maintenance subscription and received the entitlement certificate so that I can activate my licenses, but the licenses where for version 5.1 and I intended to use version 5.0. Do I have to upgrade the TAC Vista software or can you add 5.0 licenses to the entitlement? A: Licenses works for the specified and older versions, starting with Vista 5. Licenses for version 5 are valid for 5.1.X. Licenses for version 5.1 are valid for 5.1.X and for 5.0.X. Licenses for 5.2 will work with TAC Vista 5.2.X, 5.1.X and 5.0.X.

58 Q: I have enjoyed the great benefits from the maintenance subscription program for over three years now, but the building will be destructed and we will not rebuild them. I am not in the need for the maintenances anymore. How do I terminate the subscription? A: Contact your Order entry for Vista. Ask for a TAC Vista Maintenance Subscription Termination Form. Fill it in and return to the order department.

59 Q: We use firewalls. How can I specify what ports are used for the licensing system.
A: Detailed documentation for the license server installation and configuration, a License Adminstration Guide is available on ExchangeOnline together with the rest of the TAC Vista 5 documentation.

60 Q: How can I limit what computers get access to licenses over the network?
A: Detailed documentation for the license server installation and configuration, a License Adminstration Guide is available on ExchangeOnline together with the rest of the TAC Vista 5 documentation.

61 Thank you!

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