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Internships & Career Fair Brownbag September 15, 2014.

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1 Internships & Career Fair Brownbag September 15, 2014

2 Meet the Speakers Georgia Papagianis ’15 papagiag@lafayette Bradley Mesloh ’15 meslohb@lafayette Ashley Kunow ’15 kunowa@lafayette

3 Navigating the Career Fair for a ChE Career-Fair-Program-PDF.pdf to see list of companies Career-Fair-Program-PDF.pdf Research each company so you are informed ▫Name & type ▫Locations ▫Internship & Job Opportunities Good companies for ChEs (just some of the many) ▫B. Braun - Pharmaceuticals ▫ExxonMobil - Petroleum ▫Air Products - Industrial Gases ▫Linde - Industrial Gases ▫Johnson & Johnson - Healthcare products & Pharmaceuticals ▫West Pharmaceuticals - Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

4 What to bring Business dress (It is required for entry.) Folder with resumés (15-20) ▫Splurge on the high quality paper. List of companies you find interesting Some questions to ask ▫How established is the program? ▫What are the biggest challenges for this position/company? ▫What they like most and least about the company? ▫Something of interest gained in your information acquisition about the company

5 When you are there Wait in line but be bold. Talk to everybody, don’t limit yourself to your preset list. Give your resumé out. Network network network. (At minimum, ask for business cards) Talk yourself up… but not too much. Take the free stuff if offered. (You’ll actually make the career fair reps happy.)

6 After the fair Send Thank You notes ▫Written best, particularly for interviewers (later) Follow up with connections you made ▫Interview and hiring decisions are made based on a number of things: making an impression on someone is most certainly one. Check the Career Vault for internship positions and interview schedules ▫ ence/login ence/login


8 NYC DEP Department of Environmental Protection Government agency Provides NYC with clean drinking water Manages waste water and storm water

9 How did you find the internship? – Career Vault and on campus interview Other jobs I applied for – Mana Products – Air Products Skills used that I learned in classes – Teamwork skills – Unit Operations – Process Controls – General Chemistry NYC DEP Department of Environmental Protection

10 CWFP Process Diagram Sulfuric Acid Aluminum Sulfate (or Polyaluminum Chloride) Cationic Polymer (Coagulant Aid) Rapid Mix Anionic Polymer (Filter Aid) Flocculation DAF Trough Filter Media CFE UV Air Source Air Compressor Saturators DAF Recycle Treated water Hydrofluosilicic Acid Sodium Hypochlorite Sodium Hydroxide Corrosion Inhibitor Sodium hypochlorite Raw Water

11 My Internship Croton Water Filtration Plant Bronx, New York Process Control and Operations Engineering Asset Management

12 Sampling

13 My Project Analyze the relationship between various process changes on water quality parameters and filter performance for the North Plant over a 36-day period Favorite/least favorite aspects of the internship? – Favorite: everything – Least favorite: the commute

14 Contract Pharmacal Corporation Hauppauge, NY Contract manufacturer for pharmaceuticals Found through Craigslist Looked for other internships on Long Island as well as through Career Services

15 Contract Pharmacal Corporation Worked in the Packaging Department Did not use any particular class during my internship – I briefly utilized control charts from CHE 324. What I did: – Created spreadsheets to actively track packaging. (Who, what, when, and where) – Tracked and determined downtime on specific lines Favorite part: – Working with people my age and sharing my background Least favorite part: – Not doing actual Chemical Engineering

16 ExxonMobil Summer 2013 Baton Rouge, LA ▫Distillation & Specialties Process Contact Engineering Vent Gas Mapping Desalter Chemicals Classes Used: ▫Thermodynamics, Unit Operations, Chemistry Favorite/Least Favorite Parts: ▫Problem Solving/Unit Optimization ▫Stewardship How did I get this internship? ▫Attended brownbag and applied through Career Vault ▫On campus interview & phone interview Intern Activities ▫Tiki Tubing ▫Volunteering at the Food Bank & Waste Collection Day ▫Shooting Range ▫Trips to New Orleans & Houston

17 Troy Corporation Summer 2014 Newark, NJ ▫Fractionator Capacity Increase ▫Air Compressor Replacement Classes Used: ▫Separations, Unit Operations Favorite/Least Favorite Parts: ▫Project Engineering ▫Communication with Vendors How did I get this internship ▫Online Application

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