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All-Hands Graduate Student & Advisors Meeting. Graduate Students  21 Continuing MSc students  5 New MSc students  Melanie Alvarado with Dr. Eric Bortz.

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1 All-Hands Graduate Student & Advisors Meeting

2 Graduate Students  21 Continuing MSc students  5 New MSc students  Melanie Alvarado with Dr. Eric Bortz  Evan Anderson with Dr. Loren Buck  Jessica Faust with Dr. Doug Causey  Natalie Rouse with Dr. Eric Bortz  Hugo Villavicencio with Dr. Frank von Hippel  5 current PhD students

3 Expectations of Graduate Students  As a graduate student, you are a candidate for a profession degree  It is your responsibility to be in primary charge of your degree, and to request assistance and guidance when needed, so that your graduate research program is successful.  Maintain familiarity with degree requirements and timelines  Ensure all requirements are met in a timely fashion  Maintain good standing in the program

4 Three layers of requirements  Graduate School  Sets general policies for all graduate programs on campus  Oversees graduate student concerns with programs  Handles graduate student insurance issues  Issues final approval of graduate theses  UAA Course Catalog, Chapter 12  Annual Graduate School Welcome & Resource Fair (9/17)  Graduate School Dean: Dr. Helena Wisniewski  Associate Dean: Dr. David Yesner  Director: Elisa Mattison  Website:

5 Three layers of requirements  Departmental Requirements  Coursework required  Departmental level paperwork and policies  UAA Course Catalog, Chapter 12  Graduate Handbook  Graduate Affairs Committee  Dr. Jenn Burns, Chair  Drs Doug Causey, Frank von Hippel, Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson, and Don Spalinger  Graduate Affairs Secretary  Rachel Lee

6 Three layers of requirements  Graduate Student Committee  Sets specific coursework requirements via GSP  Approves thesis research proposal  Tracks progress through annual meetings  Approves final thesis  Helps student successfully navigate degree

7 Departmental Policies: GSC  In your first semester, you must set up Graduate Student Committee  Graduate Committee Assembly Form  Minimum: 3 members, 2 from department  Lead advisor must be tenure-track departmental faculty  Advise and guide you through research  Committee composition can change over degree  Select a graduate committee that can help you assist you complete your degree  Keep your committee apprised of research progress, challenges, changes to plans etc.

8 Expectations of the Advisor & GSC  Provide guidance to the student about requirements  Provide training in how to conduct and disseminate scientific research  Meet regularly to review research progress, and assist the student in making timely progress through the degree  Provide financial / logistical support the student’s research project  Provide critical review of students products in a timely fashion  Review and approve the thesis, including initial proposals, and administer and assess the thesis defense.

9 Departmental Policies: GSP  First semester Requirement:  Complete Graduate Study Plan Form (departmental form on website)  Coursework plan for degree  Mix of required & elective courses  Reflects catalog @ entrance or exit  Complete @ committee meeting, and return to Rachel  Approved plan maintained in Degree Works  Student held to approved plan at graduation

10 Graduate Study Plan  Course Requirements starting Fall 2013  BIOL 601: Experimental Design & Statistics  Or 604: Exp. Design for Cell/Molecular  BIOL 605: Graduate Proseminar (F’ 15)  BIOL 606: Advanced Analysis & Interpretation (or equivalent)  At least 1 credit in each of BIOL 698 & 699  9 additional 600-level science credits  Electives to bring total to 30  Registrar checking coursework against GSP at graduation

11 Departmental Policies: Thesis proposal  Within first year, must complete a thesis proposal  Guidelines outlined in handbook  Should include background literature review  Outlines the main research question and methods to be used  Touch on conclusions that will be drawn  Proposal to be reviewed and approved by your graduate committee.  Once committee approves, turn copy in to Graduate Secretary  Research outlined should generate data sufficient for at least one peer-reviewed scientific publication

12 Expectations for graduate level research  As the lead researcher for your degree, we expect you to:  Become familiar with key literature in your research area  Fully understand the hypotheses and methodology that you will use in your research  Ensure that you have all required permits and trainings  Conduct laboratory and field work necessary to address research questions  Maintain good records (lab notes) of your work  Appropriately analyze the data collected  Write up your findings in appropriate format  turn over all notes/data/results at the end of your degree

13 Required Trainings  Lab Safety Training to get access to building  Read Chemical Hygiene plan  Complete required online modules  Research specific Lab Safety trainings  SOPs  Prior to working as TA  Lab Instructor briefing  Online FERPA training  Title IX training  IACUC training if working with vertebrates  IRB training if working with human subjects  Radiation safety training (& refreshers) if working around radioisotopes

14 Annual Committee Meetings  At least once each academic year, hold a meeting with your Graduate Committee  Complete Annual report of student progress  Form requires documents from the student & evaluation of progress by committee  Turn completed, signed form in to Graduate Administrative Assistant (Rachel)  Keep a good paperwork trail

15 Continuous Registration  All graduate students must be registered for at least one graduate credit per academic semester (F, Sp)  Exception: on an approved leave of absence  If not continually enrolled, can be dropped from the program

16 “Good Standing”  Have completed all paperwork required to date (based on time in program)  Any deficiencies noted at the time of admission must be cleared in the first year  Maintaining adequate progress, as reflected on Annual report  Be continuously enrolled  Maintain 3.0 GPA  Must be in good standing to be eligible for funding opportunities & TA-ships  If not in good standing, can be dropped from the program  Notified in semester that lapse occurs  If plan to correct is not in place by the end of that semester, the student will be force dropped from the program

17 Records Check  We have updated departmental files and records to reflect what is currently on file  Check status sheets  PhD students –  Please provide office with copies of all UAF paperwork  Check in with Rachel to update your file

18 Approaching Graduation  File application for graduation the semester you intend to graduate  $50 fee  Can be rolled to next semester ONCE  Will initiate a degree audit by the registrars office

19 The Thesis  Thesis formatting guidelines provide by the graduate school  Updated regularly  Follow the current version EXACTLY  Regular trainings and online help  The final thesis needs to be uploaded online

20 Thesis format  Can write thesis in single monograph style or in manuscript style  Monograph style – one long document, with a single abstract, intro, methods,…  Not often used in Biological Sciences

21 Thesis format  Manuscript Format  Each chapter represents a manuscript  Must ALSO have general thesis introduction and an overall conclusion  For data chapters  Student must be lead author on the paper  Submitted papers that are part of the thesis should be approved by GSC committee & all co-authors prior to submission for publication

22 Thesis submission  Once complete, your advisor should read and review thesis for :  Content  Grammar & Style  Formatting  Once approved by advisor, submit thesis for review to committee  Must be a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of thesis defense  Committee members also review above issues, and suggest changes as necessary  Committee signature on thesis indicates that they approve the content etc. as written  Process can be done independently for individual chapters, but must also be followed for the thesis entire

23 Thesis defense  At least 2 weeks in advance of the planned oral thesis defense, you must:  Provide copy of thesis to all GSC members  Schedule time & room for defense  Work with graduate affairs admin  Provide copy of thesis title and abstract  Preferred in Departmental seminar slot (3:30 F)  Defense must occur during academic year

24 Public Thesis defense  Thesis defense  ~45 minute seminar open to the public  Can be organized in ‘chapters’ or monograph style  Introduce background and thesis research  Describe methods used  Present results  Draw conclusions  What you did, why you did it, what you discovered & how it is important  Entire presentation should be able to be understood by a senior undergraduate biology student  Followed by Q & A period

25 Private portion  Separate ‘closed’ door defense with thesis committee  Committee can ask additional questions, request justification of methods etc  Changes to the written thesis may be required based on committee review of written thesis and/or oral defense  Complete and submit the “Report on Thesis/Dissertation Defense” Form

26 Additional Approvals  Once thesis approved by entire GSC there is still more to do…  Departmental approval  thesis meets department requirements  College approval  thesis meets college/school requirements  Graduate school approval  thesis conforms to university formatting requirements, abstract is readable to a non-specialist; thesis is acceptable to UAA  Submission online  Each take ~ 2 weeks

27 Graduation Deadlines  Fall 2014  Dep’t: 2  CAS: 11/26  GS: 12/10  Spring 2015  Dep’t: 3/13  CAS: 3/27  GS: 4/10  Summer 2015  Dep’t: 6/12  CAS: 6/26  GS: 7/10

28 Other issues  Appointment letters:  Issued before the start of each semester or summer  Read carefully  Turn in on time & follow up  If required to complete timesheets, it is your responsibility to do so in a timely fashion

29 Other Issues  Travel  Any travel related to your work as a graduate student must be covered by a travel authorization (TA)  Insurance only travel still done with paper TAs  New online Travel Expense Management System (TEMS)  Get travel authorized prior to ANY expenditures  Complete expense report within 2 wks of travel completion

30 Other Issues  Personal reimbursements for work related expenses  Try to avoid using personal funds for work related expenses  Have your advisor purchase with their ProCard  Get a LPO issued  Employee reimbursement forms must be signed by grant PI, and department

31 Graduate Student speaker  Students can select a speaker for departmental seminar series & we’ll bring speaker to campus  Coordinate request with Dr. Doug Causey

32 Upcoming student deadlines  Teaching Assistantships  Spring TA-ships due 10/1  New applications  Renewal forms  Must be in “good standing”  Must have teaching evaluation by instructor  If you do not intend to continue as TA in spring, you MUST meet with Dr. Rainey

33 Upcoming admissions deadlines  Application for admission to the program  Spring: November 1 st  Fall: March 1 st  GPA > 3.0 &/or General GRE exam w/ 70 th % or better in 2 of 6 areas  Subject exam not required  Scores MUST be received prior to admission  TOEFL exam scores if English is second language  3 letters of recommendation  Statement of interest  Willing faculty advisor  Letter from advisor must indicate level of support available to the student / project

34 Questions / Concerns?  Your research & career  Your advisor &/or GSC  Departmental policies about graduate studies or concerns about your advisor or GSC  Grad Affairs Committee  If not comfortable with either of the above  Departmental Director, Dr. Fred Rainey  Policies about pay, travel, etc. or Status of graduate paperwork / good standing  Administrative assistant / Grant technician

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