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2 OPENING REMARKS Dr Paul Ayris LIBER President


4 REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD Dr Ann Matheson LIBER Secretary-General

5 Executive Board Report Meeting of Participants July 2012

6 Executive Board Meetings Barcelona, June/July 2011 London, October 2011 Munich, February 2012 Tartu, June 2012

7 Board Priorities 2011-2012 Professional work of the Steering Committees Leadership Programme EU-funded Projects and EU Lobbying Developing the Annual Conference through the Conference Programme Committee LIBER Strategy 2013-2015 LIBER Office

8 LIBER Membership June 2012 Institution: 373 Organisation 19 Associate: 9 Individual: 11 Total:412

9 LIBER Annual Conference Fund Nine awards made by the Conference Programme Committee in 2012 Fund created by LIBER members to assist attendance at LIBER Conferences

10 LIBER Annual Conference 2013 Munich, Germany, 26 June to 29 June 2013 Hosted by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich Annual Conference 2014 Varna, Bulgaria, 25 June to 28 June 2014 Hosted by the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

11 REPORT OF THE TREASURER given by Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen LIBER Vice-President ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2011 AUDITOR’S REPORT 2011

12 PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT 2011 2010 Income286.166 211.356 Expenditure283.868 162.678 Net income 2.298 48.678

13 INCOME 2011 2010 Participants143.560138.190 Annual Conference 26.763 18.500 Sponsorships47.510 41.500 Workshops 18.169 5.416 Other 49.256 1.074

14 EXPENDITURE 2011 2010 Staff149.04098.186 Board/Comm 19.656 6.334 Secretariate 55.64521.635 Operating costs 25.24830.932 Other 40.279 5.591

15 Balance Sheet 2011 2010 Assets Receivables 34.390 16.903 Securities-149.627 Liquid Assets517.125362.819 551.515529.349 Equities & Liabilities General Reserves442.437393.759 Result 2.298 48.678 Current Liabilities106.780 86.912 551.515529.349

16 APPOINTMENTS TO THE LIBER EXECUTIVE BOARD Appointments: LIBER Treasurer Nomination: Dr Matthijs Van Otegem, National Library of The Netherlands

17 APPOINTMENTS TO THE LIBER EXECUTIVE BOARD Board Members: Nominations: Mr Wilhelm Widmark, Stockholm University Library Mr Kurt De Belder, Leiden University Libraries

18 APPOINTMENTS TO THE LIBER EXECUTIVE BOARD Reappointments: President: Dr Paul Ayris, UCL Vice-President: Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, National Library of Finland Board Members: Mr Julien Roche, Lille University Library Dr Márta Virágos, Debresen University Library Professor Norbert Lossau, Göttingen State and University Library Ms Deborah Shorley, Imperial College London

19 REPORT ON EU PROJECTS Susan Reilly LIBER EU Projects Officer

20 LIBER EU Project Activity Susan Reilly Tartu, 29th June 2012

21 Overview  First EU project in 2010  Portfolio of 6 EU projects (and growing)  Recognising libraries as part of the European research infrastructure

22 Project Role Call  Opportunties for Data Exchange (ODE)  Final event November 2012  Two reports: Linking Data to Publications, Best Practice in Data Citation (2011) & the Role of Libraries in Data Exchange (2012)

23 Project Role Call  Alliance for Permanent Access to the Record of Science in Europe Network (APARSEN)  Digital preservation roadmap for libraries based on a survey of experts from national and research libraries  Report on ‘Trust’ about to be published

24 Project Role Call  Europeana Libraries  Launch of the new European Library Portal  Opening of the aggregation service to research libraries

25 Project Role Call  Europeana Newspapers  First workshop on OCR, OLR and EDM held in May  Work begun on enhancing newspaper content

26 Project Role Call  Medditeranean Open Access Network (MEDOANET)  Coordination of Open Access policies in the region (though surveys, task forces, workshops)  Survey of stakeholders in each region

27 Project Roll Call  Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting (AAA)  A researcher passport- facilitating seemless access and reuse, overview of RI landscape  Final report (Sep, 2012) will inform the work of Horizon 2020

28 Thank you!

29 STEERING COMMITTEE REPORTS Scholarly Communication (Dr Ayris) Digitisation and Resource Discovery (Ms Frey) Heritage Collection and Preservation (Dr Fabian) Organisation and Human Resources (Mr Roche) LIBER Services (Dr Virágos) Communications & Marketing Committee (Dr Ayris) LIBER Blog

30 Presentation at 41st LIBER Annual Conference Tartu, Estonia Meeting of participants, 29 June 2012

31 Purpose of the LIBER Blog new means of disseminating news items and conference reports, formerly contained in LIBER Quarterly. easy tool for publishing LIBER members’: projects / developments / news / ideas / experiences / etc. groundwork for the future LIBER Resource Centre (tags) More info at:

32 How to contribute? To send a complete blog post to the LIBER Blog team, who will publish your blog post for you. The email address for sending your contributions (or any questions) is To get your unique LIBER Blogger account, which grants almost unlimited freedom in your publishing work To get your individual LIBER Blogger account, please fill in the application formapplication form (



35 LIBER RANKINGS STUDY Marc Martinez, University of Lyon Joint Working Group on Quality Assessment and Benchmarking Steering Committee on Organisation and Human Resources

36 LIBER STRATEGIC PLAN 2013-2015 Reports from the Breakout Sessions Hans Geleijnse Leo Voogt

37 LIBER Strategy 2013-2015 Report back from break-out groups Ann Matheson, Marieke Willems, Susan Reilly, Astrid Verheusen,Leo Voogt, Hans Geleijnse LI

38 Key Performance Areas Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures Reshaping the Research Library Advocacy and Commuincation

39 Discussion in 6 groups 75 participants

40 General Comments People enjoyed engagement and would like to discuss progress next years Positive comments on the general direction LIBER is going Make a clear distinction between strategy, operational plan and organisational change Current economic situation requires more library cooperation and enforces the need to make choices There are too many goals. Prioritize!

41 Other General Comments This Strategic Plan often confuses strategies of its members and LIBER itself as a foundation Clarify how goals will be realized (SMART) and that resources are/can be made available EC projects: focus on projects that are supporting the strategic plan and not vice versa ! Role of national libraries (and state libraries) not clear enough

42 Other General Comments (II) Plan is unbalanced. Not enough attention for role of library in education (e.g. Information literacy) Heritage collections and Special collections not clearly present in the 3 Action areas Existing groups could have been involved in drafting the strategy Organisational change of Steering committees is questioned

43 Other General Comments (III) Aligning the strategy of LIBER with (partner) organisations around us (eg. SPARC, CERL, Eblida) Balance needed between goals, voluntary effort of members and available resources in LIBER office See that existing groups (eg. Architecture Group, Manuscript group) are embedded in the new structure Articulate where LIBER stands for and present various choices as a logical consequence of it (e.g. Why newTEL, Europeana, COAR?)

44 Scholarly communication and Reseach Infrastructures Focus on research infrastructures = good Why building new research infrastructures? Clarify this and evaluate results of previous projects Data management issues also relevant at national and local level Importance of metadata is missing Single focus on Gold Open Access is questioned.

45 Scholarly Communication (II) Advocate massive digitisation Heritage collections could be seen as a research tool and hence as a part of the research infrastructure

46 Reshaping the Research Library This KPA is too much a potpourri Leadership Seminar should be priority Data management central skill to support KPA 1 Connect with library schools Multirank study could be used as benchmarking tool

47 Advocacy and Communication Goals are unbalanced. Prioritize! Advocacy needed on use of mobile technology Translation into 20 languages questioned Can LIBER support 25 LIBER ambassadors ? Resources? LIBER should promote that directors stimulate their staff to participate in LIBER’s group work Strategic plan requires a Communication plan

48 INVITATION to the LIBER 42nd Annual Conference, Munich 2013 hosted by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek



51 Local Organising Committee Kristina Pai, Director of Collection Development Olga Einasto, Head of Circulation Department Katriin Kaljovee, Administrative Officer Avo Kartul, Head of Music Department Kersti Kuusemäe, secretary Liisi Lembinen, Development Director Marika Liivamägi, Librarian of Coll. Dev. Dep.

52 Local Organising Committee Anneli Sepp, Head of Inform. Systems Dep. Elena Sipria-Mironov, Project Manager of Coll. Dev. Dep. Ilona Smuškina, Marketing Manager Piret Zettur, Senior Specialist of Inf. Systems Tiiu Tarkpea, Head of Subject Analysis Dep. Kertu Uri, Head of Collections Devel. Dep. Eve Valper, Designer

53 Volunteers from the Library Kadi Kass Signe Bachmann Maarika Tomingas Alice Zettur Tiina Sammelselg Jelena Ivanova Triin Jaagus Annika Markson Jaana Seinberg Merje Punder Maiu Nurka Liisa Pall


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