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AGORA Overview Armenia, 2009 Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն, 2009.

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1 AGORA Overview Armenia, 2009 Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն, 2009

2 Welcome to AGORA In this Tutorial You Will Learn 1)what AGORA offers, main features, and appropriate use 2)how to open AGORA, log in and navigate to find journals and download articles 3)how to use CAB Abstracts and publishers’ websites to find citations and download articles

3 What Is AGORA?

4 AGORA = Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture

5 AGORA is Evolving Changes to the website may occur. Technical difficulties occasionally arise. If your password doesn’t work the first time, don’t attempt to log in more than 3 times in a row. Any ongoing trouble with AGORA, email (describe problem and include print screen).

6 Modules in this Tutorial 1. How to Use AGORA 2. How to Use CAB Abstracts 3. Publishers’ Websites 4.AGORA Terms of Use

7 1. How to Use AGORA

8 Opening AGORA Homepage Step 1 Start your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape). Step 2 Type: in the Address box Step 3 Press Enter on the keyboard

9 Main navigation bar

10 Help Find journals MOST IMPORTANT Information about AGORA, including eligibility Register and log in MOST IMPORTANT Information about AGORA provided in different languages: Arabic, English, French or Spanish

11 Accessing the Collection Click on Journals

12 Click on log in for free access to full-text articles

13 Logging In For full-text journal articles: –Users ’ institutions must be registered –Users must log in using institutional user name and password. NOTE: AGORA log in does not give access to all services offered on publishers ’ websites.

14 If you receive either of these messages about security certificates or secure connections, click yes or OK to continue

15 Logging In The Login page appears. Enter your user name and password exactly as provided to your institution. Please note: user name and password are case-sensitive! Tip: if your password doesn’t work the first time, don’t attempt to log in more than 3 times in a row. For any difficulties in loggin in to AGORA, send an email to: (describe problem and include print screen) Click on the Log In button

16 After logging in you will be taken to the AGORA Home Page for registered users. Select ‘Journals’ from the left hand menu. Let’s go to the Journals Page...

17 The Journals search page launches

18 AGORA Is Like Your Library You can… Browse the collection, just like in a current periodical room Search for journals in a specific subject area, like departmental libraries Track down a citation if you have one Use CAB Abstracts as a powerful tool for discovery

19 Navigating AGORA to Find What You Need In the next few slides you will learn to: Browse the entire collection Locate specific journals, publishers, subjects Find specific citations

20 Browse by journal title subject or publisher Search CAB abstracts by use of key words/terms

21 Titles Organized Alphabetically Click on the “M”

22 2. Click on Back or Journals to return to Journals page 1. Page opens with all the Journal titles beginning with the letter “M”

23 Choose the journal you want to search

24 The journal will open in a new window of the Publisher’s Journal level page

25 Titles by Publisher Click on arrow to view list of publishers.

26 Click on desired publisher.

27 1. Retrieves list of all journals published by Blackwell Publishing in AGORA. 2. Select a different publisher

28 Choose the journal you want to search The complete list of Blackwell journals in alphabetical order

29 The journal will open in a new window of the Publisher’s Journal level page

30 Pick the subject area you are interested in, e.g. Fisheries/Aquatic Science Titles by Subject

31 The list of journals in the subject area picked Choose a new subject by clicking on the arrow.

32 Remember you can also browse by title, subject or publisher using the navigation bar.

33 Retrieving Full-Text Articles Example

34 EXAMPLE Find the citation: Linda J. Thomson and Ary A. Hoffman: (2007) “Effects of ground cover (straw and compost) on the abundance of natural enemies and soil macro invertebrates in vine yards” Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 9(3) : 159-245 The full list of Journals Starting “A” is displayed Find the journal and click on the title to open journal homepage in a new window

35 You are now in the Blackwell site and the homepage for Agricultural and Forest Entomology. Click on desired Volume and Issue. 9 (3) : 159-245

36 Scroll down to view all articles in the issue. Click on Abstract for article description

37 Click on Full Text HTML to read article in plain HTML text. To read article in PDF click on the Full Text PDF link

38 Note the size of PDF. Large PDFs take longer to download. Article in HTML format


40 Article in HTML format : To view graphs and charts click on them

41 To save article click here

42 Note: you must have Acrobat Adobe Reader On your machine To print article click here

43 Let’s Review What We Learned You should now know how to: Browse journal titles and publishers Explore a subject area Find a known citation Download full-text articles If you are online, try this exercise: Retrieve the full-text article for the following citation. –Elham A. (2007)“Effect of dietary vegetable oils on health and liver histology of gilthead sea bream (sparus aurata) growers" Aquaculture Research. 38 (8): 852-861

44 Problems with the Exercise? Remember, technical difficulties occasionally arise. If you have questions about AGORA consult your librarian. Any ongoing trouble with AGORA, please email

45 2. How to Use CAB Abstracts

46 What Is CAB Abstracts? Internationally recognized database of information for applied agriculture and life sciences Covers research and development literature from thousands of international serials Provides abstracts (brief article descriptions) and links to full-text articles

47 CAB Abstracts and AGORA CAB generously offers a subset of CAB Abstracts to AGORA users It also provides full-text articles found in AGORA Covers about 80% of journals in AGORA You must log in to AGORA to gain access to full-text articles and must log in to search CAB.

48 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts: Getting Started From the AGORA Home page Click on Login

49 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts: Getting Started Login using your institutional Username and password

50 CAB Abstracts Ensure that you have Java on the machine that you are using or a pop up message will ask you to download

51 CAB Abstracts User Authentication Page Click on AGORA Journal Search if search page does not launch automatically. DO NOT close this window until you want to log out.

52 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts: Getting Started This will take you to the Journals page. Type in Your search query using Keywords -the more specific and narrowed down, - the better the results. - For example type “Beans” and click search

53 CAB Abstracts This will give you a list of The results with mainly the citations and a brief summary of the contents One can navigate these Pages to see more results Of matching abstracts

54 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts: Getting Started One can access the abstract only or the full-text To view the abstract click On “Abstract”.

55 CAB Abstracts The abstract will then pop up In a new window with a link to the Journal’s home page or full-text

56 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts To go directly to the Publisher’s website and Get the full-text article click here

57 CAB Abstracts The publisher website will then pop up in a new window with details of the journal To view the list of journals and articles Click here

58 CAB Abstracts To view the full-text Click the PDF link

59 CAB Abstracts Ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your machine to enable the reading of articles in PDF

60 CAB Abstracts Using CAB Abstracts To save click here

61 CAB Abstracts Choose the location where you want to save the article and click save

62 CAB Abstracts To print click here

63 CAB Abstracts Choose the printer you want to use and select the number of copies you want to print

64 CAB Abstracts Using the Search Wizard

65 CAB Abstracts Having done the keyword search you can further refine your search by using the Search Wizard Click on the Search Wizard link

66 CAB Abstracts The search wizard template opens.

67 CAB Abstracts Click on the Search Wizard link Alternatively you can use the Search Wizard in the Journals page

68 CAB Abstracts The search wizard template opens.

69 CAB Abstracts Use the first drop down arrow to refine your search using these Various disciplines For example one can use “English Item Title” which is simply the title of the article

70 CAB Abstracts Also refine your search by using these Boolean operators- Optional is OR, Required is AND and Prohibited is NOT Choosing required in this Case means the article name Ought to have “bean” in it.

71 CAB Abstracts To use more fields to combine and further refine your search click on any

72 CAB Abstracts Put more keywords and further refine using The drop down menus In this case we want both bean and cultivation to appear in the article name Click on search to get your results

73 CAB Abstracts Search box shows the Combination of our search List of articles and abstracts with “bean” and “cultivation” in the titles. Scroll down to See full list of articles and abstracts

74 CAB Abstracts To view full abstract Click on abstract

75 CAB Abstracts Full abstract opens in new Window. For the full text Click on Journal home page

76 CAB Abstracts OR click directly on the Journal home page link on the articles list page

77 CAB Abstracts Journal Home Page opens in new window Scroll down to view Full list of articles and Choose the one you want

78 CAB Abstracts 1.) To download full text in Plain HTML text click here 2.) To download full text in PDF text click here

79 CAB Abstracts Full text article in HTML Scroll down to read To download full text in PDF text you can also click here

80 CAB Abstracts Full text in HTML with links to references

81 CAB Abstracts Full text in PDF format To print or save click here

82 3. Navigating Publishers’ Sites

83 Publishers’ Websites Vary All publishers’ websites are slightly different and even journals within a publisher’s site can vary in appearance and features. –Identical features might be accessed differently or will be located in other places. –Journal coverage (PDF and/or HTML full-text) is generally from 1997 onwards. –Not all publishers offer the same features (e.g., some have table of contents alerting, some do not).

84 Some Common Features You can: Search across all journals on a publisher’s website Register for some personalized services Download, print or email citations and/or abstract Download full-text (PDFs and/or HTML files with hyperlinks to other full-text references or websites)

85 Example: Blackwell Publishing

86 Blackwell Journals Page To see the various Journals and articles Go through the list Of issues.

87 Search Journals by subject Advanced search, saved searches and Quick link

88 Advanced Search option, search can be more refined

89 Emailing Articles in Elsevier Email articles to your email Or to colleagues and friends

90 Emailing Articles in Elsevier

91 Personalized Services Registration is often required to: Receive email table of contents alerts Save searches and results for later use Re-run searches and email results automatically Link to your favourite journals and articles

92 2. To access your personalized services after registration, log in and go to My Synergy 1. To register click here

93 Registration Page Read carefully and follow Publisher’s instructions on the screen.

94 Registration Page


96 4. Conditions of Use

97 AGORA User Agreement All registered institutions must sign a User Agreement covering: –Use of the AGORA password –Copyright and Fair Use Ask your librarian about the terms of the AGORA User Agreement

98 Use of the AGORA Password DO Share AGORA username and password with colleagues, students, faculty in your institution. Do NOT Share outside your institution. Do NOT Use outside your country.

99 Copyright/Fair Use of Articles Typical copyright and fair use principles apply It is OK to: –Download or print up to 15% of a journal issue or book –Use material for educational purposes (course packs or reserves) –Make copies for institution members –Charge for printing costs for recovery costs Always credit sources Be cautious but sensible

100 Abuse of Publisher Privileges It is NOT OK to: –Charge for documents, except for cost recovery for teaching materials –Post content to websites –Change content –Download all articles from a single issue Violations result in the ENTIRE country denied access for up to a week, until the problem is resolved.

101 Questions? Contact your Librarian OR Contact the AGORA team with any questions or comments. We want/need to hear from users!

102 շնորհակալ եմ

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