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What is Rakuten? Engineer Recruiting Team, Global Human Resources department, Rakuten Inc.

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1 What is Rakuten? Engineer Recruiting Team, Global Human Resources department, Rakuten Inc.

2 15 years ago, a big dream was born to empower the world by the internet

3 Now Rakuten is the largest E-commerce company in Japan.

4 Our Growth Group consolidated sales over 40 services in 15 countries

5 Our Presence e-G8 forum among top web companies Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten Inc.) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Eric Schmidt (Google) Yuri Milner (DST) Maurice Levy (Publicis) Stephane Richard (Orange) in May, Paris

6 Harvard Business School(MBA) ケーススタディ化 アジアの IT 企業 代表として G8 に参加 Our Presence Ranked among the top 10 for 2 years in a row

7 Our Market Cap As of Sep, 2012 We need to grow faster and become the world’s No.1 internet services company!

8 Rapid Global Expansion 2013 In In 2011 In 2012 **investment In 2009 ~2008 In 2013

9 Global Locations Head Office ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● E-Commerce eBook Travel Other service & business Rakuten Institute of Technology Development center Regional Head quarter Keep expanding out to the world!!

10 Our Business Model

11 B2B2C Market Place Model Our EC business model is very unique! EC sites in US: Product-centric Rakuten Ichiba: Shop-centric Rakuten’s “EMPOWERMENT” model not only provides the entertainment of shopping for the end-users but also a strong business strategy for the company

12 Long Tail & Direct Sell Rakuten Ichiba has millions of items! There is nothing you can’t find at Rakuten!! Eggs Price: 16 USD Crab Price: 80 USD

13 Long Tail & Direct Sell A Real Castle! Price: 10,000,000 USD Japanese Armor! Price: 2,500 USD

14 Empowerment With such a Shop-centric model… Shop owners and Rakuten employees get together! Strong bonds between Rakuten & Shop owners! Strategy meeting with shop owners

15 Rakuten Eco-system Strategy Insurance Securities Card Telecom e-book E-money Bank Travel Portal E-commerce Common ID Rakuten Super Point User DB

16 Challenges Rakuten’s success depends on you! Unlike other large companies, you can maximize your potential and stand up to new challenges. Most of our services are still in their early stages.

17 Engineers in Rakuten

18 Average Age: 31.5 As of end of 07/2013 Total number of engineers: % 79% 25% 75% Coming from over 40 countries!

19 Where Mid-career Engineers Came From previous company Google Amazon Microsoft Yahoo Apple GREE NHN Japan Accenture Wipro HUAWEI Nokia

20 App A End user Middleware (DB, Webserver, etc) Hardware Data center / Network User interface Infra App common (Platform) App B App C ・・・・・ ・ System Structure

21 App A End user Middleware (DB, Webserver, etc) Hardware Data center / Network User interface Infra App common (Platform) App B App C ・・・・・ ・ System Integrator / Software System Integrator / Software Network / Infra Network / Infra System consultant System consultant Web App Area of Coverage

22 App A End user Middleware (DB, Webserver, etc) Hardware Data center / Network Infra App common (Platform) App B App C ・・・・ ・・ Group Core Service Dep. Global Infrastructure Dep. GIS ITD Rakuten Ichiba Dep. Rakuten Ichiba Dep. Big Data Dep. Architecture Committee Office Rakuten Travel Dep. Rakuten Travel Dep. Financial Services Dep. Financial Services Dep. Smart Device Technologies Dep. RIT User interface Area of Coverage (by Department)

23 You can Enjoy Everything! Various technologies in a wide range of services

24 Career Steps for Engineers Years Infra EngApp Eng 3 5~7 Project Mgr Product Mgr Top Eng Architect Infra Specialist Org Mgr

25 Learning Opportunities GEP (Global Experience program)

26 Learning Opportunities Overseas Conference (1 time/year) Pics of study session Study Sessions (very often)

27 We’d like to work with people who… -are technology lovers -have creativity, ambition and skills to change the world -want to empower various lifestyles love your service, love your customers

28 Selection Process CV (Resume) Video interview & Programming test 1st interview via Skype 2nd interview (on-site) Offer 2~3 weeks 1 day For the online test, please choose one computer language from below [Java/PHP/Ruby/ Python/Perl/C++]

29 Thank you!!


31 Brief Introduction of each department Appendix

32 ThemesAbbreviationProduct 1) Empowering Merchants RMS Rakuten Merchandise System 2) Shopping is Entertainment MALL Regionalized Mall 3) Operational Excellence IBSS Ichiba Business Support System 4) Grow Ecosystem IDP Ichiba Developer Portal Rakuten Ichiba Development dep. Rakuten Ichiba Department aims to build the best ecommerce platform to support the expansion of Rakuten e-commerce businesses around the world.

33 Rakuten Travel empowers the whole travel industry by directly connecting hotels & customers to one another. ① Contract ② Provides interface from ASP ③ More hotel’s info, Registered room inventory ④ Registration ( Free ) ⑤ Search ⑥ Reservation information transmission ⑦ Stay ( Payment ) ⑨ 1% to 10% of points Hotel of Contracted ( Hotel / Ryokan etc. ) Registration Customer ⑧ Pay Commission & point uses. Rakuten Travel Development dep.

34 Financial Services Group Several financial BUs in charge Financial Services Department Bank Services Group Rakuten Bank BU in charge Financial Services dep. Credit Card Section Rakuten Bank BU in charge FSG develops and operates Financial Services, and make synergy among Rakuten eco-System!

35 Many new services are run and generated in this department. New Services dep. Community Media Others

36 Books & Logistics dep. Build cutting edge logistics system with ADS & Webgistics. Supporting e-book business with technical solutions.

37 1.ID Service 2.Point Service 3.Coupon Service 4.Mail Platform 5.Payment Platform 6.Super DB This department provides Functions & Services, which can be used by any Rakuten Services. Group Core Services dep.

38 Develop and maintain services that can help increase the GMS for Rakuten Eco system by creating relationship with outside resource and leverage it. Team & Role Open Services Platform dep.

39 Data analysis data Ads Recommendation Targeting Personalization Re-Targeting Targeting User Behavior Tracking KPI report Price Optimization Inventory Optimization Big Data dep. Purchase data and Browsing data Inventory data

40 System Engineering’s territory Server Database Network Storage Datacenter Cloud and so on.. Global Infrastructure Development dep.

41 Mobile Application Group Mobile Web Group Mobile Vision & Product Group Windows Technology Group Smart Device Technologies dep. Make awesome Smart Device apps for Rakuten Services!

42 Architecture Committee Office IaaS Network Hardware Operating System PaaS Middleware Data Services Application Runtime Operation Tools SDK App Public Cloud PaaS supports multiple programming language and IaaS services by Cloud Foundry – OSS software. App

43 DEP EMA EmpoweringDU Be more Agile Be more Tech Be more Effective Agile Group QA Group Sharing Technology Group Development Environment Service Group Environment Improvement Group Diversity Training Team Technology Training Team Dev-HR Group Developing Architecture dep. Provide the best environment to global Rakuten DU for continuous creation of innovative services.

44 Rakuten Institute of Technology RealityIntelligencePower ・ Multimedia Processing ・ Ubiquitous / next UI ・ Distributed computing ・ High performance computing ・ Knowledge mining ・ NLP / Recommender Strategic R&D organization for Rakuten

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