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Sediment Control with Diamond Sock

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1 Sediment Control with Diamond Sock

2 Who is MKB Formed in 2011 13 Employees
Manufactured with our own Fabric – Diamond Sock Centered in State College PA Marcellus Opportunity Expanded to Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Columbus OH and Southington CT Shipped over 900 miles of Palletized Compost Filter Sock to date

3 MBK Company Focus High Quality Products Sell Only Through Distribution
Localized Manufacturing Model In House Logistics

4 MKB Growth Impact MKB Directly Employs 13 Contract Manufacturer – 13
Suppliers to MKB in Pennsylvania Mulch Manufacturers Wooden Stake Manufacturers Equipment Suppliers Logistics Companies Distributors of Diamond Sock

5 MKB Company Growth Revenues increased 300% in 3 years
Shipping to 23 States Expanding outside of Oil and Gas Follow the Adoption of Compost Filter Sock Currently talking with potential contract manufacturers in multiple states

6 What is Compost Filter Sock?
A mesh tube filled with ground up aged hardwood. It’s an all natural product that filters muddy and/or polluted water.

7 Why Compost Filter Sock Works
Slows the silt laden water Filters All Natural Filter Aged Media Simple to install – hard to get it wrong

8 Where Compost Filter Sock Works
Pipelines Well Pads Home Development Cell Tower Construction Power Line Upgrades Site Development Highway Improvements Anywhere the soil is turned

9 Lakawanna Project

10 Regulatory Standing Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Development “COMPOST FILTER SOCK - Sediment Removal Efficiency: HIGH. This device is an ABACT for HQ and EV watersheds.“ PA DEP Manual Technical Guidance Number – March 2012 – pg. 62 “SILT FENCE (FILTER FABRIC FENCE) - Sediment Removal Efficiency: LOW. This device is not an ABACT for special protection watersheds.“ PA DEP Manual Technical Guidance Number – March 2012 – pg. 75

11 Silt Fence Limitations

12 How is Compost Filter Sock Used


14 Blower Trucks and Track Blowers Installation from Pallets
Installation Methods Blower Trucks and Track Blowers Installation from Pallets Remote Locations Large diameter compost filter sock Difficult Installations Simple Scheduling Installed when its needed No staging yard needed Installed in phases as the project develops

15 Simple To Install – Simple to Remove
Lay it down Stake it in Cut it open Remove the fabric

16 Completely Reliable Winter Installation Summer Sediment

17 Benefits of Pallets Faster – Pallet installation can be quicker than installed Schedule – Palletized can be laid down when convenient for the contractor – not the installer Simplicity – Palletized installation is simple without soil disturbance or heavy equipment Maintenance – If a section is damaged extra pallets allow for instant replacement

18 MKB – PA – Marcellus MKB Company formed because of the Marcellus shale development Long term opportunities outside of oil and gas present a stable long term growth path High quality hard woods and highway access to the east coast a significant benefit to being based in Pennsylvania PA DEP – Foresight to protect Pennsylvania waterways with new technologies

19 Jim Carlin

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