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Heart health equity What prospects? Norman Sharpe.

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1 Heart health equity What prospects? Norman Sharpe

2 2 Disproportionate universalism: CVD mortality

3 An increasing burden for Māori For Māori, an actual increase in the absolute number of deaths is projected for males and a relatively stable number for females IHD Mortality in NZ Trends and Projections Tobias et al NZMedJ April 2006

4 Cigarette smoking, obesity prevalence and NZ Dep NZ Health Survey 2006-7 NZ Dep Quintile I II III IV V Smoking % 11.8 17.0 20.0 24.4 33.1 Obesity % BMI >40 % 20.9 2.1 20.6 1.7 23.0 2.8 26.0 2.2 37.6 7.9 Poverty and health risk in New Zealand

5 Risk Factors for Acute Rheumatic Fever 0-24 years New Zealand 2002-2006 NZ Dep ScoreRR 1-21.00 3-42.74 5-65.52 7-87.83 9-1028.65 Maori (29/100,000) 22.97 Pacific (62/100,000) 48.62 European (1.3/100,000) 1.00 Asian/Indian (1.3/100,000) 0.99 Maori 23 times and Pacific ~50 times more affected Poor

6 Smaller health inequalities Lakes Whanganui Tairawhiti Waitemata Cap/Coast Canty Counties M Wairarapa H Bay W Coast S’land MidC Taranaki Hutt Otago Auckland S Canty BoP Waikato N-M Northland Shorter life expectancy Longer life expectancy Greater health inequalities “Health inequality” = variation in life expectancy within each DHB’s area. Life expectancy and health inequalities in NZ Variation amongst DHB areas

7 Inequality of Access to Health Services Hospital Discharges in 2009 with an Angiography Procedure

8 Acute Coronary Syndrome Revascularisation Cohort Study 5,456 Māori and 62,294 non-Māori 1 st acute admissions 2000-2008 with ACS

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