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European Transparency Project Progress Olaf Islei European Strategy and Environment 04 September 2008.

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1 European Transparency Project Progress Olaf Islei European Strategy and Environment 04 September 2008

2 2 NW Gas Regional Initiative  Regional Initiatives  Started Spring 2006  Practical bottom up approach to reform  Engage all stakeholders  North West Region  Nine Members (+ Norway)  Majority of European gas trade and consumption  Transparency  One of three priority areas 1.Transparency 2.Capacity 3.Investment Objective: overcome barriers to gas trade between Member States on a non-discriminatory basis

3 3 Participating TSOs Netherlands United Kingdom GermanyBelgium FranceIreland Sweden Northern Ireland Denmark ?

4 4 Context – original information wish list Gas Quality Gas Balancing Transmission Capacity Gas Flows Supply and Demand Agreed as priority areas Important areas for future focus Gas Flows  Daily flow and interruptions  Daily prompt allocations  Daily aggregate day-ahead nominations  Historic gas flows Transmission Capacity  Max technical capacity  Interruption probability  Daily commercial firm and interruptible capacity focus on prioritised subset of information

5 5 Interconnection Points 128 Interconnection Points 95 Public 33 Confidential (?) Greater information transparency at “confidential” interconnection points? EC Law: Less than three shippers; can request authorisation from NRAs not to publish information 3 rd package amendment IMPACT OF LESS THAN THREE SHIPPER RULE ON PROJECT

6 6 TSOs committed to milestones

7 7 Implementation schedule Data Type % provided in December 2007 % expected by May 2008 % expected by September 2008 % expected by December 2008 (C1) Max technical capacity 6994 (C2) Interruption 31508188 (C3) Daily commercial firm and interruptible capacity 56758894 (F1) Daily flow / aggregated Allocation 257594100 (F2) Daily prompt allocation information 8188 94 (F3) Daily aggregate day-ahead nominations 13316375 (F4) Historic gas flow information database 4463100 Example: 25% of TSOs already provided aggregate daily flow and interruptions (F1), by December 2008 100% of TSOs should provide this info

8 8 Implementation progress: May 2008 MIXED PROGRESS: ON TRACK IN 3 BUT BEHIND SCHEDULE ON 4

9 9 Max technical capacity (C1) ALMOST ON TRACK: ONLY ONE TSO LEFT TO IMPLEMENT Planned Fluxys, BGE,, Swedegas Implemented Fluxys, BGE, Delayed Swedegas

10 10 Probability of interruption (C2) BEHIND SCHEDULE: 6 TSOs TO IMPLEMENT BY SEPTEMBER Planned Ontras,, Swedegas Implemented E.ON Delayed Ontras, Swedegas

11 11 Daily commercial firm and interruptible capacity (C3) ROUGHLY ON TRACK: ONE TSO IMLPEMENTED EARLY ONE TSO FAILED Planned Fluxys, BGE, Implemented NG, BGE, Delayed Fluxys

12 12 Daily flow/aggregated allocation (D+1) (F1) BEHIND SCHEDULE: 4 TSOs TO IMPLEMENT BY SEPTEMBER; 3 BY DECEMBER Planned E.ON, WINGAS, Ontras,, BEB, DEP, Swedegas, GdF DT Implemented E.ON, BEB, DEP, GdF DT Delayed Fluxys, WINGAS, Ontras, Swedegas

13 13 Daily prompt allocation information (F2) ON TRACK: ALL TSOs NOW REPORT TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION Svenska Kraftnät and E.ON now report that they provide this information

14 14 Daily aggregate day ahead nominations (F3) BEHIND SCHEDULE: 3 TSOs PROVIDE NO ANSWER ON IMPLEMENTATION Planned WINGAS, Ontras, DEP Implemented E.ON Delayed WINGAS, Ontras, DEP

15 15 Historic gas flow database (F4) ON TRACK: 5 TSOs STILL NEED TO IMPLEMENT THIS INFORMATION Planned WINGAS, Ontras, BEB Implemented E.ON, DEP, WINGAS, BEB Delayed Ontras

16 16 TSOs that report new information release TSOs that report full compliance already

17 17 Key issues Implementation accuracy 1.At which interconnection points will the relevant data be published? 2.Are the definitions for each data type appropriate? 3.Has there been any further progress since May? User views 1.Network user feedback on accessibility and usefulness of the data 2.Improvements to project management and reporting 3.Any other key issues? TSO feedback 1.Reasons for delays in releasing new data 2.Re-confirmation of implementation commitment

18 18 Next Steps  First implementation report and press release published: 25 July 2008  Publication draft second progress report: 07 November 2008  North-West Region Stakeholder Conference in London: 14 November 2008  Deadline for implementation: 31 December 2008  Final project report/workshop: Early 2009

19 19 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT ERGEG WEBSITE NW GRI WEBSITE DTe is the lead regulator for the NW Gas Regional Initiative - contact for participation/updates Maya van der Steenhoven (Ms) +31 70 330 Kristien van de Laar (Ms) +31 70 330 Erik Rakhou (Mr) 70 330 For further information Olaf Islei (Mr) Carlos Martinez (Mr) Pamela Taylor (Ms) Download First Project Implementation Report

20 20

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