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Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) No 1, Dai Co Viet Road, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Viet nam Office: Room 310 - C 10, Campus of HUT Tel: 84 4 869.

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1 Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) No 1, Dai Co Viet Road, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Viet nam Office: Room 310 - C 10, Campus of HUT Tel: 84 4 869 6165 Fax: 84 4 868 0585 Web:

2 At present: Teaching and Research staff: 1,500 (with a total of 1,800 university employees). 425 are Ph.D., Dr. Sc, associate professors and professors. About 25,000 undergraduate students, more than 1000 post-graduate students HUT was established in 1956 HUT HISTORICAL BACKGROUND HUT is located in the southern section of Hanoi, close to the Giai Phong and Dai Co Viet cross-roads. It has an area of 35 hectares. 61,299 engineers, 1081 Masters, 250 Ph.D have been trained at the HUT 61,299 engineers, 1081 Masters, 250 Ph.D have been trained at the HUT

3 ORGANISATION Rector Consultative Committees Vice-Rectors Faculties (14)Institutes (4) Research Centers (15) Administrative Services (14) Company (1) Institutes, Centers and Programmes for training and research in co-operation with overseas partners ITIMS  IFI  MST  MBA  MEE  PFIEV  ITC  emmd  CFC  VDZ  FFU  jLC  FTP  ITP

4 Mechanical Engineering Faculty 1956 - Established Mechanical-Electrical Faculty 1960 - In the Mechanical-Metallurgical Faculty Aug. 1966 - Established Mechanical Faculty 1986 Established the large departments 1995 - Mechanical Faculty reorganized + Being the biggest faculty of HUT + Number of staff members: 258; including:- Professors: 8 - Associate Professors: 34 - Doctors of Science: 8 - Ph.D: 74

5 Mechanical Engineering Faculty Faculty staff Official Secretaries 3 Head of Dep. 14 Lectures, Engineers Dean Prof. Dr. TRAN VAN DICH Vice Deans Ass.Prof. Vu Van Khiem Dr. Pham Van Hung Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai Dr. Luong Ngoc Loi

6 Organization Mechanical Engineering Faculty Dep. of Precise Mechanical & optical Engineering Dep. of Machinery Engineering Dep. of Material cutting & industrial instruments Dep. of Machine -Tools and Tribology Dep. of Welding and Metallogy Dep. of Ship and Aero-hydraulics Technology Dep. of Combustion Engine Dep. of Automobile Engineering Dep. of Metal Forming Technology Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering

7 Organization Mechanical Engineering Faculty Dep. of Applied Mechanics Dep. of Technical Drawing Dep. Basic design Machine and Robot Dep. Mechanic Materials and Structures

8 Facilities ( Laboratories, equipment, IT) Laboratories: CAD/CAM/CNC CIM Measurement Lab Mechatronics Lab Hydraulics-Aero Lab Strength of materials Lab Mechanics Lab Automobile Lab Tribology Lab Welding Lab Combustion Engine Lab Tool Machine Workshop

9 Information Technology There are 3 practical rooms (120 desk computers) belong to Drawing Dep., using for teaching AUTO CAD Every Dep. have about 10 desk computers for teaching IT for professional subjects For Engineer thesis, student must fluently use AUTOCAD, WORD, EXCEL and professional Software like CIMATRON, SOLIDWORKS… HUT has LAN, every Dep. connected together and to HUT Office. HUT connected with ASDL internet

10 Mechanical Engineering Faculty Engineer's ProgramMaster’s ProgramDoctor’s Program 1 st year2 nd year3 rd year 4th year5 th year Basic courseProfessional course 1 st year2 nd year1 st year2 nd year3 rd year Semesters 1 st to 4th Semesters 5 st to 10th 27 subjects 117 credits 43 subjects 176 credits Same contents for all Dep. Difference subjects at difference Dep. Enrollment from High school

11 International Cooperation S.Korea France BelgiumJapanTaiwan Indonexia MalaysiaChina Thailand Germany Russia Tokyo Tech. Nagaoka Tech. Nagoya Uni. Jitsumeikan Uni. Toyota Co. Canon Co. Honda Co... Katholieke Leuven Vrije Brussel KAIIST KIST Asan Uni. Hanover Uni Dresdens Uni Hexagon Metrology AIT

12 Cooperation with Taiwan 1- With DAYEI University of Technology: For along time having cooperation as exchanging the lecturers: Prof. Of DAYEI University come to HUT give lectures and HUT Prof. come to DAYEI as visiting Prof. (Prof. Vu Duy Quang, in subject of Fluid mechanics) Sent young lecturer, researching staff of FME to DAYEI University study in Master Course with scholarship of Taiwan Government. Cooperation in project: researching 5 axis CNC milling machine – from 2003 until now. Many delegations exchange between twinning group.

13 Cooperation with Taiwan 2- With the other Universities: Starting from this academic year: A delegation of 20 Universities in Taiwan come to HUT, among them 6-7 Universities have FME and already discussed about the cooperation. Very soon, the first activity is choosing the excellent students to come to Taiwan for Master courses with scholarship. In number is: To South Taiwan University of technology 6 To National Kaoshiung University of Applied Science 4

14 Mechanical Engineering Faculty Number of undergraduate students

15 Number of students in training fields (per year) Mechanical Engineering Faculty Precise Mechanical & optical engineering 40 Manufacturing technology 350 Welding and Metallogy 40 Metal Forming Technology 40 Hydraulics technology and Aeronautical Eng 70 Combustion Engine 40 Automobile Engineering 60 Mechatronics 180

16 Per year about 40 Masters students and 10 students entering the doctors course. Consulted, designed, manufactured installed and operated many processing lines and complete equipment Total benefit amount dozen billion VND (800.000USD) per year Number of postgraduate students Manufacture and technology transfer

17 Organization Postgraduate training Precise Mechanical & optical engineering Machinery technology Machinery and cutting tools Metal forming Welding engineering and Metal technology Technical fluid Technology Combustion Engines Automobiles Aeronautical Engineering

18 Researching activities Modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes PLC application in EDM die-sinking machine CAD/CAM in mechanical engineering products Methods to enhance industrial instruments: Coating, new material... Mechatronics Rapid prototyping Automation applications of PLC and microprocessors in control machines

19 Researching activities Advanced Materials for machine parts and cutting tools Design the optical systems for measuring equipment Precision micro machinery

20 Researching activities Be selected doing over 6 to 8 national technical scientific programs sponsor by Government Be selected doing over 6 to 7 researching subjects sponsor by MOET. Researching projects cooperated with Industrial Companies and other Vietnamese Universities Researching projects cooperated with Universities from Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Singapore...

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