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Update on Canal Restoration Demonstration Projects Water Quality Protection Program August 14, 2014.

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1 Update on Canal Restoration Demonstration Projects Water Quality Protection Program August 14, 2014

2 2 Update on DEP Funded Sediment Characterization and Design/Permitting of a Geiger Key Culvert  DEP has been funding canal restoration tasks for several years.  Two Major Tasks in the 2013/2014 Scope: 1. Additional characterization of sediments at two demonstration projects selected for organic removal – #266 Doctors Arm BPK and #290 Ave J BPK 2. Design and permit of 3 rd ranked demonstration canal for culvert installation to enhance natural flushing – #472 Geiger Key, Geiger Mobile Homes

3 3 Update on DEP Funded Sediment Characterization  Nine cores collected in each canal for detailed field logging and laboratory testing to refine removal volumes 1. Organic material found to top of limerock 2. 6 feet of organics (top of sediment at ~-6 MLW) 3. Estimated volumes a) #266 8,300 cubic yards b) #290 4,700 cubic yards c) 4-5 x higher than from dual frequency survey data estimates  Laboratory Testing 1. Polymer Testing for dewatering 2. Chemical Testing for disposal a) #266 below Residential Soil Cleanup Target Levels b) #290 below Industrial/Commercial Soil Cleanup Target Levels c) Working with DEP for disposal options

4 4 Need to Identify Disposal Options for Removed Organic Materials  Cost to dispose of organic materials at a landfill in Miami-Dade County is expensive  ~ $67/cy or $870,000 for the two demonstration projects  Alternatives are needed 1. Environmental Restoration Projects 2. Commercial location in the Keys 3. Other? The Loop Current

5 5 Update on DEP Funded Design/Permitting of a Geiger Key Culvert  Design and permitting of a culvert to connect canals #472 and #470 under Boca Chica Road  Field work completed in December 2013 1. Topographic and bathymetric survey 2. Benthic and threatened and endangered species surveys – no sensitive resources will be impacted 3. Geotechnical soil borings 4. Tidal study 5. Engineering site condition survey  Preliminary Design Plans including a Hydraulic Evaluation Report completed by February 17  Report approved by DEP State Hydrographic Engineer (Mariano Guardo)

6 6 Update on DEP Funded Design/Permitting of a Geiger Key Culvert (continued)  Pre-application permitting meetings with Canal Restoration Designated Regulatory Staff completed by February 28, 2014  SFWMD ERP – Several General Permits (GP) could apply to the canal restorations – GP for Environmental Restoration or Enhancement projects (62- 330.31), if qualify. No mitigation required. – Culvert for Geiger Key meets criteria for Minor Activities within Existing County ROW (GP 62-330.447(1)(c))  USACE & NOAA Fisheries – Construction methodology key to determining ‘no effect’ and if a Section 7 Consultation is required  FKNMS – Reviewed benthic survey protocols  Monroe County ROW/Building Permits – Submitted by construction contractor

7 7 Update on DEP Funded Design/Permitting of a Geiger Key Culvert (continued)  Final designs and permit applications submitted April 8, 2014  All permits received within 35 days 1. SFWMD ERP General Permit for Minor Activities within Existing County ROW - April 25, 2014 2. USACE Nationwide (NW) 7 - May 13, 2014 a) NW 7 – Outfall Structures and Associated Intake Structures b) No Section 7 Consultation required 3. FKNMS - May 2, 2014  Future permits may not be obtained so easily due to different technologies SFWMD ERP 44-00-560-P SAJ-2014-01041 (NW-IF) FKNMS-2014-061

8 8 Update on DEP Funded Design/Permitting of a Geiger Key Culvert (continued)  Construction Plans with Technical Specifications submitted June 6, 2014 ready for bidding  All deliverables submitted on, or ahead of schedule, within budget  Canal Restoration Advisory Subcommittee voted that the construction of this culvert should be the project selected for the 2014/2015 DEP funding Project is ready to proceed and has received all required permits Project has not received County funding

9 9 Update on Monroe County Demonstration Projects  AMEC initiated design/permitting of 6 Monroe County demonstration projects on May 21, 2014  Four different technologies being evaluated separately; one combination Weed BarriersOrganic Removal Culvert Installation PumpingBackfilling Same Canal – 2 categories

10 10 Update on Monroe County Demonstration Projects (continued)  Site visits performed in June to meet with homeowners to verify locations of equipment and identify areas required for construction  Field work underway in July/early August 1. Baseline conditions surveys/engineering reconnaissance 2. Mangrove surveys 3. Review of FIU benthic survey results 4. Bathymetric and planimetric surveys 5. Sediment and soil borings  Preliminary Design and Permitting - Aug/Sept/Oct The Loop Current

11 11 1. Permit applications being prepared – estimated submittal dates in September 2. “De Minimis” exemptions, GPs, and NW permits will be used where possible: USACE planning to meet with FKNMS to identify GPs that can be utilized in the in the future in the Keys 3. Need to identify ways to expedite the Section 7 Consultation process: Minimize impacts to eliminate the need for Consultation Expedite the NOAA Fisheries consultation review time 4. Pre-application meeting held with Monroe County Growth Management/Planning and Environmental Resources Temporary Use Ordinance needed for staging equipment in residential vacant lots Comprehensive Plan language prohibiting maintenance dredging to below - 6 feet mean low water – Comp Plan amendment underway Need assistance from State reviewing agencies to expedite review Monroe County Demonstration Project Permitting Status

12 12 Islamorada Village of Islands Top 10 Canals and Approved Canals for Demonstration Funding Weed Barriers Organic Removal Culvert Installation PumpingBackfilling 2 3 4 5 6

13 13 Islamorada Village of Islands Demonstration Project Update  #1 Selected Demonstration Project - #137 Treasure Harbor Plantation Key  Weed Barrier Air Curtain and Aerator Upgrade  Final Design Tasks Completed  Bathymetric survey at mouth to ensure boat draft clearance  Reviewed FIU benthic survey data  Finalized equipment locations  Completed design drawings  Bidding/Selection of Contractor Completed  Obtained 3 quotes from various vendors  Selected VERTEX as low bidder  Developed Operation and Maintenance Costs  Homeowner performing work  VERTEX performing work  Islamorada to contract VERTEX for 2 years

14 14 Islamorada Village of Islands Demonstration Project Update (continued)  Assisted HOA with preparing letter to obtain HOA member approval  Required full installation and O&M costs  Responses: 36 Yes, 2 No, 9 No Response  Received 77% Yes votes, only needed 51%  Permitting  Permit applications submitted by August 1, 2014  SFWMD – Verification of “de minimis” exemption  USACE  FKNMS  Construction – October time frame assuming permits are obtained

15 15  Construct Geiger Key #472 culvert using DEP funds  Expedite permitting of other demonstration projects  Bid and Construct Restorations  Construction ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months  Islamorada – Potential October start for construction  Monroe County – Feb 2015 construction start for several projects  Monitor effectiveness (FIU)  AMEC utilizing data in designs and permits  Public outreach and education/Implement BMPs in canals  Awarded EPA Grant for Citizen Canal Water Quality Monitoring and Education  Identify additional sources of funds to implement more restorations Next Steps for Canal Restoration Demonstration Projects

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