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Connecticut Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development Department of Economic and Community Development Department of Environmental Protection Connecticut.

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1 Connecticut Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development Department of Economic and Community Development Department of Environmental Protection Connecticut Brownfields Redevelopment Authority

2 Agenda/Presenters Responsible Growth and the State’s Brownfield Programs – Peter Simmons and Brian Dillon, ORD-DECD/OBRD CBRA’s Role in State Brownfield Programs – Cynthia Petruzello, CBRA Changes in Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Programs in the State – Graham J. Stevens and Robert E. Bell, DEP Connecticut’s Brownfield Success Stories – DECD, DEP & CBRA

3 Department of Economic and Community Development Peter Simmons and Brian Dillon Office of Responsible Development - Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development In the Business of Building Your Community

4 Brownfield Challenges Brownfields are real estate projects with a “clean-up” component More complex Need Predictability Smart growth in a small state ORD - OBRD


6 To develop and implement strategies that: Attract and retain business Revitalize neighborhoods Ensure quality housing Foster responsible growth DECD Mission ORD - OBRD

7 DECD Organization ORD - OBRD Commissioner Office of Business and Industry Development Office of Municipal Development Office of Responsible Development Strategy, Planning And Programs Environmental Programs Regional and Municipal Projects Projects and Support Brownfields (OBRD) Project Management Office of Housing Finance and Development

8 DECD Mission ORD - OBRD Discretionary Financial Assistance and Technical Support to support municipalities, businesses and organizations, such as… Economic Development Municipal Development Program, formerly known as “Industrial Parks” Infrastructure Development Manufacturer’s Assistance Act (MAA)/CDA Collaboration Community Development HUD Small Cities Program Urban Act/Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) Housing Development HOME FLEX CHFA Collaboration Brownfields Redevelopment

9 Responsible Growth (RG) is economic, social and environmental development that incorporates land use and resources in ways that enhance the long-term quality of life for current and future generations of Connecticut residents. Responsible growth supports a vibrant and resilient economy, preserves natural resources, and maximizes previous investments in existing infrastructure while preserving distinctive landscapes, historic structures, landmarks, and villages. Brownfields are a big part of responsible growth strategies. Definitions ORD - OBRD

10 BLUF: the balance between our growth and conservation needs The “nutshell” Focus efforts where previous investment has occurred Brownfield reuse In-fill development (allow higher densities land use) Integrated Transportation: improve public transit Mixed use development Regional Collaboration Responsible Growth ORD - OBRD

11 Regional Collaboration Policies and Programs ORD - OBRD

12 Insufficient discretionary state resources to assist every community with every project Priority to projects with regional significance and inter-municipal collaboration. Encourage participation in EDA’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) program. State C& D Plan compatibility Encourage municipalities to plan and develop multi-town Municipal Development Plans (MDP). Advancing Regional Cooperation ORD - OBRD

13 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) Regional Planning Process Adopted by Connecticut to aid communities Regional Tools ORD - OBRD

14 Guides economic growth of the region. Helps create jobs. Supports a more stable and diversified economies. A plan to improve living conditions of all participating towns. mechanism for coordinating the combined resources of individuals, organizations, local governments and private industry CEDS CEDS Strategy ORD - OBRD

15 Eight EDA approved CT CEDS 134 municipalities covered by one or more CEDS 33 municipalities not covered by a CEDS Goal for all municipalities to be covered by a CEDS CEDS provides a degree of regional autonomy and prioritization of projects Communications between CEDS and state is crucial Economic Development Districts Connecticut CEDS ORD - OBRD

16 Chapter 132 and 588l of the Connecticut General Statutes Previously called the Industrial Parks Program. Good existing tool for planning and implementing project specific regional economic development Greater financial incentives for inter-municipal collaboration. Greater financial assistance for targeted investment community (TIC). Updated guidelines and policies to be consistent with responsible growth strategies. Municipal Development Projects (MDP)

17 OBRD established at DECD Resulted in Public Act 07-233 Responsible Growth Private Sector plays a key role 08-174 Face of CT Steering Committee & Preservation of Farmland Streamline brownfield redevelopment in floodplains Job training BF Taskforce Reports ORD - OBRD

18 Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development (within DECD) Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Connecticut Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (CBRA) Department of Public Health (DPH) OBRD Coordination

19 July 2009 DECD Reorganization consolidated OBRD with ORD OBRD is lead agency (one stop) for assistance - financial & technical Return brownfield properties to productive use Promote responsible growth principles Strengthen public-private partnerships by providing solutions, timely resources, and expertise OBRD ORD - OBRD

20 Real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous waste substance, pollutant, or contaminant  US: 600,000 6,000 (1%) Superfund NPL  CT: ≈ 13,000 18 Superfund NPL, 3 done EPA Definition of Brownfields ORD - OBRD

21 Sites which may pose a threat to the environment or public health, hazardous waste disposal sites. Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) Hazardous Waste Disposal Known contamination Business generates hazardous waste DEP Brownfield Inventory ORD - OBRD

22 Urban Sites Remedial Action Program Special Contaminated Property Remediation & Insurance Fund Dry Cleaning Establishment Remediation Fund EPA RLFs - Hartford & Statewide EPA Site Assessment Program Urban & Industrial Site Reinvest. Tax Credit Municipal Brownfield Pilots Regional Brownfield Redevelopment Loan Fund Abandoned Brownfield Program OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

23 Urban Site Remedial Action Program (USRAP)  Seed Capital: DEP may pursue PRP  Available for projects in Distressed Municipalities  DECD/DEP Program  Investigation, remediation  Available funds: $2,000,000 (bond capacity) OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

24 Special Contaminated Properties Remediation and Insurance Fund (SCPRIF)  Short-term Loans  Municipalities, Businesses, Individuals  Investigation, remediation, demolition  Available funds: $486,000 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

25 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD Dry Cleaning Establishment Remediation Fund Administered by DECD under CGS. 12-263m Provides up to $300,000 for the remediation of active sites All funding is provided by the State Dry Cleaning Surcharge Operators must be current on all state filings DRS, DOL etc. Program is currently over-subscribed with a backlog of over 30 applications pending review by DECD DECD is working with DEP to prioritize sites for funding. DECD expects to have another application round in late 2010

26 EPA Revolving Loan Fund  Loans/Grants to municipalities and businesses  Remediation  Available funds Hazardous - $833,000 Petroleum - $35,000 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

27 EPA Site Assessment Grants  Sites recommended by Municipalities  Investigation prior to cleanup and reuse  Available funds Hazardous - $200,000 Petroleum - $200,000 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

28 Municipal Pilot Program – $2.25M 5 Awards in October 2008 (2) Cities with population > 100,000 Stamford – Harbor Point Project, 80 acre mixed use Waterbury – Cherry St. Industrial Park, Bender Plumbing expansion (1) Small City with population 50,000 – 100,000 Norwalk – Norwalk Train Station, mixed use TOD (1) Town with population under 50,000 Redding – Georgetown Development, 51 acre, mixed use (1) Selected by the Commissioner any size Shelton – former Axton Cross site – to be privately developed October 2009: $2.25M approved for new funding round Fifteen applications received – 5 will be chosen Currently being processed OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

29 New for 2009/2010 1.Regional Brownfield Loan Program 2.Abandoned Brownfield Clean Up Program 3.Changes to Floodplain Management Requirements OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD

30 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD Regional Brownfield Loan Program – $2.5M Approved by Bond Commission October 30th, 2009 New targeted statewide brownfield redevelopment loan program Loans to assist returning brownfield sites to productive use Loan proceeds will revolve to provide assistance to additional sites Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

31 OBRD Funding Programs ORD - OBRD Abandoned Brownfield Clean up Program Eligible owner/site shall not be responsible for investigation or remediation of contamination that emanated prior to acquisition. Eligibility: Brownfield site Redevelopment plan with regional or municipal economic development benefit No responsible party No consent order Must enter DEP voluntary remediation program Applicant will investigate pollution in accordance with DEP requirements Eliminate further migration of contamination

32 Public Act 07-233 Reuse of mill properties is not a “more intensive use” of the floodplain No longer apply for DEP floodplain management exemption Brings a degree of predictability in revitalizing mill properties. DECD’s Flood Management Certification for Minor Activities- New Activities Environmental Remediation Housing Rehabilitation Projects Historic Structure Rehabilitation Projects Floodplain Management ORD - OBRD

33 Pending $1 million EPA grant application Partnership between DECD, WINCOG and NECOG Plans to assess up to six brownfield sites within the twenty-one town region Anticipated stepping stone for additional collaboration Northeast Regional Coalition Assessment Program ORD - OBRD

34 Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development ORD - OBRD

35 OBRD -DECD Contact Peter Simmons Executive Director, Office of Responsible Development (860) 270-8149 Brian Dillon Program Manager, OBRD, Office of Responsible Development (860) 270-8156 ORD - OBRD

36 15-Minute Break

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