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England, the North Country Joy Owen. Agenda Opening Video Introductions Breaks Handout fees Agenda.

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1 England, the North Country Joy Owen

2 Agenda Opening Video Introductions Breaks Handout fees Agenda

3 The North/South Divide See handout and Wikipedia entryWikipedia entry Differences include: –Politics –Language/Dialect –Religion –Socio-economic

4 Politics

5 Language and Dialect The following are a few sayings that can be found “up north”: 1.Sit thissen dahn an' tell me abaht it. Sit yourself down and tell me about it. 2.See all, ear all, say nowt. Eat all, sup all, pay nowt. An' if th'ivver does owt for nowt, allus do it for thissen. See every thing, hear everything, say nothing. Eat all, drink all, pay for nothing. And if you ever do something fro nothing, always do it for yourself. 3.Eeh, by gum. Basically, by God. 4.Tha' can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can't tell 'im much! You can always tell a Yorkshireman, but you can’t tell him much. 5.Well, ah'll go t'foot of ahr stairs. Well, I’ll go to the foot of the stairs. Exclamation of surprise. 6.It's either nowt or summat. It’s either nothing or something. 7.Put t'wood in t'oil. Put the wood in the hole. Shut the door. 8.Where ther's muck, ther's brass. You can make a lot of money from work that most people do not want to do. 9.'Ey up. Greeting. Ayup mi Duck may have come from Hello, Duke (a respectful form of address) and has nothing to do with ducks. 10.An ah'll tell thi that fer nowt! And I’ll tell you that for nothing!

6 Language and Dialect Test Ginnel an alleyway between two houses Chuggy is chewing gum Brussen is bursting Capt is pleasantly surprised Doy another word for darling Feted is hidden

7 Language and Dialect Test Thresh is to be scared Shimmy is a vest Kegs are trousers Kallifudging is underhandness Mawk is a maggot if found in fruit, whilst Mawking is an old shepherding term for getting maggots out of fleeces on sheep Oyl refers to buildings for items as in coil oyl (Coalhouse), pig oyl (Pig sty), cawf oyl (stall for calves), also on the same theme is the saying "Put wud in oyl" meaning close the door, Nithered is perished or really cold Pissimires are ants Firkinrobin are earwigs, Rawky is foggy, Sneck-lifter refers to the amount needed to buy one drink in the pub, and Warty clothes are weekday clothes as opposed to Sunday Best

8 Wars of the Roses –See the genealogical handout for Richard III Why Was it Important? –continued the changes in feudal English society caused by the effects of the Black Death, including a weakening of the feudal power of the nobles and a corresponding strengthening of the merchant classes –growth of a strong, centralized monarchy under the Tudors. –heralded the end of the medieval period in England and the movement towards the Renaissance.

9 Why it Was Called WotR Red Rose Of Lancaster White Rose Of York Tudor Rose

10 The British Empire

11 Getting Around Geography –Notice the locations of: London York/Yorkshire Cumbria Scotland Wales

12 Small Sampling of Travel Destinations London Greenwich Yorkshire Lake District Peak District So many more!

13 Logistics Packing (see packing checklist) Take the following into consideration: Weather Length of stay Luggage size Time of year Comfort level Special events –If you go on a Bank Holiday or special event weekend, you’ll want to book well in advance or you may not get a room *Note: Travel Packing 101 being offered as a separate class on April 1 (Tuesday).

14 Logistics Paperwork Create a folder with the following information: Boarding pass. This can be printed out from your computer up to 24 hours before your trip. Valid passport. Ensure you have checked that your passport IS valid several months prior to your trip. Any rail or other passes purchased in the U.S. before traveling to the UK. Note that rail passes must be validated on the day they are used at a kiosk in the rail station. Any tour paperwork sent to you by the tour company. Insurance paperwork (especially travel insurance). Phone numbers and addresses of people you want to send postcards to or contact while on vacation. Include physician information. Your itinerary. Your contact numbers while in the UK (make sure to leave these with family and friends). This will include B&Bs, tour groups, car rental agencies, etc. You may want to consider updating your will prior to leaving, but you shouldn’t need to take that paperwork with you. Maps or other guides.

15 Logistics Public restrooms are not as plentiful as in the U.S. (especially if you’re traveling outside the cities). Many require change to use. Pack light and do your laundry there. There are usually lots of laundromats in and around tourist towns. Can also consider doing your own washing in the sink as an alternative. Phone usage. It costs a LOT to use your smart phone on your U.S. plan overseas (if you are using data). Consider getting SIM for your GSM unlocked phone while in the country you’re visiting. Generally a cheaper option.

16 Logistics Useful Phone Apps BBC Radio Weather Frcst UK Free National Trust - works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces English Heritage Days Out - nationally protected historic places in England, from buildings to battlefields London Bus Tube Currency (XE) National Rail Time Out Tip Calculator

17 What to Expect? Either Heathrow or Gatwick: –Long lines through immigration. Get off your plane as *quickly* as humanly possible and get into the queue. –Jet lag Ways to Avoid

18 Money Cash is in pounds sterling, not in euros ATMs at the airport Currency exchange at the airport, banks, and special kiosks around the country Exchange rates What is VAT?VAT Note: You can only convert paper money when you return to the U.S., so use all your coins while in the UK.

19 Cash? Credit? Debit? Cash – no problems accepting Credit – no problems. Check your card and use one that doesn’t charge a transaction fee. Debit/Credit card – I’ve never gotten it to work as a credit card! Take an extra credit card along with your debit card. Note: Call your credit/debit card company and let them know to expect out of country charges. May want to increase your daily limits. Remember to change back when you return to the states!

20 Transportation Use a tube instead of a taxi when at all possible. Get an Oyster card if you will be visiting London for several days. If you must use a taxi, try to use a local service rather than the black cabs (they will be most expensive) If renting a car, smaller is better (IMO). You must special order an automatic. Most English rentals will be a stick shift.renting a car Train is a great way to travel. Get passes prior to going overseas.

21 Transportation There is a Bus system similar to ours, only with better coverage. The Oyster card will also cover bus routes in London. An interesting trip might include a canal boat rental. You can rent them with a driver or you can be your own captain. Ferries cross to outlying islands, the continent, and Ireland. Air is cheaper than rail in many cases. Always compare for cheaper pricing.

22 Lodging B&B – my preferred –Lower cost –Free breakfast –Ask for en-suite –Single rooms may have an additional cost –Single is usually a twin bed in a small room

23 Lodging Hotel –Typically more expensive –Usually no free breakfast –May have better amenities (pools, wifi, restaurant, etc.) that some B&Bs may not have

24 Lodging Things I know very little about: Camping (Caravaning) Hosteling –If you want to go very cheaply Self-Catering –Rent a house or apartment for your stay Couch surfing/home swapping

25 Dining Cost of meals – double what you pay here (easily) –If you want a nice meal, go to the fancy restaurant at lunch. Many times lunch prices are cheaper. –Get a B&B with a full breakfast and skip lunch (or have a small lunch). –Buy sandwiches or other food items from the grocery store rather than a restaurant

26 Pubs Found everywhere, even in the smallest towns Can be cliquish Typically serve good food at a fair price Some also offer lodging

27 Alternatives Tea –Range from light service to a full meal. –Dress codes vary. Check before you go. –Afternoon tea vs. High teaAfternoon tea vs. High tea –For fun… Steven Colbert tries to learn high tea ettiquetteSteven Colbert tries to learn high tea ettiquette Elizabethan Banquets – great fun!Elizabethan Banquets

28 Summary England and the U.S. are two countries divided by a common language. Prepare for your trip by doing the proper research, and you’ll have far fewer headaches once you arrive there. –Understand the currency, VAT, the weather, the language –Understand how to prepare by packing efficiently, minimizing jetlag, and traveling as cheaply as possible (if money is a concern) –Know your travel options by understanding how to travel within the country, planning destination points and lodging that fit your goals, and purchasing passes prior to leaving –Have the right paperwork with you! If you plan well enough prior to your trip, you should only have to enjoy your trip once you step on the plane. Minimize your stress by planning appropriately!

29 Closing Videos A Texan in the Lake District Picture of Britain

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