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2 Advertising sells ideas. Advertising sells products. Advertising sell dreams. Look at these advertisements from the aviation industry since the 1910s.

3 BRISTOL AEROPLANES 1910s This advertisement gives lots of written information. It tells you which company makes the ‘Bristol’ aeroplanes. It tells you the name of some of the company’s customers. It tells you about the flying schools. It gives you all the contact details. It is saying this new company is reliable and can be trusted.

4 BRISTOL AEROPLANES AND ENGINES 1920s This advertisement mainly uses pictures to give you information. By showing snowy mountains and a hot desert town, it is saying that ‘Bristol’ aeroplanes and aero engines can go anywhere. By showing the aeroplane coming right towards you, it makes it seem more dramatic. It is selling excitement and adventure.

5 BRISTOL AIRCRAFT AND ENGINES 1930s This is another advertisement that mainly uses pictures to give you information. By showing the ‘Bristol’ engine on the horizon with an yellow background it is making it look like a rising sun. The aircraft are shown with the markings of the Royal Air Force It is selling strength and power.

6 IMPERIAL AIRWAYS 1930s Many of the aircraft owned by Imperial Airways were powered by ‘Bristol’ engines. This advertisement is aimed at passengers who might travel with the airline company. It doesn’t show an aeroplane. The picture is of an air steward carrying a meal tray. The advertisement is selling passenger comfort and on board service.

7 BRISTOL ENGINES 1940s This advertisement comes from World War Two. It shows an aircraft powered by ‘Bristol’ engines shooting down an enemy aircraft. It is a positive message saying that Britain can win the war because of ‘Bristol’ engines. It is selling patriotism and raising morale.

8 WAYFARER 1940s This is another aviation advertisement that doesn’t show an aeroplane. It just gives the name of the aircraft. It shows what look to be the three wise men from the Christmas story. They are looking up into the sky. Instead of the guiding star, they see the Wayfarer. It is selling wonder and amazement.

9 BRITANNIA 1950s This picture comes from a British Overseas Airways Company brochure for the Britannia. The Britannia was an airliner made by Bristol Aeroplane Company. A husband and wife are looking at a travel agent’s model of the aircraft. which was nicknamed ‘Whispering Giant’. The man is explaining to her what a good aircraft this is. His wife is perhaps thinking about the places they could travel to. The picture is selling dreams of travelling in comfort to distant places.

10 EL AL ISRAEL AIRLINE 1950s This advertisement is selling a non- stop flight across the Atlantic by Britannia airliner. Goose Island and Gander were places that most other airliners had to stop at to refuel. Britannia was the first airliner to cross without stopping. The advertisement is selling faster journeys and shorter travel time. It is also making people who get the joke feel clever.

11 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION 1970s This advertisement is promoting the British company that made Concorde. This was the Filton Division of the British Aircraft Corporation. It also refers to the French company that was working on the project. The aircraft looks very modern and very dynamic in the picture. The advertisement is selling the idea that British Aircraft Corporation at Filton is more advanced than the rest of the aircraft industry. It is also patriotic as it is selling Britain as a leader in aviation.

12 PASSENGERS 1920s This publicity picture is for the Bristol Pullman. Passenger travel was very unusual at the time this picture was taken. The cabin of the aircraft is made to look like a railway carriage so it does not seem too strange or threatening.

13 PASSENGERS 1930s This publicity picture is for an Imperial Airways flying boat. Like the advertisement you saw earlier, this is selling the first class service you can expect when you travel as a passenger with this airline company.

14 PASSENGERS 1950s This publicity picture is for Britannia. It is selling the dream of romance. It is showing travelling by aeroplane as being a pleasurable experience.

15 PASSENGERS 2000s This publicity picture is for the Airbus A380 It is selling the dream of space and comfort. It is showing that you can relax and spread yourself out on this aircraft if you travel business class.




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