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EMINTS Alive. An eMINTS Experience Looks Like? Sounds Like? Feels Like?

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1 eMINTS Alive

2 An eMINTS Experience Looks Like? Sounds Like? Feels Like?

3 Ziplining

4 Your Challenge Get a ping pong ball from the top of your zip line to the bottom as fast as you possibly can.

5 Examine Check out the materials on your table. Discuss some options. You have 2 minutes. 2 minutes

6 Questions Anyone? Inquiry = Questions Question Formulation Technique

7 Step One: Brainstorm 1.Ask as many questions as you can. 2.Do not discuss, judge or answer any questions. 3.Write down every question exactly as stated. 4.Change statements to questions.

8 Step Two: Classify Classify your questions as: Testable = Can we investigate using the materials in this room? OR Non-Testable

9 Step 3 - Prioritize Circle your one best or most important testable question. Don’t have one? --- Write one.

10 Question Specialist *Choose one person to post: Your great testable question. *Other testable questions that come up as you work. estions

11 Build 20 minutes

12 Success! Record your group’s best question on a chart paper. Clever name for your zip line on sticky note.

13 Success! Our Testable Questions

14 Engagement Characteristics of this activity: What did it look like? What did it sound like? What did it feel like?

15 More than engagement....Content Science? Math? Language Arts? Social Studies?

16 What Technology? Planning Researching Implementing Presenting Assessment

17 Planning Graphic organizers Drawing tools

18 Researching Information Literacy Curation

19 Implementing Data Collection and Representation Video Graphing and Charts

20 Final Products Presentations Animations Websites eBooks

21 Assessment Formative Assessment Exit slips Blogging Portfolios Rubrics

22 eMINTS We are more than Technology!

23 Stay and Stray Two people at your table – stay to show off your work and answer questions Rest – Get one balloon Vote for best all around effort – questions and creativity

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