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2 | @poloconghaile 1.THERE ARE NO TRUTHS IN TRAVEL

3 | @poloconghaile Location, location...

4 | @poloconghaile Darina Allen...

5 | @poloconghaile Ryanair 1.0 NO REFUND, F**K OFF!

6 | @poloconghaile Ryanair 2.0 THE CARING AIRLINE

7 | @poloconghaile Don’t be afraid to change Tried and tested models work for a reason. But change is healthy too. THERE ARE NO TRUTHS IN TRAVEL. A good idea (done well) can travel all over the world. Get the product right. The customers are likely to follow.

8 | @poloconghaile 2. EVERYTHING IS LOCAL

9 | @poloconghaile Option overdose…

10 Local Heroes... | @poloconghaile LINKING HERITAGE WITH THE HERE & NOW Stories, characters, experiences… e.g. Titanic’s links with locality PLACE ON A PLATE Food, producers, menus DISTINGUISH YOUR DESTINATION What stories are unique to you? What sets you apart from competitors? Comeback kids: Iceland SMALL WONDERS, BIG SELLING POINTS

11 | @poloconghaile Ox Belfast PLACE ON A PLATE

12 | @poloconghaile Local: A USP? On this island, local isn’t a fad. It’s a way of life. Storytelling comes naturally.

13 | @poloconghaile Alain de Botton: ‘The growth industries of the future will help us to mingle with and understand the living reality of host nations. They will take us out of the sterile routines of the art museum and throw us into the vibrant reality of kitchens, offices, kindergartens and wedding parties…’ WHAT DO YOU BOTH WANT?

14 | @poloconghaile Hidden Gems…

15 | @poloconghaile My Editor’s Brief… ‘This is about inspiring people, empowering them to travel...’ WHAT DO YOU BOTH WANT? ‘How do you get to the heart of the city? And how do you scratch beneath the surface?’

16 | @poloconghaile 3. WE WANT TO SHARE. HELP US.

17 | @poloconghaile Wish You Were Here!

18 | @poloconghaile Word of Mouth

19 | @poloconghaile An Instagram Hotel…

20 | @poloconghaile How do photos make us feel? WATCH THIS SPACE

21 | @poloconghaile How do photos make us feel? WATCH THIS SPACE

22 | @poloconghaile 4. PEOPLE MAKE PLACES

23 | @poloconghaile ON SAFARI STORIES TO TAKE HOME

24 | @poloconghaile HIPPO-HOP THEY LOOK AT YOU LIKE…


26 | @poloconghaile 5. TOGETHER IS BETTER.

27 | @poloconghaile What You See NORTHERN IRELAND

28 | @poloconghaile What Irish Visitors See NORTHERN IRELAND

29 | @poloconghaile What Others See NORTHERN IRELAND

30 Destination Marketing... | @poloconghaile 2. VISITOR-CENTRIC Visitors don’t visit a hotel room. Or a restaurant. They visit a destination. 1. SHARED STORIES Multiple tourism businesses singing from the same sheet… 3. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS In a crowded marketplace, creating trails, bundles, packages and festivals cuts through.

31 | @poloconghaile It’s Sexy! BUT IS IT SMART?

32 | @poloconghaile More than a Room THE HOXTON HOTEL, LONDON

33 | @poloconghaile Wild Atlantic Way WORLD’S LONGEST COASTAL DRIVE

34 | @poloconghaile Real Life Westeros GIVE ME A REASON

35 | @poloconghaile Culture & Conflict CROATIA, VIETNAM, SOUTH AFRICA, N.I.

36 | @poloconghaile 6. IT’S OK TO MAKE THINGS UP.

37 | @poloconghaile New Nordic Cuisine CLEVER DESTINATION THINKING

38 | @poloconghaile NYC Neighbourhoods INVENTED, OR ALWAYS THERE?

39 | @poloconghaile Northern Ireland Calling THREATS: COMPETITION, EURO, BAGGAGE

40 | @poloconghaile Northern Ireland Calling OPPS: ACCESS, PEOPLE, FOOD, COAST, ATTRACTIONS

41 Thank You!

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