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Penguin Chick By Betty Tatham Illustrated by Helen K

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1 Penguin Chick By Betty Tatham Illustrated by Helen K
Penguin Chick By Betty Tatham Illustrated by Helen K. Davie Unit 2 Week 1

2 cuddles Verb: lies close and comfortably
The mother cuddles her young penguin to keep him warm. What is something you cuddle with?

3 flippers Noun: broad, flat body parts used for swimming
The penguin uses his flippers to propel himself through the water. What other animals have flippers?

4 frozen Verb: hardened with cold; turned to ice
The ice was frozen so the ice skaters could skate without falling in. What is something that can be frozen?

5 hatch Verb: to come out of an egg
The baby chicks began to hatch from the egg. How does an animal hatch from an egg?

6 pecks Verb: strikes with a beak
The bird pecks at the egg until it becomes free and hatches. What other things can birds peck?

7 preen Verb: smooth and arrange feathers with a beak
I watched my parrot preen himself. What do birds do when they preen?

8 snuggles Verb: lies closely and comfortable
The polar bear snuggles her babies to keep them warm. What do you snuggle with?

9 I Wanna Iguana By Karen Kaufman Orloff Illustrated by David Catrow Unit 2 Week 2

10 adorable Adjective: really, really cute
My family picked out an adorable puppy from the pet store. What do you own that is adorable?

11 compassionate Adjective: kind and wanting to help
My mother was compassionate when I fell off my bike and skinned my knee How have you been compassionate?

12 exactly Adverb: without any error
I got all the questions on my test exactly right. What can be done exactly correct?

13 iguana Noun: a large lizard from Central and South America
The iguana was climbing the tree in the rainforest. Where have you seen an iguana?

14 mature Adjective: grown up
When you turn 18, you are considered a mature adult. What mature person do you know?

15 mention Verb: to talk about something briefly
Did my mom happen to mention I’m riding the bus home today? When have you had to mention something to someone?

16 trophies Noun: prizes given for winning
The team won trophies for coming in first place in the race. What have you won trophies for?

17 Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It By Carey Armstrong-Ellis Unit 2 Week 3

18 butterflies Noun: insects with thin bodies and four wings
The colorful butterflies flew through the air. Where have you seen butterflies flying?

19 collection Noun: a group of things
My brother owns a valuable stamp collection. What type of collection do you have?

20 enormous Adjective: very, very large; huge
An elephant is an enormous animal at the zoo. What other animal is enormous?

21 scattered Adjective: separated and going in different directions
The leaves were scattered around the base of the tree. What other things can be scattered?

22 shoelaces Noun: string used to tie shoes
Keep your shoelaces tied so you don’t trip. When did you learn to tie your shoelaces?

23 strain Verb: to stretch too much
Be careful not to strain your back lifting that heavy box. Have you ever gotten a strain when you lifted something?

24 Tops and Bottoms Adapted and Illustrated by Janet Stevens Unit 2 Week 4

25 bottom Noun: the lowest part
The bottom part of a plant is called the root. What types of things have a bottom?

26 cheated Verb: tricked, treated dishonestly
My brother cheated during the board game so we had to play again. Has anyone ever cheated you?

27 clever Adjective: smart; intelligent
The clever student scored an A+ on their test. What is a synonym for clever?

28 crops Noun: plants grown for food
A farmer plants corn and carrot crops to harvest for food. What are some other crops a farmer might plant?

29 lazy Adjective: unwilling to work
Instead of doing his chores, my brother was lazy and laid on the couch. When have you acted lazy?

30 partners Noun: company members who share a business
The partners worked together to complete the building project. When have you worked with a partner?

31 wealth Noun: riches The business man has wealth because his company was successful. What can you do to gain wealth?

32 Amazing Bird Nests By Ron Fridell Unit 2 Week 5

33 bill Noun: the hard mouth part of a bird
The bird uses his bill to break open the seeds. What else can a bird use his bill to do?

34 goo Noun: sticky stuff My sister made green goo in her science class.
Have you ever played with goo?

35 hunters Noun: animals that chase others for food
Animal hunters were on the lookout for fresh meat. What other things can be hunters?

36 material Noun: what something is made of
The seamstress used a cotton material to sew the quilt. What are some other materials?

37 platform Noun: a high, raised flat surface
The winner stood on the platform and received her medal. Who can stand on a platform?

38 tons Noun: measures of weight equal to 2,000 pounds
The crane worked to lift tons of concrete. What can weigh tons?

39 twigs Noun: small branches of a tree
A bird is using twigs from our tree to build a nest. What can you use twigs for?

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