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@andybeal Andy Beal Has a Reputation Problem Google ORM Master Class 2012.

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1 @andybeal Andy Beal Has a Reputation Problem Google ORM Master Class 2012

2 @andybeal Allow Myself to Introduce Myself CEO of Founder of Publisher of Coauthor of Radically Transparent And sometimes...

3 @andybeal “Andy Internet search engine developer, was involved in the development of...commercial space launch ventures”

4 @andybeal


6 Keyword Research

7 @andybeal A New Angle on Keywords What brands do you need to protect? – Company name = Trackur, GuestComment – Products = Marketing Pilgrim, Radically Transparent – CEO = Andy Beal Brainstorm Check analytics Monitor social media

8 @andybeal Examples...

9 @andybeal Cheat sheet...

10 @andybeal Sentiment Audit

11 @andybeal Google Sentiment Audit Audit the first 30 results for your keyword Focus on 80/10/10 Look for existing opportunities

12 @andybeal Lazy?

13 @andybeal WARNING! Side effects of Googling yourself for more than 10-minutes a day include: blindness, nausea, crying, lack of self-confidence, too much confidence, loss of ego, despair, heartburn, diarrhea (who knew?), time wasting, bone loss, the random appearance of monkey’s sniffing poop, and Ashton Kutcher. Please drink responsibly. Professional driver, closed course. If you can read this text, congrats! You are a super-fast reader and brought binoculars with you! ;-)

14 @andybeal SEO Kung Fu

15 @andybeal Kung Fu?

16 @andybeal Black belt techniques?

17 @andybeal Ninjas?

18 @andybeal Cliché?

19 @andybeal I am a professional...

20 @andybeal Oh yeah, back to SEO...

21 @andybeal Me, Myself and Irene

22 @andybeal Why I’m Anti Pronouns Pronouns are the enemy – avoid: we, us, our company, about us Proper nouns are your friend – Write corporate bios in 3 rd person – Same for company “about us” pages – Ditto for press releases and social profiles

23 @andybeal In practice...

24 @andybeal Who?

25 @andybeal Keep the Spiders Happy!

26 @andybeal Include Names...In Page Names! All web pages for ORM should include your name – – online-marketing-expert – Have you changed your social media profiles? – – –

27 @andybeal Warning! Don’t Change Established URLs!

28 @andybeal Anchor’s Away

29 @andybeal Bringing Sexy Links Back Avoid “Click Here” or “About Us” anchor text Include names in backlinks you control

30 @andybeal Call on Superbrand

31 @andybeal Neither a bird or a plane... You rank #1 on Google for your company name, right? No? Well at least you’re at the right conference! Therefore Google knows you’re the most relevant site Which means any page you link to, benefits from that relevance!

32 @andybeal Content That Ranks

33 @andybeal Pimp What You’ve Got

34 @andybeal Optimize Existing Content Update existing “about us” pages & corporate profiles Use Google to figure out other relevant pages of any site you own Link homepage to 2 nd page Target keywords to most relevant page

35 @andybeal In action...

36 @andybeal Subs Are Da Bomb!

37 @andybeal Sub-Domains Sub-domains over sub-directories Don’t over-do it – 2 to 3 tops Investor info Corporate site Community involvement Press Customer Portal

38 @andybeal

39 @andybeal Play All Your Cards

40 @andybeal Using Other TLDs Make use Take care not to duplicate content Register other domains...

41 @andybeal Get Social

42 @andybeal Optimizing Social Profiles Preferably pick the ones you will be active on Complete bios in 3 rd person Link to them from your corporate site Look for option to customize URL Get clever with KWD...

43 @andybeal Clever...

44 @andybeal Even Cleverer...

45 @andybeal Cleverest...

46 @andybeal Have Multiple Partners

47 @andybeal Web Partnerships Ask business partners for a profile on their site Especially if they rely on your business Needs its own page – e.g. Offer to write it for them! Don’t link back to your homepage

48 @andybeal Disposable Web Content

49 @andybeal WordPress & Blogspot Short-term, project blogs Events, conferences, charity work Use your brand in domain: – – Need at least 4 pages of unique content Does NOT have to be maintained!

50 @andybeal Example...

51 @andybeal Picture a Better Reputation

52 @andybeal Flickr is Your ORM Friend Customize URL Complete your profile Include brand in title, description and tags Host company stock images Host corporate bios – Embed them on your corporate site Do NOT try to sell from Flickr!

53 @andybeal In practice...

54 @andybeal Act the Part

55 @andybeal YouTube for ORM

56 @andybeal Example...

57 @andybeal Money Talks!

58 @andybeal Sponsorships & Advertising If you’re sponsoring an event, get a bio! Piggybacks off their trust Needs to be separate page Offer to write the content Consider sponsoring defensively Be careful with sponsored reviews

59 @andybeal How it works...

60 @andybeal Letters to the Editor

61 @andybeal Optimizing Existing Reviews Find favorable reviews Send note of thanks, perhaps offer discount/free stuff You don’t get, if you don’t ask Ask them to change link destination Get them to join your affiliate program

62 @andybeal Example...

63 @andybeal An ORM Chain Reaction

64 @andybeal Supplement Those Links Use monitoring tools for link opportunities – influencer outreach – monitor industry news and look for virgin sites – test which newswires help your ORM the most – reviews that mention but don’t feature you

65 @andybeal In practice...

66 @andybeal Just a Suggestion

67 @andybeal Google Suggest & Other PITA

68 @andybeal When Facing a Reputation Attack

69 @andybeal aka

70 @andybeal I Hate Jeremy Zawodny

71 @andybeal It started with this...

72 @andybeal Reached out Sent Jeremy an email Left a few comments to share my side of the story Explained the damage he was doing and how serious his post was

73 @andybeal Going Behind His Back Emailed press contacts at Yahoo Emailed executive team at MyBlogLog Sent evidence of permission to run contest

74 @andybeal Creating a Public Uproar

75 @andybeal Rallying the Troops

76 @andybeal Resolution

77 @andybeal I Don’t Really Hate Jeremy

78 @andybeal Much

79 @andybeal Cleaning Up the Mess

80 @andybeal Don’t Hit This Button!

81 @andybeal Be Benevolent

82 @andybeal Legal Infringement

83 @andybeal Busted!

84 @andybeal Legal Action

85 @andybeal Homework

86 @andybeal Homework Brainstorm your reputations Conduct a sentiment analysis on Google Set up social media monitoring Identify existing content for optimization Build out a sub-domain and/or other TLD Optimize social media profiles Do it NOW before a crisis occurs!

87 @andybeal thanks! Yeah, seems funny now, but wait ‘til it shows up on Google!

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