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Welcome! Fall 2014 Wisconsin Partner Meetings. Agenda - Morning Introductions Meeting your needs Updates Technology Web-Based Transition Process Knowledge.

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1 Welcome! Fall 2014 Wisconsin Partner Meetings

2 Agenda - Morning Introductions Meeting your needs Updates Technology Web-Based Transition Process Knowledge Academy Central Region Webinar Series Field Testing Auto Rostering Break Learning Continuum Khan Academy RIT to Resource Sharing Best Practices: “How are you using MAP data to measure growth?”

3 Agenda - Morning Building a Balanced Assessment Program Andy Hegedus, NWEA Senior Research Manager Most of us believe that when individuals have goals, their performance improves. This belief is being put to the test in schools today since goals are becoming required in teacher evaluation policies across the country. Unfortunately, these goals are often focused solely on attaining measurable student achievement or learning targets. In this session, Andy will share alternative ideas based on 45 years of research about goal setting and how it creates positive impacts on performance and outcomes.

4 Agenda - Afternoon 12:30 – 1:45 - & 2:00 – 3:00 Sessions Repeated The Purpose Driven Assessment Program: How to regain control of your assessment program, reduce over testing and drive student learning. Andy Hegedus, NWEA Senior Research Manager Most school systems have compliance-driven testing systems that tend to be driven by the Federal and State politics and policies of the day. Participants will learn the principles needed to transform their existing assessment system into one that is truly Purpose- Driven. Using MAP Data to Create SLOs John Woodin, NWEA Account Executive Participants will learn about MAP growth reports, metrics and calculators, and how MAP can be used as an evidence source for the SLO process. Bring Your Data, Bring Your Questions - Open Discussion Eric Merchant/Lynn Lamers, Account Managers This will be an informal session, facilitated by NWEA staff. Ask questions about your data, and network with other educators around best uses of the data.

5 Materials Wisconsin Wikispaces Site

6 Who Is NWEA?

7 Northwest Evaluation Association™ Founded by Educators Mission Driven, Not-for- Profit Assessment, Professional Development, and Research

8 Your Support Team Implementation Support dedicated to getting you started Technical Support available by phone or email, year round Account Team committed to your long term success

9 Updates

10 CLIENT-SERVER MAP System in use since early 2000’s Archive your previous term data located in the NTE folder. Submit your Class Roster File (CRF) at least two weeks in advance of testing. If applicable, also submit your Special Programs File (SPF) Client-Server performance has been good this year – tech calls are mostly of the “how-to” variety Technology

11 WEB-BASED MAP On 9/17/14 we hit 87,665 concurrent testers! At our peak, NWEA was averaging 11,850 transactions per second. Twitter, during an average of 5,700 tweets per second, sees just over 15,000 transactions per second. In 2012, Amazon was averaging 15,046 transactions per second. Technology This is an extreme accomplishment in any industry, let alone for a site that hosts a computer adaptive testing service that manages continual interaction with the students and proctors.

12 WEB-BASED MAP As of 9/17/14 over 5.75 million tests had been proctored in web-based MAP this fall. Partner Update System alerts Tips for successful testing Support notices URL changes User documentation Testing recommendations Technology

13 NEW in WEB-BASED MAP Suspended tests that are over 14 days old are automatically terminated. Partners will be notified in MARC and TestTaker. Technology A retry button is added in the test when there is a network error. If a test session loses its connection, e.g. due to a problem with the school’s network, the student will see a message prompting them to resume the test. They may select the resume option and continue testing. A reset button was added to all of our tests so that students can restart an item. As we add more complex item types, this will help students who may want a fresh start.

14 14 Technology NEW in WEB-BASED MAP A new four-function calculator will replace the one used previously. The new calculator has improved editing options. In addition we’ll be adding a graphing calculator to MAP. Both math and science tests will have test questions that use these calculators. The ability to restrict specific tests to designated grades and terms, and to limit student testing to once per term has been added. Partners will be able to configure this capability from the Configure Test Settings screen, which can be accessed from Modify Tests. The Help Center will explain how the restrictions work so partners can decide if this is a good fit for your district’s needs.

15 Web-Based MAP Transition Process 8 Step Process Talk with your Account Manager to see where you are in the process.

16 16 Web-Based MAP Transition Process Make sure to whitelist and domains as a whole to facilitate receipt of emails For more information go to 8 Step Process Talk with your Account Manager to see where you are in the process.

17 Knowledge Academy

18 Central Region Webinar Series DateTopic September 23, 2014Teacher and Classroom Reports October 14, 2014Flexible Grouping and Differentiation of Instruction October 22, 2014Children’s Progress Academic Assessment November 6, 2014Children’s Progress Academic Assessment November 11, 2014College and Career Readiness November 18, 2014Children’s Progress Academic Assessment January 13, 2015Goal Setting February 10, 2015Creating a Data Driven Culture March 10, 2015Early Learning April 14, 2015Professional Development May 12, 2015Historical Data Analysis

19 New Titles for NWEA PD Flexible training options for shared opportunities Special pricing Contact Eric or Lynn for more information MAP Foundation Series Stepping Stones to Using DataApplying Reports Climbing the Data LadderInforming Instruction Growth & GoalsFocusing on Growth

20 Field Testing NWEA Needs Your Help! Spanish Math grades 2-5 All districts are eligible: No limit to the number of students that can participate (just limited to grade levels mentioned) Each test will take about an hour Workstations must meet current technical requirements – web based testing Either Server-based districts or Web-based MAP districts can participate NWEA will pay up to $10.00 per completed test

21 Auto Rostering Partner SISCleverMAP NWEA has partnered with Clever, a company that connects school district Student Information Systems(SIS) with the systems of service providers your district works with – like NWEA. MAP Automated Roster allows you to sync between your SIS and MAP so that student, teacher, and class rosters are entered appropriately and automatically in MAP.

22 Auto Rostering Clever securely connects with a district’s SIS and exports rosters automatically. Clever offers both “pull” (credentials-based) and “push” (Secure File Transfer Protocol) syncing. It will support every major SIS, including: InfiniteCampus Skyward® Aspen™ X2 Illuminate Student Information™ GeniusSIS STI Information Now (iNOW) JPAMS SchoolInsight™ TEAMS Tyler SIS v10 Clever can also be used with other SIS’s using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). There is no additional charge to use this service

23 Learning Continuum

24 Sharing Best Practices: How do you use MAP data to measure growth?

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