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Beyonders Summary part four Armed with the powerful secrets Gallaron contacts Rachel telling her she already know the way to defeat Maldor. She then breaks.

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1 Beyonders Summary part four Armed with the powerful secrets Gallaron contacts Rachel telling her she already know the way to defeat Maldor. She then breaks into the torviors prison and bargains with them. When Maldor tries to retrieve her she breaks the mryke stone and with it Maldor’s power over the torvoirs. Gallaron then moves all of his troops to prepare for the second secret Ferlook was built atop the ancient orantium mine. If air ever touches it it would destroy all of Ferlook and anything near it. Mean while Nedwin retaliates against the coup by slaving the giant. He tries to assassinate the courpneim, but fails. Though its not over yet. He consumes goma worms before he dies so he comes back to life undead but reasoning and uses orantium to kill the chancellor and all his conspirators. Then he perishes to stop the worms from spreading.

2 Beyonders Summary: Part three As Jason and his companions reach port they are hard pressed to find mounts. Almost all the drillings stay to fight as they race to there destination. They meet Grodric the head conscripter and defeat him. They go across the fuming waste unhindered. They go through the Scalding Caverns till the reach the narrow way. Then Grodric posing as a drinling reveals himself as the Wanderer, one of the abominations with the ability to change his flesh into anything he has touched. He turns his skin into titan crab shell the best armor. Aram uses a torvion sword slice through him giving them victory. Jason goes into last dwelling of the seer and, after making several decisions, finds the prophesy. It contained two powerful secrets.

3 Beyonders Summary Part 2 Jason departs from the oracle and quickly runs into trouble. Once they make it to the Inland sea they steal an interceptor and make their way to Windbreaker island so they can fid the last dwelling of Darian the seer. As they sail they are perused but they sink there pursuers. They find the island and then defeat Maumet by turning him into an explosive. They go into the library and find scroll that tells the location of the seer. They depart but as they do a lurker attacks them they defeat it but Drake sacrifices himself to do it. They sail to the fuming waste for the next part of the journy.

4 Beyonders Summary Part 1 Rachel and Gallaron flee the oracle’s adobe, were she was training, after an attack by one of the apprentice. They began their march to Trenscourt encountering little resistance. Gallaron takes back Trensicourt and after several days of celebration prepares the country for war. They march off leaving Nedwin in charge. As they make their way through the empire they encounter no resistance not even at the passes. They take the four keeps surrounding Ferlook, but were unable to take it. The armies from the east march to ferlooks Aid, a host big enough to destroy the rebels. Meanwhile there is a coup in Trensicourt and Nedwin prepares to fight back.

5 vocabulary Myrkestone: The stone Zokar used to make a deal with the lurkers. She then lifted the myrkstone and shattered it against the floor. Chancellor: A senior state official. He finally killed the treacherous chancellor. Duke: The highest court position short of king. Torvian Steel: An extremely hard metal made by torviors. Instead of breaking down the torvion steel door she turned the walls to glass and broke them. Quarrel: An arrow particularly a crossbow bolt. He noticed the quarrels that hit him did not hurt. Discernible: Able to recognize. There were no discernible responses. Usurp: To take a position of power illegally by force. Who else had he expected to attend a feast sponsored by the usurper. Conspirator: A person involved in a plot against a person or cause. He sat at a table with many of the conspirators.

6 Vocabulary Collaborate: work together Even though our kind are enemies we must collaborate. Crenellation: The battlements of a castle. He slipped behind a crenellation. Telepathy: The direct communication of thought. “Rachel wake up.”Yes he figured out how to contact me using telepathy. Condescending: Acting in a way that betrays the feeling of patronizing superiority. Maldor chuckled condescendingly. Orantium: An explosive mineral that reacts to water and air. “Use orantium” Amar Kabal: a race designed by Eldrin that can extend its life by planting seed that contains its memories. “We will soon be joined by the Amar Kabal” Mangler: A race designed by Zokar with blades all over its body. She saw several manglers patrolling the castle. Edomic: A langue that controls magic. She used edomic to break the door.

7 Vocabulary Goma Worms: A race that feeds on human blood and turns its host into a walking dead. Before he died he had consumed Goma worms so he could come back and finish the job. Drinling: A race created by Eldrin To fight with a 2 year life span. The drinling flung itself to the ground just in time to doge the Arrow. Torviors: A race from a different dimension enslaved by Zokar and the myrkestone also known as lurkers. He ran into the torvior and pinned it to the ground as Jasher finished it. Beyond: A slang term in the story for a different dimension. “I am Jason and I come from the beyond.” Lyrian: The continent the story takes place on. “If we fail all of Lyrian will fall.” Gatecrasher: A large orantium sphere used to attack forts. “The gatecrasher reduced the death count by thousands.” Abominations: Zokars attempts to create races as powerful as lurkers. “He is one of the Abominations” Siege: An attack on a fortes in attempts to take it.

8 Character Jason- Humorous, brave, clever, stubborn,. 6 feet in height. 13 years old, from Colorado. Significance: Main character, helps defeat Maumet, got the prophecy from Darian. Rachel: short brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, from Washington and 13-years-old. Stubborn, clever, edomic adept, doubtful at times. Significance: Beat Maldor, Edomic Adept, and freed toviors. Aram: Half-Giant, smart, survivor, talented, strong, well muscled and Tall. Significance: Helped Jason across the Inland sea and slayed The Wanderer. Ferrin: Smart, displacer, skilled, oath breaker. Significance: First displacer to betray maldor for a long time and with the help of Tark destroyed Ferlook Jasher: Long hair, husband of Farfalee, exiled by Amar Kabal, smart, strong, skilled, wise, and fierce. Significance: Killed lurker, fought the wanderer, and an Amar Kabal. Drake- Amar Kabal with bad seed, uses edomic, long black hair, brother of Farfalee Significance: Helped kill a lurker that mortally wounded him, Fought maldor until he was sent to a prison. Nia: Drinling, female, coppery skin tone, stubborn, strong, short lived. Significance: Saved the quest, organised the stealing of a ship, and fought the Wanderer.

9 Characters Farfalee: Blue eyes, wife of Jasher, wise, Amar Kabal, knows many different languages. Significance: Guide, excellent archer, and helped defeat Maumet. Halaco: Amar Kabal, great climber male. Significance: Amar Kabal leader. The Wanderer: Haughty, clever, sneaky, and cunning, shape shifter. Significance: Major obstacle in Jason’s Quest. Galaron: Strong, smart, wise, heroic, skillful, and blind. Significance: sword master, king of Trensicourt, most vocal opposer of Mador. Maldor: Smart, curious, powerful, ancient, white hair, and hard gray eyes. Significance: Ruler of most of Lyrian, main antagonist, and last wizard. Naman: Skeptical and Amar Kabal. Significance: Amar Kabal General Nedwin: red head, freckles, tall, lanky, cautious, and loyal. Significance: Killed Copernum, stealthy, lack of feeling. Copernum: Thin,clever, extremely smart, and a displacer. Significance: Controlled Trensicourt, and committed a coup. Io: Drinling, strong, coppery, short live, slow, and smart. Significance : Galaron’s body guard, killed by a lurker.

10 Characters Tark: short, skilled, stocky, and loyal. Significance: Defeated Ferlook, with ferrin. Zuza: old, small, kind, and fearful. Significance: Helped Rachel escape on accident. Kalia: Powerful edomic adept, traitor, arrogant. Significance: Tried to kill Rachel but failed. Corinnie: slender, Blond, kind, patient, sword master, daughter of Galaron. Significance: slayed lurker, princess of Trensicourt. Ulani: Next Oracle, female, most powerful, acolyte. Significance: Powerful, helped Rachel. Eldrin: Second to last wizard Significance: defeated Zokar, Burned most high knowledge, engineered drinlings and Amar Kabal. Nollin: Skeptical, Amar Kabal Significance: one of the leaders of Amar Kabal. Zokar: Wizard Significance: Imprisoned Lurkers. Bahoost: Treefolk: Treefolk leader. Bartly: Count of Trensicourt, Loyal to Galaron, noisy. Significance: Helped Galaron Bat: Drinling Significance: Helped hijack interceptor. Ux: Drinling significance: helped Aram and hijack interceptor Killed by Maumet Zoo: Female Drinling significance: fought Maumet

11 Characters Heg:Drinling Significance: Leader of the drinling party. Darian: Seer, pyromancer Significance: Gave Ferlook’s and Maldor’s weakness. Bactrus: Library Guide, old, ethereal, knowledgeable. Significance: Helped guide them. Lodan: Looks like Jasher. Significance: Helped fight Maldor. Thag: Good fighter drinling Significance: Helped Jason reach a destination. Fet: Same as Thag Del: Same as Thag but stocky Grim: Good hand coordination. Nedwin’s tormentor. Eli: Nedwin’s body guard Tomlin: Nedwin’s Body guard Nicholas: Former Duke, architect, no legs. Helped fight copernum. Gorson: Nichols’s best fighter.

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