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Classification: Internal Status: Draft Last part.

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1 Classification: Internal Status: Draft Last part

2 Classification: Internal Status: Draft Norwegian history and culture

3 3 ”Highlights” in Norwegian “old” history 7000 BC: Glaciers disappeared - shaped the country 800-1050: Viking era - ‘Vinland’ discovered – New Foundland 1349: The Black Death 1442: Colonisation by Denmark 1814: Norway’s constitution - constitution day May 17 th 1905: Norway got its independence from Sweden 1940-45:Occupied by Germany

4 4 A nation dependent on the sea

5 5 Iron and bronze age farms - restored Stavanger Forsand 1500 BC to 600 AD

6 6 800-1050: brutal Vikings  Conquered much of N. Europe  Simple and often brutal warriors  Clever seafarers/explorers  872 AD – ‘Battle of Norway outside Stavanger

7 7 Less brutal Vikings…  discovered Western USA from Iceland via Greenland  travelled it into Balkans, Mediterranean, Black Sea & Caspian for trading  traded goods far into Russia  Viking ships reconstructed  Thorseth sailed around the world 2001-2

8 8 Viking territories and voyages Battle at Hastings - 1066

9 9 1349 - The Black Death arrives The disease caused complete extinction of many smaller communities and villages

10 10 Under Danish kings Harbour buildings – Bergen - is on UNESCOs World Heritage list King Christian IV the ”Kalmar war” 1588-1648 1611-13 Akershus Fortress - Oslo

11 11 17th of May 1814 The Norwegian constitution Children and folk parades in every corner of Norway – and around the world… - the royal family greets from the Castle, Oslo Paris Bangkok

12 12 1905: Independence - from Swedish king Danish Prince Haakon was crowned as the Norwegian King – Haakon VII - succeeded by Olav V - succeeded by Harald V - crown prince; Haakon Magnus

13 13 Major events in recent Norwegian history 1940- 1945: The second world war – German occupation 1952:Winter Olympics in Oslo 1957:King Haakon dies 1970’s: First oil in the North Sea – “Ekofisk” 1972: ”No” from the people - to the European Economic Community 1991: King Olav V dies 1994: Winter Olympics in Lillehammer ”No” to the European Union Beyond 2001: ”Norway – the best place to live and work” 2006:Norway has largest company in Scandinavia – Statoil…

14 14 1940- 45: World War II

15 15 1970’s: First Norwegian oil Source of current wealth World class engineering Largest man-made constructions ever moved – the Troll platform World class recovery technology UN: “the best society to live in” 1972 – people says ”No” to EEC – expression of independance

16 16 1994 – a fantastic show for Norway The Lillehammer Olympics “The best games ever!” (J.A. Samaranch) 14 days of continuous country party partly held in –20 C…

17 17 The Wave of Success Continues

18 18 Beyond 2001: Norway – the best place to live and work

19 19 The making of Norwegian culture - Literature Henrik Ibsen Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson - along with Knut Hamsun our most recognised authors

20 20 The making of Norwegian culture - Music Edvard Grieg composer Ole Bull fiddler

21 21 The making of Norwegian culture - 20th century art Edvard Munch Gustav Vigeland Odd Nerdrum Jakob Weidemann

22 22 The making of Norwegian culture Polar expeditions Tough early explorers as Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen have been succeeded by current polar pioneers as Ousland and Kagge. Long and proud traditions in breaking new records in polar climates.

23 23 Modern day explorer/ adventurer/ archaeologist- Thor Heyerdahl

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