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Scheidt & Bachmann January 22th Meeting.

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1 Scheidt & Bachmann January 22th Meeting

2 Company Overview

3 Company Profile Founded: 1872 Family owned in the fifth generation
Employees: approx. 1,950 Trainees: > 80 Turnover: approx. $ 400 Million Worldwide know-how: 24 subsidiaries and 50 partners in more than 50 countries Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH - 2010

4 We stand for… Continuity – for generations: “We don´t walk away!” Commitment – long term: “We keep promises!” Competence – in-house: “Flexibility and quick response times – we are able to do it on our own!”

5 Scheidt & Bachmann – systems for mobility

6 Scheidt & Bachmann North America
Established in 1996 Approx. 50,000 Sq Ft. 190 People Sales, Project Management, Installation & Service, Software Support, Training & Documentation 38 People in Regional Service Centers & 12 Call Center Positions ISO 9001 certified USA HQ Located in Burlington, Massachusetts

7 Benefits Of Scheidt & Bachmann
Multiple successful implementations of AFC solutions throughout North America. Continually enhancing our product line for both current and future installations. Lower cost of ownership based on customer support, product reliability, engineering and design. Modular design of both hardware and software allow for cost effective upgrades to future requirements such as Open Payment capabilities. Experts in working with third party vendors like ACS/Orbital, Mentor, Trapeze, Clever Devices, Nokia, GFI and ERG to ensure a truly integrated solution.

8 TVM, Farebox & Cash Receiver Manufacture & Test Lines
This slide shows TVM production and Gate System production for our parking system division Build & Test Processes To ISO 9001

9 Farebox Assembly Line Here we see our manufacturing area in Burlington where we manufacture fare boxes, TVM and components for our parking system division The manufacturing processes and inspection procedures are identical to those used in our parent company in MG Germany Prior to shipment all FB and TVM undergo a fully documented test procedure

10 Software Development, Configuration & Testing
Load & Configure, Base Operating Systems, Oracle DB, S&B Applications Set Up Wireless Access Points, Download Testing Etc. This slide shows TVM production and Gate System production for our parking system division

11 First Article Test Room & Device Showroom
FAT – First Article Testing includes functional tests, Coin & Bill Acceptance Tests, Screen Flows, Tariff Rules etc Pre-Testing Of SW Patches & Upgrades On Production Model. Our FAT room is where devices once they’ve been manufactured go to undergo rigorous testing in a software environment that simulates the customer’s actual

12 Our solutions are well proven all over the world…
PRESTO – OCTranspo, Ottawa St. Louis METRO MCTS, Milwaukee

13 Fare Collection Projects

14 MBTA Opening Of The First Station - May 2005
Benchmark System For Agencies Throughout The World! 1,700 Fareboxes 345 Full Service TVM, 200 Cashless TVMs 645 Gates & 60 Platform Validators 200 Retail Sales Terminals 50 Handheld Smart Card Readers More Than 100 CCS Workstations 75 Station & Garage Computers SW Support Agreement 14

15 CharlieCard Web Services
Features Buy new CharlieCard Reload CharlieCard with Stored Value or Monthly pass Upgrade your CharlieCard to “My CharlieAccount”: Auto-Load programs for passes or value Online declaration of lost or stolen card Value replacement if lost or stolen Manage single or multiple accounts

16 Phoenix & Tempe Farebox System
870 Fareboxes integrated with Orbital AVL System 6 Garages Bills / Coins Smartcard Pre-Encoded Magnetic Pass (Metro Valley Rail TVM) Installation completed 2007 5 Year Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement

17 Pittsburgh (PAAC) Farebox System 900 Fareboxes for PAAC 150 for RTAs
Bills / Coins Connect Card Limited-Use Smartcard University Pass Program Installation completion 2011 RTA integration to follow

18 West Coast Express

19 West Coast Express

20 PRESTO – OCTranspo Expansion
Extension of Initial PRESTO Implementation Approximately 2000 On Board Validators 25 Platform (Station) Validators 20 Handheld Verifiers 15 POS

21 Regional Interoperability Via Common Smart Cards
Smaller Agencies Benefit From Existing Infrastructure Card Distribution Systems Shared Web Interfaces Shared Credit Card Processing / PCI DSS Certification IT Support From Larger Agency Smart Card Application Common Stored Value Purse Weekly/Monthly Pass, Etc. Senior / Disabled / Blind Concession Fares Settlement Process By Lead Agency For Patrons Improved Service Within RTA: Faster Boarding Times, Eliminate Cash Handling, Discounted Fares Full Multi-Modal Transit System With One Card Reconciliation Occurs Between Agencies Per Agreed Business Rules Purse Reduced & Transaction Recorded Agency Collects Transactions

22 Interoperable Systems: Massachusetts RTAs, PAAC RTDs
Current Activities Integration With 10 RTAs Completed in 2011 Integration with 5 RTDs to be completed in 2013 Approximately 600 Fareboxes, 12 TVMs, 70 Smart Card Validators w/OCU & Supporting Equipment Providing Several Pay By Space Parking System Applications Possible Integration Of Ferry Boat Services, National Park & Toll Roads

23 Project Management Approach

24 Organization Chart

25 Project Management Approach
Project team focus Project Manager has responsibility for coordinating all company resources assigned to the project The Project Manager is the primary contact with the customer. Structured methodology, following the PRINCE2 process.

26 PRINCE2 Overview PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management. Internal project organization has “project board” oversight and is built around project teams. Work is planned and managed through the development of work packages. Exception reporting and other PRINCE2 processes provide early warning of potential adverse impacts to deliverables, schedules and budget.

27 Program Management Communication & Coordination
Project launch and teaming Face to face meetings Teleconferences Formal correspondence CDRLs and other design documents Records management and control

28 Program Management Project Risks
Part of project management is dealing with unforeseen challenges. Over the past decade, Scheidt & Bachmann’s Project organization has grown dramatically in resources and capabilities. With each project we seek to improve our performance, applying the lessons learned from previous projects.

29 Program Management Track Record
In almost 140 years, and over 10,000 contracts performed throughout our four divisions, Scheidt & Bachmann has never had a contract terminated due to non-performance. Should we be chosen as your partner, we are confident that we are we are well prepared and committed to ensuring that the Calgary Transit system is delivered successfully.


31 Extensive Smart Media Technologies Integration & Implementation Experience
1997 first smart media project with Mifare® cards in public transportation on the Island of Norderney Since then, Scheidt & Bachmann has been involved in various smart media projects in Germany (e.g. VRR/VRS), UK ( Yorcard, London ), Ireland ( LUAS, Irish Rail ), USA (Boston, Phoenix, Pittsburgh), and Canada (West Coast Express, PRESTO)

32 Validating/Registering – best features of both for Bills & Coins
Completely Modular Design Smart Card terminal for processing of Smart Cards to ISO A/B Standard Swipe Reader for Magnetic ticket & Credit/Debit cards Magnetic or Limited Use Smart Card Printer/Reader/Encoder 1D/2D barcode scanner available Integration with CAD/AVL, GPS and Passenger Counting Systems Operator Control Unit with 23 buttons & 640x480 full color display





37 Nautiz, model X5 eTicket Pro loaded with Scheidt & Bachmann’s smart card inspection software. The handheld will perform the following actions: Display relevant card data Perform card updates based on hot- and/or action list entries Perform card updates based on products or value selections by operator Create and store transaction records

38 Consists of: Single unit Toshiba touch screen PC Smart Media Processing Module Receipt Printer Customer facing display

39 Smart Media printing device
PC Agent display, keyboard, and mouse Smart Card Printer Unit with integrated Smart Card Encoding Unit Receipt printer for printing job details


41 FareGo Data features: • Configuration of field devices • Preparation and administration of tariff data • Recording operation and billing data • Real-time monitoring of field devices • Protecting access to the devices • Reporting Management of electronic tickets (eTicketing) • Processing cash-free payment methods

42 Features Continued: Program manager Master data administration Data archiving Administration of devices, operational data, versions, releases Basic tariff data maintenance Barcode tracking Communication modules Scheduler Direct commands Alarm management Standard-Reports Logging/Auditing


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