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Answers to Critical Thinking

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1 Answers to Critical Thinking
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2 A) Where is Daedalus when the story begins?
Question 1 A) Where is Daedalus when the story begins? He is in a tower prison on an island. B) In what ways does Daedalus show how clever he is? He designs the Labyrinth and makes wings

3 Question 2 A) Who is Icarus? Icarus is Daedalus’s son. B) What does Daedalus reveal about himself through his words to Icarus? Daedalus reveals his cautious nature and his love for his son.

4 Question 3 A) Summarize the warning Daedalus gives Icarus. Do not fly fly too high, near the sun, or too low, near the water. B) What do Icarus’s actions reveal about his character? Icarus is irresponsible. To him, having fun is more important than safety.

5 Question 4 Compare and contrast Icarus’s experience of flying his Daedalus’s experience. Icarus feels joyful forgetfulness, like a bird or a child. Daedalus is concerned about the mechanics of flying. What does this difference reveal about their characters? Explain. The difference reveals that Icarus is young and immature, and Daealus is mature, scientific, and disciplined.

6 Question 5 Does Daedalus share any responsibility for Icarus’s fall? Why or why not? Share your answer with a classmate. Did your answer change? Daedalus is not responsible because he warned Icarus. OR Daedalus is responsible because he should have been firmer with his son.

7 Question 6 Why does Icarus ignore his father’s advice?
He is enjoying flying high. What is the result of Icarus’s actions? He drowns. What happens when an indivual puts his or her own desires before everything else? Others are hurt when an individual puts his or her own desires before everything else. Sometimes even the individual is hurt.

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