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Comparatıve and Superlatıve Forms of Adjectıves One syllable adjectıve.

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1 Comparatıve and Superlatıve Forms of Adjectıves One syllable adjectıve

2 Add-er and –est to the adj Adj Comparatıve Superlatıve big bigger the biggest Fat fatter the fattest Large larger the largest

3 Two –Syllable Adjectıves If a two syllable adj ends in y,-ple,-or,ow use –er and –est Happy happıer the happıest Simple simpler the simlest Humble humbler the humblest

4 Use either –er and –est and more and most if the adj ends in –ow,- er,or -some Clever cleverer/more clever the cleverest the most clever Hansome handsomer the handsomest the most handsome

5 For two-other adj except those listed below use more and most Famous more famous the most famous Severe more severe the most severe Accurate more accurate the most accurate

6 IRREGULAR FORMS Good better the best Bad worse the worst Little less the least

7 Constractıon with Comparıson A.The Equal Degree We use as…as in the affirmative and not as/not so…as in the negative For exmp; She is as intelligent as you are. A Mercedes is three times as expensive as a Ford. He is as stubborn as a mule. She is not so old as I am.

8 B.The Comparatıve Degree With the comparative we use than: More food is wasted than is eaten in this canteen. She is far more pessimistic than you are. Azra is more dillegent than Aslı.

9 C.Substitution in the Comparative Form This car is better than that car. These books are better than the books which I have at home. This information is better than that we have.

10 D. The Superlative Degree Dr. Erkan is the best dentist in the city. China is the most populous country in the world. Duygu is the most considerate of my friends.

11 Modification of Comparatives Such as ; Much, many, far, a little,a lot…. The flat is considerably larger than our last one. You look a lot better than now. She’s only a little taller than her sister.

12 Modification of Superlatives Quite : This is quite the most expensive. Much : This is much the worst stretch of motorway in the country. Very : I want to give my children the very best education I can afford. By far : This is by far the greatest threat this country has ever faced

13 Prepared by: Kübra Çınaryel Nu: Şube:B Şubesi

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