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BY Emily. Ragweed 4 months old Deer mouse Golden Mouse Clever.

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1 BY Emily

2 Ragweed 4 months old Deer mouse Golden Mouse Clever

3 Blinker White mouse House mouse Inexperienced

4 Clutch Deer mouse Green fur on head Earring “a mouse has to do what a mouse has to do.” Smart

5 Silversides House/stray cat Pres. of FEAR (Felines Enraged About Rodents.) Clever

6 Graybar Clever Vice president of FEAR Lives in the sewer Stray cat Sly


8 Clutch’s Ford Mustang is important to Ragweed because it’s where Clutch and Ragweed first meet. Cafe’ Independent is Clutch and Ragweed’s new club

9 Protagonist/Antagonist Protagonist=Ragweed, Clutch & Blinker (beginning). Antagonist=Silversides, Graybar,& Blinker (end).

10 Survival Secrecy Friendship

11 Silversides and Graybar come in to Café Independent and try to destroy it but the mice defeat them with a hose filled with tons and tons of water.

12 PROBLEM : The cats destroyed The Cheese Squeeze Club. SOLUTION: They build a new SECRET club.

13 The third person is telling the story Mine: Why can’t they all get along? Ragweed: I just don’t know why they fight. Clutch: Let’s just work it all out dude’s and duddette’s. Silversides: Why can’t mice just leave town already.

14 CAUSE: Silversides saw mice walking in the new club. EFFECT: She knows where it is.

15 Inexperienced Clever Sly

16 The meeting of Clutch and Ragweed. The end of The Cheese Squeeze Club. Blinker escapes. The building of Café Independent.


18 Afterwards Blinker and Clutch stay in a relationship.

19 Author and illustrator Avi Brian Floca

20 The Poppy Series Ragweed Poppy Poppy and Ereth Ereth’s Birthday Poppy and Rye Poppy’s Return

21 Other Avi books The Fighting Ground Encounter at Easton The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle The Barn Never Mind! Blue Heron

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