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Closing the Loop for Everybody’s Energy Resources (CLEVER) Dynamically linking energy supply and consumption in the 21 st century

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1 Closing the Loop for Everybody’s Energy Resources (CLEVER) Dynamically linking energy supply and consumption in the 21 st century

2 Context Efficient energy usage is a major societal issue and an essential need. Demand for sustainable solutions to address this comes from all sides: –Customers, Regulatory / Government, and Business UK Smart Metering initiative is a major opportunity to develop clever future-proof sustainable energy management systems –Smart Metering may have an impact on services into the home similar to the introduction of Freeview (DVB-T) – if addressed properly ! 2

3 Open questions Given a set of market models and a set of possible networking solutions, what is the best architecture that can deliver for near- term and future energy supply scenarios? Define performance indicators to identify best solutions. What is the impact of functionality choices (specification) for the smart meter? –Provide a model that can test the functionality of the smart meter in a large scale system context For a given set of scenarios, what would be the expected performance of different EM algorithms/processes? E.g. what is the response time in a given scenario such as major disruption? 3

4 CLEVER Objectives 1.Develop models of interactions between electricity (energy) producer and consumer in a flexible supply chain, enabled by Smart Metering. 2.Deliver a simulation platform to provide quantitative assessment of different architectures, incorporating different technology combinations, for distributed energy management algorithms. 3.Investigate, through modelling, the information gathering infrastructure required to support EM business processes and applications, both inside and outside the home. 4.Demonstrate interoperable distributed ICT solutions for secure micro-transactions involving a large number of small devices. 4

5 Energy Infrastructure Storage E&P Storage Power Generation From NG Heavy Industry Commerce & SMEs Homes Gas Imports Power Imports TransmissionDistribution ELECTRICITY GAS Local Power Generation Power Generation Other Sources M Patterson, DigitalLiving Ltd. 5

6 ICT for Energy Supply Energy Provider Energy Provider Smart Meter Local Communications WANEnterprise applications Data Services Gateway Meter Services Home G/W Options Requirements Dependent P Bull, BT Communication infrastructure is divided into two parts: WAN/Enterprise and local communications. Regulatory / market model is driven, at least in part, by the requirements for data delivery. Many options to choose from, and with many uncertainties, especially in the local comms and meter services 6

7 Assumptions :: Demand (1 of 2) Demand has to be managed, and it will be managed –With dumb or smart meters; –From very short-term (near real-time demand side management) to long term events (switching supplier); –Whatever the regulatory framework, the system will have to work. So CLEVER will look beyond automatic meter reading towards modelling appliance interactions with the supply/retail system. 7

8 Assumptions :: Networking (2 of 2) Nothing much will change in how the WAN operates in the near-mid term –Driven by well-established telecom standards and business practices. However, networks will remain heterogeneous at the edges, and get more so. –Including service quality improvements. Hence, edge conditions will prevail, with a common networking protocol eventually adopted (IP?) Interoperability at the edges is a major issue. 8

9 Project Overview Home Environment ICT Solution “Last mile” comms Closed Loop Energy G/ W Enterprise Model (Simulator)‏ Traffic volumes etc Transaction volumes Experiments CDU Requirements Solution options HM C SMEM Scenarios (context)‏ Infrastructure Model (Simulator)‏ Architecture Services etc Demonstrator Experiments Sim. results New algorithms P Bull, BT 9

10 CLEVER Scenarios Nuclear Future –Electricity plentiful – at night! –Tariff-driven consumer behaviour with automated EMS, hard peak-suppression. Volatile Oil Barrel –Cap peaks AND consumption! Energy saving systems. Cheaper Renewables –Grid instabilities – better control via SM granularity? –Optimise usage (tariff-driven consumer behaviour) –Energy management and storage Mind the Gap –Looking at the forecast energy shortage by 2015 Major Network Disaster 10

11 So what? Mapping from coarse-grain scenarios through to aggregate distributed applications A large amount of work already exists in terms of transaction-level use cases –First phase: how well do different architectures support application scenarios built on these use cases? –Second phase: Extend to new algorithms and services  Quasi real-time control, micro-generation, storage, etc. Interoperability of EM applications is fundamental –Hence the full support and endorsement of the TAHI IFI. 11

12 CLEVER Exploitation Integration of the generation, distribution and retailing of electricity with energy management systems –EXPLOITATION - Energy retailed and used more efficiently resulting in better customer retention and more new business International standardisation of intelligent metering and residential energy management applications –EXPLOITATION - International standards to be influenced by CLEVER partners to their and the UK economy’s preferential benefit Increased energy efficiency, and enhanced services for the customer –EXPLOITATION - New energy-related services to be developed based on the CLEVER infrastructures 12

13 CLEVER Timeline Modelling of selected local comms solutions and initial distributed simulator –Summer 2009 Full scale simulation platform for SM + EMS –December 2010 Next generation energy management systems – Performance evaluation –April 2011 13

14 Project partners 14 Supported by the Technology Strategy Board under the Networked Enterprise Collaborative Research Programme.

15 Thank you … and questions ? Technical Lead Project Manager 15

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