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The DOOLAGARL The Doolagarl The Doolagarl is a big hairy man that some time can make him self look like the burnt trees sometimes you look in the distance.

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3 The Doolagarl The Doolagarl is a big hairy man that some time can make him self look like the burnt trees sometimes you look in the distance and he will stair at you might think the tree is moving but koori’s know it him, you can smell him a mile away the smell is like a rotting carcass he is not known to be a evil creature but if you break the law of the land he will pay you a visit he has had encounters with the Europeans before, they have come to know him as the Yowie one stories that has been told to me that sticks in my mind sound s like this there was a bunch of horse riders going to check out some good prospects of gold in the mountain all of a sudden the horses got spooked and began throwing the riders off there horses when they got up to see what the commotion was about they could smell a terrible smell some of the riders manage to gab there horses but two got away then out of nowhere the earth started to rumble and the trees where shaking at this time the riders where extremely scared the front rider of the group decided to make a run for it and rode his horse down the slope but before he could get out of sight this big dark figure jumped out of the bushes and ripped the horse from underneath the rider, he fell to the ground and the horse was taken away the riders grouped back together to talk about what they have just seen they decided not to tell many people about it and slowly walked down the gully every thing was quite on there way home the group of riders stopped for drink of water an old koori fella was on the bank of the creek they went to him and asked what is in the bush he just explained horses are not of this land and they ruined the earth and horses are a big animal and quite filling and would save the Doolagarl a big walk to the ocean the old man told them as if it was his pet but he said to them he wont hurt you he protect us all. From then on they told just a few about there encounter they couldn’t remember the name of the creature and came up with yowie. I can still remember the time when a bunch of my cousins wanted to go bush walking so off we went we trekked over two or three hill and the bush began to get thick we all wasn’t sticking to one track so we could cover some ground me and Colin came across a python which had crawled un inside some big black stumps and called out to our older brothers they came running down the hill to see what the commotion was about as the got there we thought we would play a joke on them and said we saw a Doolagarl they laughed and one of them said wouldn’t it be funny if I turned around and saw a big hairy Doolagarl standing next to me as he turned around there was this big black stump next to him and he jumped back with a terrified look on his face we all laughed as he said it looked real and I cuoonied my self. So off we went making a new trail home me and Colin headed up front and we come across a goanna and chased him up a tree as we got close to the top off the hill we could see a big black flat shining thing on the track like a tire stretched out as we got closer it seemed to get smaller when we got right up to it the tail was just going into the bush the older boys yelled out ‘did you catch it’ and we showed them where it crawled they was amazed to see how thick the tracks was according to the size of the tracks the snake would have to be six or seven meters long and we soon left just as we reached the top of the hill we looked back and saw a tree that look like a person leaning on a stump we started walking again and I turned back to look at it again and it was gone but the smell was there and that’s one thing you should be running from as for the blacksnake I asked a old uncle about the big snake he said don’t go near him he is the bwugeenj but that’s another story. Next time you are in the bush look for that old burnt tree but don’t be surprised if it disappears or even moves towards you with a terrible smell. By Roderick Slockee

4 Wallaga Lake 1986: Far south coastal NSW Aboriginal people are often too tight lipped to speak of the many mysterious and sometimes terrifying encounters that their people have had with Doolagahls, but here is one account that involved a young Aboriginal mother, "Julie", in the Wallaga Lake area in 1986. Her story goes that one day she left her four-year old boy playing on a creek-bank facing the backyard of the family property while she hung out washing on the clothes hoist. The property is flanked on two sides by thick scrub, with scrub covering the opposite bank of the creek. As she was surrounded by sheets on the hoist, her view of the boy was momentarily blocked. it was at this moment that she heard the little boy speaking to a "man". When she pushed aside the sheets she was horrified. Standing looking down at the little boy from a mere six feet {two metres} away, was an ugly, gorilla-like, black- haired male creature a good 2.3 metres in height, with long arms and big hands dangling at its sides. The woman later described the hominid as standing in a stooped position and having an ape-like head with the by-now-familiar thick eyebrow ridges, receding forehead and pointed skull-dome. "When I first saw the man-beast I knew right away it was a Doolagarl. We have been taught from childhood about these monsters that live up in the mountains. I feared the Doolagarl was about to snatch up my little boy and run off with him," she told a neighbour later. However, quickly regaining her presence of mind, she picked up a shovel laying nearby and charged screaming at the creature, snatching up her child and running for the house, dropping the shovel in the process. As she reached the back door she looked back to see the hairy monster running up and over the opposite bank and into thick scrub. Several Aboriginal men and the woman's husband later searched the area, but apart from the indistinct squashed footprints embedded in the creek mud they found no other trace of the hairy monster.

5 Biker and His Goat A member of a notorious Bikers gang living West of Sydney had his Prize Goat in the top pen of his backyard and his two aggressive attack dogs in the bottom pen near the house. He was very proud of his Goat and showed it at many events throughout the year. Late one night he was sitting in his lounge room when he heard the Goat and dogs going crazy. His first thought was that the dogs were getting at the Goat as they were snapping, snarling and barking wildly. He quickly ran outside and saw the dogs were still in their pen. He looked up to the goat's pen to see a 7' hairy creature with bright red eyes that illuminated in the dark, in the pen with the goat. The dogs were biting wildly at the gate trying to get to attack the intruder. The man was stunned by what he saw, he opened the gate and ordered the dogs to attack. As the dogs raced towards the Yowie, it leapt over the fence into the tree line and ran into the night. The dogs also ran into the bush barking and growling. The mans thoughts were that the Yowie was in big trouble, for these dogs were trained to kill. But the mans confidence in his dogs suddenly diminished when they started to yelp and ran out of the bush with their tails between their legs. The dogs ran straight passed the man and kept running. Very angry, the man grabbed a shotgun and cautiously walked to the silent goat, only to find that it had been decapitated. The next day the Biker was still furious, he took the torso of the goat and ran heavy chain through the spinal cord, then hung it up 7' high in a tree at the base of the tree line. That night he had both his dogs in the house with the lights off and he had in his possession a machine gun. As the night became longer, the dogs started to get disturbed by something out side. He looked through the window and heard a crashing noise coming through the bush, then the red eyes appeared. The dogs started going crazy again and were clawing at the door. As the beast reached the corps, he flung open the door to release the dogs but they would have no part of it, they wouldn't leave the house. The Biker launched himself into action, firing the whole clip of the oozie straight at the target as he raced towards it, the eyes disappeared. He put the torch on the area to find that there was no blood, he hit nothing and the remains of the goat were also gone. The neighbours upon hearing the gunfire called the Police who came and arrested the man for an illegal firearm.

6 Wadbilliga National Park 1979: Further north up the coast and inland from Narooma, thence westward along the Tuross River, lies the Wadbilliga National park situated in typical south-coast forestland. It was here in this wild country late one afternoon in October 1979 that a ranger "Steve" {name withheld on request}, was parked on a remote four-wheel-drive road at a seldom-used picnic area while he checked the surrounding forest for rubbish discarded by thoughtless people. "The time was about 4 pm, and I was thinking it was getting late and I had better leave as it was a long drive through the park back to civilisation. I was working my way back towards the Land-Rover, some 300 yards away, among the gums in the quiet forest-not a bird to be heard-when I heard some distant sounds of snapping foliage and strange, guttural sounds. "Someone's coming I thought." Steve got the shock of his life and for a moment could not decide whether to make a dash through the trees for the Land-Rover or hide where he was. "At that moment, looking in the direction of the sounds across a ferny clearing, I spotted three hairy shapes, one taller than the a normal human, emerging onto the clearing about 200 feet away. In an instant I thought only one word, 'yowie'-tales of which I had heard before but never believed {but I do now!}. "They had not seen me, and for obvious reasons by now I was down behind some foliage, 'eating dirt'. There ahead of me were three hairy, naked ape-like forms-I had glanced a quick look through the bushes-a male of about nine feet tall, a female of size feet and a five-foot juvenile male. "I froze in disbelief, horrified that they might see me close by. The big male was very thickset, the female slender. I saw little else for I was too preoccupied in lying as close to the ground as I could to avoid being seen and perhaps attacked and killed by these 'human apes'. They wandered across the clearing away from where I lay. The last I saw of them were their backs as they continued on into the forest in the distance." For a minute or two, Steve remained where he was, just to make sure they were well and truly out of sight, then... "I got to my feet and ran for the vehicle some distance away. {Surely they must have noticed it,' I thought} Anyway, I damn well got out of that forest and out of the park as fast as I could. "Some weeks later I heard that two young blokes out camping thereabouts reported finding big footprints in soil on the road near where I had my experience, but heavy rain washed them away before anyone could return with the boy's to inspect them.

7 EVEDENCE of Doolagarl - pictures and drawings The DOOLAGARL

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