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Working Smarter Not Harder Dr. Kate Nichols, BCBA-D Director, McDowell Institute for Teacher Excellence in Positive Behavior Support.

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1 Working Smarter Not Harder Dr. Kate Nichols, BCBA-D Director, McDowell Institute for Teacher Excellence in Positive Behavior Support


3 Avoid ProcrastinationEnhance Productivity PlanPrioritizeDo it NowAutomateEliminate


5 Track Daily Tasks Begin each day creating/reviewing task list in dedicated agenda book/program Task Status ✔ Completed ✖ Deleted  Forward to Another Date DDelegated −In Process StatusPriority Daily Task List 4/24/13 ✔ A Reserve conference room for 5/3/13 @3:00 ✖ F Meet with Tech Support −D Create agenda for 5/3/13 meeting DB Confirm order with catering ✔ C Submit TAR  E Email agenda for 5/3/13

6 Set Small Goals and Celebrate Successes!

7 Automate Recurring Tasks Document process for completing the task Develop a template to utilize repeatedly

8 Analyze the Task Identify all necessary steps to complete a complex task Once task analysis is completed, set deadlines and use as a checklist to track progress Especially useful for tasks that are infrequent or complex E.g., paperwork for beginning/end of semester, event planning, travel requests/reimbursements New GA Paperwork  Confirm/Update GA Description and Duties  Create Individualized GA Contract  Have GA Sign Contract and Graduate Office Form  Have Forms Signed by Supervisor and Dean  Submit Forms to Graduate Office

9 Free web-based program that encourages brainstorming and collaboration

10 Build Momentum Before starting on a long, difficult, and/or non-preferred task Identify 2-3 easy or fun tasks to complete before starting the difficult task Gets the ball rolling and builds feeling of success/accomplishment 1 st Task: Shred Papers 2 nd Task: Review Calendar 3 rd Task: Reply to Emails 4 th Task: Review Budget 5 th Task: File Papers Away 6 th Task: Order Office Supplies

11 Progress Busters: Interruptions & Distractions Before starting an important task, take care of needs E.g., room temperature, hunger, thirst Reduce potential distractions that will draw your attention from the task at hand E.g., noise, activity outside window, email, phone, internet



14 How to Prepare for and Participate in Efficient Meetings

15 Meeting Agenda Create agenda with identified topics Review agenda items at beginning of meeting Establish time limits for each agenda item Assign meeting roles & responsibilities Facilitator: Lead discussion of agenda items, establish consensus Recorder/Task Master: Record minutes and tasks assigned during meeting Time Keeper: Track time for each agenda item, notify participants when time is running out on an item and determine if time should be extended or topic be tabled Encourager: Promote active participation of all attendees Rudder: Redirect participants when discussion veers off-topic

16 Agenda & Minutes Utilize an agenda template to record notes and tasks Minutes should focus on key points discussed on specific agenda item Tasks should specify the final product, person responsible, and deadline Send electronic copy of notes and task list within 5 days of the meeting to relevant parties Meeting Date: Attendees: Not Present: Time Limit Agenda ItemNotesTaskPerson(s) Responsible Deadline

17 Meeting Date: 5/11/13 Attendees: Judy, Sue, Phillip, Marcus, Lizzie Not Present: Juan, Tony, Andy Time Limit Agenda ItemNotesTaskPerson(s) Responsible Deadline 3 minAgenda ReviewHoliday party planning removed from agenda Meet with Sue and Juan to confirm details Judy, Sue & Juan 5/23/13 15 minProgram Evaluation Results Identified areas needing improvement (student retention, graduation rates) Evaluation subgroup will present overview of results and action plan at dept. meeting Phillip, Marcus, Chris, Ron 6/19/13 5 minOrdering Office Supplies An order will be placed for supplies for 2013-14 Email Lizzie any supplies neededDept. Staff5/30/13 10 minCommunity Outreach Efforts Connection has been made with regional office Subgroup will present on collaborative efforts at regional meeting on 7/3/13 Subgroup will develop presentation for regional meeting and prepare handouts for attendees Judy, Susan, Sue, Andy 6/15/13 5 minUndergrad Research Day Update Details of Research Day were reviewed for group All prep tasks have been completed Confirm faculty attendanceLizzie5/15/13 5 minMeeting Wrap-upReviewed assigned tasks and identified agenda items for next meeting Type minutes and email with task list Lizzie5/15/13


19 Mindstorming – Brainstorming on Steroids Step 1: Formulate a question with a SPECIFIC result and time frame Step 2: Begin recording your answers First 5-10 answers may come easily (you have already thought of them) Step 3: Don’t Give Up! Record 20 relevant answers to your question

20 Wrap Up and Final Thoughts To be productive at work… Plan Ahead Break it Down into Smaller Tasks Set Reachable Goals and Reward Yourself Track your Progress Use Templates and Web-based Programs Automate Recurring Tasks Enjoy Yourself!

21 Materials available at: ell-resources ell-resources

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