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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Principal Preparation Program Field Supervisor Training College of Education and Health Professions University.

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1 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Principal Preparation Program Field Supervisor Training College of Education and Health Professions University of Texas Arlington

2 Introduction Thank you for agreeing to be a field supervisor in our principal preparation program. This power point training presentation is designed to give you some insight into our expectations for our candidates during their practicum and to explain your responsibilities. We value your time and want your experience as a field supervisor to be a benefit to you and the school/district in which the candidate is employed. While there are specific obligations and documents that must be submitted, we hope your interaction with the candidate and his/her cooperating administrator is a quality educational experience for everyone involved.

3 Definitions Field supervisor—A certified educator, hired by the educator preparation program, who preferably has advanced credentials, to observe candidates, monitor his or her performance, and provide constructive feedback to improve his or her professional performance. Practicum—A supervised professional educator assignment at a public school accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or other school approved by the TEA for this purpose that is in a school setting in the particular field for which a professional certificate is sought such as superintendent, principal, school counselor, school librarian, educational diagnostician, reading specialist, and/or master teacher.

4 General Explanation of Practicum Candidates in our principal preparation program take EDAD 5389 Administrative Practicum at the beginning of the program and EDAD 5399 Capstone Practicum at the end of the program. The 500 hour Practicum begins with their second course and continues throughout the program for an average of about 8 hours per week. In the practicum, candidates are to gain as many experiences as possible in transition from a classroom teacher or from their current position to a building-level instructional leader. Experiences include observations, participation, and being assigned specific responsibilities in all domain and/or competency areas. Each candidate’s practicum will be different contingent upon many factors.

5 Candidate Requirements during Practicum Candidates are expected to work under the direction of their cooperating administrator. Candidates fill out Practicum Reports each semester summarizing their learning from their practicum experiences. Candidates select a project to develop a power point presentation due in their capstone course. Candidates take courses and work to apply content into their practicum experiences. Candidates keep field supervisor informed of course work requirements and practicum experiences.

6 Practicum Learning Expectations Candidates should seek to learn the following elements of administration: Cyclical events. The yearly cycle of administrative responsibilities Constant events. The daily responsibilities of administrators. Planned events. How administrators plan for events to happen. Unplanned events. How administrators handle the unexpected. Candidates should gain experiences in all of the domain and competency areas (Texas and/or ISLLC)

7 Field Supervisor Responsibilities Agree to being a field supervisor View training documents and submit verification of training Make first contact with candidate with first 3 weeks of their practicum Make initial observation/visit within first 6 weeks of their practicum Make a second observation/visit in the middle of their practicum Make a third observation/visit at the end of their practicum Forms can be located at

8 Specific Observation Requirements Each observation/visit must be at least 45 minutes in length Observations must be within time parameters (first six weeks, middle and end of practicum) Provide written feedback to candidate and cooperating administrator using forms provided. Candidate is responsible to submit supervisory observation feedback form to after they have responded to the field supervisor’s written

9 Field Supervisor Opportunities Communicate with candidate and cooperating administrators about issues related to gaining additional experiences. Help candidate develop critical analysis skills as they reflect on experiences. Provide candidates with lessons learned from your professional experiences. Learn from candidate about their content courses and how the program is trying to help guide their learning and development. Give feedback to the program about issues related to specific problem areas or general areas of concern.

10 Acquiring and Submitting Documents Field supervision training and submission documents can be found at: Email completed documents to Candidates will email observation/visit documents after they respond to your written feedback after each observation/visit.

11 Contacts Questions about field supervision can be addressed to: Dr. Ernest Johnson AP Program Dr. Pat Casey Lead Field Dr. Casey Brown Interim Department Questions about the program or the practicum can be addressed to your candidate or the individuals identified above

12 Conclusion and Acknowledgement of Training Thank you for your willingness to serve as a field supervisor for The University of Texas at Arlington Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Educator Preparation Program. Your time and input is valuable in the development of our future building-level instructional leaders. Please find the acknowledgement of training form located at and email it to Thank you !

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