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Margaret Home, Dianne McNab MARCET, L&LS Michelle Walker Subject & Liaison, L&LS.

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1 Margaret Home, Dianne McNab MARCET, L&LS Michelle Walker Subject & Liaison, L&LS

2  Holistic and preventative approach  Best Practice  TurnitinUK developed as part of the preventative toolkit  Programme, Subject and School responsibilities – UG, PG, PGR: Anticipates consistent approach  Developing practice with collaborative partners

3 Most important issue is to prevent academic misconduct where can, by designing out  University expresses regulations through ARNA  Guidelines for Good Assessment Practice: ◦ Principle of students’ responsibility to demonstrate to staff that the work they submit for assessment is their own Appendix 6: Academic Misconduct/Plagiarism

4  Preventing Academic Misconduct ensures students Have opportunity to develop understanding of expectations of UK Academic community Develop skills in academic practice, such as writing skills, citation and referencing using Endnote  Design Assessment Practices resistant to academic misconduct

5  Use TurnitinUK formatively to foster learning climate Introduce as early as possible into the academic programme Case studies show this approach can improve student skills

6  Compares submitted work to its database ◦ The Internet (current and archived pages) ◦ Papers submitted by other students ◦ A wide range of academic journals  Generates an Originality Report showing any matching text  “Similarity Index” indicates percentage of non-original text

7 ◦ Simply a tool to help find sources that contain similar text ◦ Doesn’t prove (or disprove) plagiarism – no magic number!

8  Fully integrated with Blackboard  Assignments are added to a content area on your module site  Choose assignment options according to method of use/approach ◦ Formative A for teaching ◦ Formative B for learning ◦ Summative C for checking  View Originality Reports via the TurnitinUk link in Control Panel



11  Staff Get Help tab on Blackboard  MARCET Training Sessions: Practical Turnitin; Endnote Referencing. Details available from MARCET Web Pages:  Books in MARCET about plagiarism  Library & Learning Services, Subject Specialists

12  Library and Learning Services can offer a range of materials which can be used to support students  Overview of plagiarism  Provide Powerpoint slides demonstrating how to submit and interpret the originality report  Turnitin student guide  modules  Turnitin  Referencing  Plagiarism

13  Formative use in induction module NX0420  Introduced in a lecture  Overview of Plagiarism  Demonstration of how to submit and also interpret the reports  Help and Support via student handouts, Skills Plus modules and ask4help enquiry service shown to students  Crucially added into blackboard together with the Turnitin submission  Help and support embedded alongside the task



16  Turnitin is a compulsory part of the submission of the dissertation  A new Turnitin submission is set up for this attached to Dissertation Preparation and Research Methods NX0422  Help and support again integrated alongside the task  Reinforced by the lecturers via announcements





21  Turnitin has been rolled out to NBS PG Marketing programmes in Singapore  Library supporting materials play an important role in giving the same level of support to home and collaborative venture students

22  Deliver sessions in modules at staff request  Work collaboratively with staff to provide material to support staff to deliver sessions to students  Work in partnership with staff to create new materials on plagiarism  Able to provide supporting materials to add to blackboard alongside the Turnitin submission giving more support when students need it

23  The range of materials which can be used to support students  Overview of plagiarism by Quick Quiz  Demonstrate how to submit and interpret the originality report (Powerpoint slides)  Turnitin student guide (paper and online)  modules (online)  Turnitin  Referencing  Plagiarism  EndNote bibliographic software  Northumbria Skills Programme (face to face)  Library Ask4Help service (variety)

24  Wish they had been introduced to the system earlier  Students expect all staff to use the system  Student comments: ‘As an international student it was helpful to see what exactly I was expected to cite in order to get a better mark’ ‘Semi-involves the student in the marking process, gives you a different point of view and I think you do better work’

25  Staff found self-submission by students beneficial ‘ more convenient if script already has an OR’  Staff used system to develop understanding ‘ A positive experience for students as many engage with it…and will change their writing as a result’ ‘Student feedback has demonstrated that it has made them more informed and less tolerant of plagiarism’ ‘Made the students more aware of the need for honesty and originality’ ‘Many students feel they are information literate but Turnitin may show otherwise and makes them realise how important writing and referencing skills are’

26 Any questions?

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