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OrgSync Budget Request Tutorial Last Updated: June 8, 2014.

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1 OrgSync Budget Request Tutorial Last Updated: June 8, 2014

2 Shortcuts  Event Request Event Request  Program Manager Review Program Manager Review  Funding Decision Funding Decision  Reallocations Reallocations  Event Spending Report Event Spending Report 2

3 Submitting a New Budget Request 3

4 1. Access Budgets through your student group portal. 4

5 2. Select New Budget to begin a new request. Drop-down menu allows you to see all requests your group has made by period. 5

6 3. Begin your Budget Request. 6

7 Student Group Name/Event Name Event Name 7

8 Selection of a Category will automatically open up a Form to provide more information about your request. /Ice Cream Social 8

9 4. Fill out Form. (Budget Request cannot be saved unless required fields are filled out.) 9

10 10

11 Event Form Requirements Same as old Excel request form.  Organization Info  Event Info  Previous Event Info  Attest—Please read it!  Manual Exemptions 11

12 Requested Vendor Quoted Price Item/Vendor REQUIRED: Upload quotes for all items. 12

13 5. Submit Budget Request. 6. E-mail Group Advisor a copy of request for approval. (cc: E-mail to Download PDF version of request. 13

14 7. Upload Advisor Approval e-mail. (Additional documents can be uploaded after Budget Request submission, however the request itself cannot be edited.) 14

15 Comment Notification If something is missing from the request, you will receive a comment notification. 15

16 Comment 16

17 Program Manager Review 17

18 18 1.Once the Budget has been submitted, the Program Manager will automatically receive an e-mail notification from OrgSync. 1.Click on the link in the notification to review the Budget Request. 2.Under Approval, select Approved or Denied and submit.

19 Funding Decision 19

20 20 Following presentation before the Finance Board, all Budget Requests will receive a decision: Approved Event is fully funded or partially funded Denied Event is denied Request for more information Budget Request is being returned for edits/resubmission.

21 21 Total Budget Request Total Funded by Finance Board Detailed Breakdown by Line Item Funding Decision Memo Funding Decision Memo will be uploaded by Comptroller and e-mailed to your student group and advisors.

22 22 Amount Requested Amount Funded by Finance Board Submit Event Spending Report

23 Reallocations 23

24 24 If a student group wishes to reallocate funds from one line item to another, e-mail with a Reallocation Request form (available on the SGA website).FinanceBoard@neu.eduReallocation Request form The Comptroller will review the request. Upon approval, the student group shall receive a notification of approval via e-mail and their OrgSync Budget Request will be updated to reflect the new line item allocations.

25 Submit a New Payment Request Event Spending Report 25

26 26 1. Begin Payment Request.

27 27 2. Enter actual amounts spent per line item. 3. Upload copy of receipts/invoices from purchased items. 4. Submit request. Actual Amount Spent Copy of Receipts/In voices Select Memo

28 28 Spending Report Memo Payment/Spending Report Memo will be uploaded by Comptroller and e-mailed to your student group and advisors.

29 29 Returning to the Budget Request, you can see an overview of the event’s expenditures. After the Payment Request/Spending Report is approved, remaining funds are returned to the SAF from the group’s budget account.

30 Contact Krista R. deMello Comptroller, Student Government Association Chair, Finance Board 30

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