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Scottish Government ePlanning Project Will Hensman Clackmannanshire Council Project manager

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1 Scottish Government ePlanning Project Will Hensman Clackmannanshire Council Project manager

2 Introduction  What is the ePlanning Project?  Project Workstreams  Online Planning Applications & Appeals (OAA)  Online access to Planning information (OPIS)  ePlanning Project Summary - Implications for your Company and your staff

3 What is the ePlanning project?.….”drive efficiencies in the Planning system across the whole of Scotland by implementing technological solutions”.….  Irreversibly move the Planning process from a predominantly paper to a primarily electronic process  Standardise application forms, communication methods, and internal processes between Councils and applicants/agents across Scotland  Make the Planning process more customer focused by providing more information, more quickly and easily, and in a convenient manner using modern technology

4 Project Workstreams  Online Applications & appeals (OAA) – Submit a Planning Application online  Online Planning Information System (OPIS) – View Planning Application information online & make comments  Online Local Plans (OLP) – View Local Plan information & make representations online  eConsultations – Get views/comments from Statutory Consultees electronically  Expert Systems – Series of Q&A’s on “Do I need Planning Permission?” We will talk about OAA & OPIS today

5 Online Application & Appeals (OAA)  Single website/portal for all Planning Application submissions accessible from Clacksweb or the Scottish Government Website – Online forms wizard – Online standard forms – Online site/location plan creation, including annotation – Automatic calculation and payment of fees (cheque or credit card) – Attachment of all plans and drawings for an electronic submission to the Council – All communications between Council & applicant/agent done electronically wherever possible

6 Home Page

7 Create Account & login

8 Create a New Proposal - Find Address

9 Create a New Proposal - Name Proposal

10 Create a New Proposal - Choose Forms

11 Or use the Forms Wizard

12 Proposal Summary

13 Permission Checklist

14 Create or attach Location/Site Plan

15 Attach Documentation

16 Payment

17 Submit Application

18 Summary - OAA  Secure login using username & password  Remembers your details for multiple applications so no need to re-enter info.  Save, edit & copy Application submissions during process & return later  View personal/Company Applications submitted or being submitted  Linked to Council’s address gazetteer for easy searching  Intelligent forms – it knows what details you need to fill in so less chance of an invalid application  Submit all drawings and location/site plans – No need for printing & posting, saving you time & money  Secure integrated payment method via Credit Card (or post a cheque if required)

19 Summary - OAA  All further correspondences, supplementary/amended drawings etc. can be submitted by email so speeds up the whole process  Whole planning application process done electronically – NO PAPER FOR YOU TO PRINT OUT  Business process implications for you/your company  Timescale for go LIVE are Oct. 2008  However, we can receive ANY drawings, Communications or Correspondences electronically NOW via our own departmental email address

20 Online Planning Information System (OPIS)  Online access to all Planning Application information from one single point  Online Planning Application tracking system (e.g. check the status of your application, view historical applications etc.)  View drawings, correspondences, communications and details related to applications on-line  Comment on, object to, and make representation regardsing a Planning Application  Extension of existing system currently available on Clacksweb

21 Search by postcode FK10 2AQ

22 Select relevant application

23 View forms, drawings and correspondences



26 Summary - OPIS  All details pertaining to your Planning Application available online from your computer  Easily searchable by map, ref. number, address, date, status or applicant/agent  Check status of your Planning Application during the planning process  Check other Planning Applications on same site or by same applicant/agent  Check historic Planning Applications to determine relevance/similarity  Comment on, make representation regarding, or object to a current application online

27 Summary - OPIS  Reduces the need for you to phone planning staff or visit our offices saving time & money  Most of this functionality is available NOW on Clacksweb however, additional tools will go LIVE in Oct. 2008

28 ePlanning Project - Summary  Move the Planning process away from a paper based one towards using modern technology  Nothing fundamentally new - Just like booking car insurance, a holiday or doing online banking  Will save time and money by streamlining the Planning Application submission process & making Planning Information available online  Radically changes your business processes  Radically changes the way you interact with Clackmannanshire Council  Timescales – OAA from October 2008 – OPIS from NOW (additional functionality from October 2008)


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