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AAA/SWITCH Info Day 2010 Project Handling Petra Kauer-Ott

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1 AAA/SWITCH Info Day 2010 Project Handling Petra Kauer-Ott

2 © 2010 SWITCH 2 Outline AAA - Objectives and Criteria Project Submission Reporting Financial Transfers Next Deadlines FAQs Information and Contact

3 © 2010 SWITCH 3 AAA - Objectives and Criteria e-Infrastructure for e-Science implement key components for teaching and research through cooperative projects in the domains AAA, Grid, E-Learning and VO Criteria: Innovation Cooperation Sustainability Thematic suitability Benefits for users Project management Matching funds (no prioritization)

4 © 2010 SWITCH 4 Project Submission: Steps 1.Note first ideas, contact possible partners 2. Contact: –Contact person of your institution –SWITCH:  Christoph Witzig: AAA / Grid  Petra Kauer-Ott: E-Learning / VO  Christoph Graf: Project responsible 3.Submit a draft project description (read the project guidelines and the criteria carefully) ⇒ check of criteria and funding (University or Competition project? ) (feedback by contact person and SWITCH) 4. Submit the final project description

5 © 2010 SWITCH 5 Project Submission Competition Common part

6 © 2010 SWITCH 6 Project Submission Common part: Same for all projects Attendance by contact person and SWITCH

7 © 2010 SWITCH 7 Project Submission Competition: Evaluation by PWEG Fixed deadlines Involvement of external bodies (CRUS, SUC, SBF, KFH)

8 © 2010 SWITCH 8 Project Submission: Approval / Rejection University projects: usually 2-3 weeks after submission of a final version Competition projects: answer within ∼  3 months (after formal decree by SER, ETH Board or OPET) For project approval the contact person must first confirm the matching funds!

9 © 2010 SWITCH 9 Reporting Quarterly reporting Status of the project (project leader to SWITCH, cc to contact persons) Annual reporting Reporting to funding authorities: Content of the project (project leader to SWITCH) Financial status of the project (contact person to SWITCH) Collected and compiled summary report (SWITCH to SUC/SBF, ETH-Rat, KFH/BBT) Final reporting Summary of project results etc. (project leader to SWITCH)

10 © 2010 SWITCH 10 Annual Reporting: Content

11 © 2010 SWITCH 11 Annual Reporting: Finance

12 © 2010 SWITCH 12 Financial Transfers

13 © 2010 SWITCH 13 Next Deadlines Competition Spring 2010: March 31 to SWITCH (2 weeks before to contact person & SWITCH) Competition Spring 2010: September 30 to SWITCH (2 weeks before to contact person & SWITCH) University projects can be submitted continuously

14 © 2010 SWITCH 14 FAQs Who can submit a project? When should I come up with my project idea? How to submit a project? How many university partners should participate in a project? What size and lenght should a project have? How is a project financed? What are "university" and "competition" projects? When is a project approved? First steps: What steps should be done once my project is approved? What responsibilities do I have as a project leader during the project? What documents do I have to submit before, during and after a project? What feedback should I receive from SWITCH? Can a project change its objectives, milestones or deliverables? Can a project be prolongated? Last steps: What is to do at the end of a project? Use the FAQs section at !!!

15 © 2010 SWITCH 15 Information and Contact – Website: – Mailing lists: : for everybody: register on the AAA website  special mailing lists for project leaders and contact persons – Contact:

16 © 2010 SWITCH 16 Questions?

17 © 2010 SWITCH 17

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