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National Statistics Bureau Manufacturing Statistics in Seychelles Prepared by Benjamin Ciseau.

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1 National Statistics Bureau Manufacturing Statistics in Seychelles Prepared by Benjamin Ciseau

2 INTRODUCTION The Republic of Seychelles is an island state consisting of 115 islands situated in the Western Indian Ocean. Seychelles consist of 3 main islands. Mahe, the largest with Victoria as the capital, Praslin and La Digue. Total area is 455 square kilometers. Total population is 86,956. (Mid - 2008)

3 Map

4 Economy The economy is based mainly on tourism and fishing Even if Seychelles imports most of its commodities, there are still some establishments dealing in manufacturing activities.

5 The National Statistics Bureau It is a centralized office. It is a independent body with a mandate to provide all statistics of the country. Comprising of 4 main section or unit.

6 Units / Section Surveys, Population and Demographic Section. Trade and Tourism Section. Employment and Earning Section. National Accounts, Prices and Production Section.

7 Manufacturing Statistics There is no specific unit or section which is responsible for manufacturing Statistics. It is covered under Employment and Earnings, Production Indicator and National Accounts. Manufacturing represent about 10% of the formal employees by industry in all sectors of the economy.

8 Source of Data Since all businesses has to register to the Seychelles Licensing Authority, the NSB is provided with a list of all establishments. It also has an Employment database. Data are also been provided by the Taxation Authority for all financial Statements Social Security Division has also been a source of data since every employee has to pay a monthly contribution of 2.5% of their gross salary.

9 Manufacturing In Employment and Earnings. It is a quarterly publication of the total employees and the average earnings by gender of all sectors in the formal sector of the economy including manufacturing. All businesses has to submit a monthly returns of their total employee and total salary paid by their establishments to the bureau. This is done through email, fax, post or hand delivery.

10 Graph

11 It is also a quarterly publication where only the large manufacturing establishment and services and which are of economic significant and importance are covered. Example: Tuna canning factory, beer, soft drinks, mineral water, juice, cigarettes, block making etc. Data obtain from these industries are their Total Volume of production only. Data are submitted to the bureau monthly through emails, fax, post or hand delivery. Manufacturing in Production indicator

12 Production Table

13 Manufacturing in National Accounts It is a yearly Publication. The bureau gets a copy of all financial statements of all businesses of all sectors through the Taxation Authority. Data obtain in these statement are their total sales and revenue. The contribution of manufacturing to GDP is an average approximately 8.6%.

14 National Accounts Table

15 The breakdown of the manufacturing industry in national accounts has been customised to clearly identify those classes which are of significant importance in the Seychelles economy. The contribution of the manufacturing industry in the total economy is shown as a subset of the production account table compiled in national accounts (see next slide). Gross output = value of sales as shown on their P&L in the annual financial statements of those establishments classified in their respective industries

16 Value Added in Manufacturing Industry at current market prices (Million Rupees) ISIC/SICIndustry2004200520062007 (Provisional) 2008 (Indicative) C10FoodGO IC VA 1,111.9 979.1 132.8 1,210.6 1,051.1 159.4 1,387.0 1,195.4 191.6 1,662.1 1,391.5 270.6 2,052.0 1,743.4 308.6 C11-12Beverag es & Tobacco GO IC VA 141.3 57.5 83.8 154.8 44.9 109.9 190.3 37.3 153.1 234.9 64.6 170.2 267.5 96.4 171.1 C23Concrete and rock products, glass, etc GO IC VA 94.9 67.6 27.3 121.2 79.8 41.4 149.5 98.3 51.1 166.9 115.7 51.2 242.5 169.6 72.9 C13-22, 24-33Other manufact uring GO IC VA 365.1 253.1 112 367.7 234.5 133.2 346.4 231.5 114.9 435.4 269.8 165.6 536.1 338.4 197.8 TOTAL GDP Manufacturing contribution (%) 4,695.7 (7.8%) 5,043.2 (8.8%) 5,628.3 (9.1%) 6,877.0 (9.6%) 8,755.7 (8.6%)

17 Challenges No specific unit within the bureau which deals with the specific compilation of manufacturing statistics. Lack of human resources. Delays in receiving some data from some establishments. No proper recording systems for some manufacturing establishments to show quantities produced separately from sales revenue.

18 Dissemination All statistics are disseminates through emails, our office website and hard copies can be bought at the office.


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