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Technologies for web publishing Ing. Václav Freylich Lecture 4.

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1 Technologies for web publishing Ing. Václav Freylich Lecture 4

2 aTNPW1-4 Content  Forms in HTML

3 aTNPW1-4 HTML forms Allows the user-page interactivity Used for the user data input Offer a lot of controls Posted form is processed on the web server by dynamic website (script)

4 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Form body Most important attributes: action URL address of the script (form processing) method data sending method - GET / PUT (implicitly GET)

5 aTNPW1-4 Forms – data sending methods Data sending methods get - data values are the part of the URL address - used for short forms with the text data - data values are visible in URL – DANGEROUS ! post - data values are sent to the web server separately - used for large forms, passwords, files, …

6 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Input control – input (always non-pair element) type control type text, password, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, button, image, hidden, file name control name value initial value of the control

7 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Buttons type control type = button function (submit, reset) name control name value button caption

8 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Textarea (pair element) Pair element for longer text input rows number of visible rows cols width (number of chars on the row) Textarea control has automatic scroll bars available if the total length of the text is longer than the textarea size

9 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Select box Contains the items - option elements Values of selected items only are sent to the server Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 size number of visible items multiple allows multiple selection

10 aTNPW1-4 Forms - syntax Control group – For grouping the controls (the set has a visual border) Fieldset caption - - Crerates the caption of the control group made by fieldset User login Login Password

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