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2 Overview  How to complete and submit the Grantee Report  How to complete and submit the Provider Report  How to upload client-level data  Technical Assistance Resources 2

3 Completing the Grantee Report 3

4 Accessing the Grantee Report  ALL grantees access their Grantee Report(s) through the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs):  Enter your Username and Password.  Select the “Login” button.  Locate your “RSR 2013 Annual Performance Report” 4

5 Open Your Grantee Report 5

6 Complete Items 1- 4 6

7 Complete Your Contracts Lists: Providers Funded by Your Grant 7

8 Adding a Provider Contract to Your List 8

9 Adding a Provider to Your List 9

10 Complete Your Contracts Lists: Providers Funded by Your Grant 10

11 Select the Funded Services 11

12 Complete Your Contracts Lists: Providers Funded by Your Grant 12

13 Complete Your Contracts Lists: Providers Funded Through Your Fiscal Intermediaries 13

14 Validate Your Grantee Report 14

15 Certify Your Grantee Report 15

16 Grantee Report Workflow  Working - The Grantee Report has been started, but it has not yet been certified or changes were made to a certified report, but it has not been re-certified yet.  Certified - The Grantee Report has been certified. Remember to certify on or before February 3, 2014 16


18 IMPORTANT NOTE Only after the Grantee Report is “certified”, can your providers ‘submit’ their Provider Reports to you for review and approval. 18

19 IMPORTANT NOTE HAB REQUIRES all providers to complete their own Provider Report and upload their client-level data. 19


21 Provider Exemption Criteria The Provider should meet one or more of the following criteria: 1)submits only vouchers or invoices for payment 2)does not see clients on a regular and sustained basis 3)offers services to clients on a “fee-for-service” basis 4)received less than $10,000 in RWHAP funding during the reporting period 5)sees a small number (1–25) of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clients 6)no longer funded by your agency 7)no longer in business 21

22 Exemption Ineligible Providers  A grantee-provider may NOT be given an exemption.  A multilevel provider may NOT be given an exemption.  A multiply-funded provider that is not also a “multilevel” provider MAY be exempt from completing its own Service Provider Report if it receives an exemption from ALL of its grantees. 22

23 Provider Exemptions— Their Data Are Still Required!  If a first-level provider receives an exemption, the grantee is responsible for reporting the provider’s data.  If a second-level provider receives an exemption, either the grantee or the first-line provider is required to submit the second-line provider’s data. 23

24 Completing the Provider Report 24

25 Accessing the Provider Report  All grantees access Provider Reports via the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs).  Providers access their Provider Reports directly through the RSR Web system. Admin/Login.aspx 25

26 Accessing the Provider Report as a Grantee 26

27 Accessing the Provider Report 27

28 Review the Data in Items 1 and 2 28

29 Respond to Items 3 - 7 29 Section 330 provides funding for CHCs, Migrant Health Centers and Health Care for the Homeless Programs

30 Indicate the Services Delivered Under Each Contract 30

31 Select the Services Delivered 31

32 IMPORTANT NOTE If the provider only delivers Administrative and Technical Services under all contracts, STOP HERE; they are finished with the their Provider Report. 32

33 Respond to Items 9–11 33

34 HIV Counseling and Testing: Items 12 - 17 34

35 Upload Your Client-level Data 35

36 Validating Your Data 36

37 IMPORTANT NOTE Do not submit valid but inaccurate data! Use the RSR system tools to review your data after you upload it into the RSR system. 37

38 Submit the Provider Report 38

39 Submit the Provider Report

40 Provider Report Workflow  Not Started–The provider begins in this status.  Working–The provider report is in ‘Edit’ mode and data entry is in progress.  Review–Data entry is complete, the validation checks have passed with no errors, and the provider report is ready for the grantees to review and approve.  Submitted–All grantees funding the provider have reviewed and accepted the provider reports. 40

41 Last Steps for Grantees  Review all of your Provider Reports. –Accept the Provider Report –Return the Provider Report for changes  Monitor your deliverable via the EHBs Grantees should return Provider Reports that need changes prior to March 24, 2014. This will help you meet your deadline of March 31, 2014. 41

42 EHBs Workflow  Not Started – The deliverable will show as “not started” until the Grantee Report is certified.  In Progress – The grantee has certified their Grantee Report.  Submitted - The grantee has reviewed and accepted all their Provider Reports.  Change Requested – A change has been made to a Provider Report that the grantee previously approved. The grantee must review and approve the change. 42

43 IMPORTANT NOTE Your deliverable must be in submitted status in the EHBs by 6 PM (eastern time) on March 31, 2014 43

44 Technical Assistance Web Resources  HAB Web Site: –http://hab.hrsa.gov –Instructions, Forms, and HAB Information E-mails/Policy Notices  TARGET Center Web Site: –http://www.careacttarget.org –Important Notices, Dates to Remember, Training Mater ** RSR Instruction Manual uctionmanual.pdf 44

45 Technical Assistance Resources  Data Support (WRMA/CSR): –(888) 640-9356, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., ET –  HRSA Contact Center: –(877) 464-4772 –  DART Team (Cicatelli/Mission/Abt): – 45

46 QUESTIONS 46  Please use the “raise hand” function to speak. We will unmute you in the order that you appear. OR  Type your question in the question box.


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