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Best Practices 2014-2015 Contest Year Lights, Camera, Save!

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1 Best Practices 2014-2015 Contest Year Lights, Camera, Save!

2 ABA Staff Point of Contact Jeni Pastier Senior Manager, Financial Education 202-663-5453

3 “ Housekeeping ” Slides will advance automatically. Today’s presentation is being recorded. Presentation slides and recording will be posted online. Submit questions for Q&A segment any time.

4 Survey Questions??? A.Yes! This is our first time participating in Lights, Camera, Save! B.No, we have participated once before. C.No, we have participated multiple years. 1. Is this your bank’s first time participating in the Lights, Camera, Save! Contest? 3. Is your bank also participating in Get Smart About Credit this year? A.Yes! My bank is registering for Get Smart About Credit and Lights, Camera, Save! B.No, my bank is only registering for Lights, Camera, Save! C.I am not sure. 2. Does your bank hold contests in multiple branches in the same state? A.Yes! My bank holds contest in at least two branches. B.No, my bank only holds the contest in one branch.

5 Lights, Camera, Save! – Brief Overview Best Practices  How to’s from Kim Heinrichs and Jody Stroll, Northwest Bank in Spencer Iowa Promote, Promote, Promote  Meghan French, ABA’s Public Relations Manager Lessons Learned Previous Contest Years Lights, Camera, Save! Q & A Webinar Agenda

6 Lights, Camera, Save! Basics A video contest that teaches teens the value of saving and using money wisely.  Benefits:  Hands on Activity for Students  Peer to Peer Learning  Brings Positive Bank Publicity

7 YouTube Channel – TeachChildrenToSave

8 Bank Responsibilities Register: Before September 30, 2014 register your bank’s participation in the Lights, Camera, Save Contest! Market Contest: Let your community know of your bank’s involvement in the contest. Local/State Judging: Select a local winner for national competition.  Banks holding contest in multiple states may submit one winner per state. Submit State Winner: Deadline December 19, 2014.

9 Student Requirements Contest Period: October 1 - December 1, 2014 Age: Students must be 13-18 years of age as of October 1, 2014 Length: 90 seconds or less Topic: Must be relevant and support contest theme(s) 1)Saving Money 2)Saving and Using Money Wisely 3)Saving to Pay for College Content: Students original work Lyrics, music, ideas must be the students No brand advertisement Judging Criteria: 40% for production value 30% for creativity 30% for message Submission: DVD or video sharing website

10 What’s at Stake? National Prizes provided by the ABA Grand Prize: $5,000 2 nd Place: $2,500 3 rd Place: $1,000 School Prizes funded by ABA Three National Finalist Schools will receive a scholarship to 2015 Jump$tart National Educator Conference. Local Prizes given at the bank discretion

11 Contest Dates to Note September 30- Deadline to register bank’s participation. Now – November- Promote your bank’s involvement in the contest. October 1- Contest begins; banks begin accepting entries. December 1- Contest ends; deadline for contestants to submit their video to the bank. December 19- Your bank winner should be notified by this date; postmark deadline to submit winning video to compete nationally. February 23-28- America Saves Week, national contest winner announced.



14 ABA Public Relations Contact Follow me on Twitter: @MeghanABA Meghan French Manager, Public Relations 202-663-5468

15 Engage the Media 1. Press release 2. Backgrounder 3. Email Signature 4. Social Media Guide Customizable Materials :

16 Lessons Learned Entries: Banks receive an average of 3-10 videos Staff Time: Approximately 10-20 hours Where to Market: Educators, external, media, organizations, your bank branch(es) Go Green: Only accept online entries Don’t Get Discouraged: Most entries will be submitted at the end of the contest period

17 Lessons Learned Make it Special: Celebrate the contestant winners and the winning school/organization publically Award Presentation at San Juan Hills High to our 1 st place winners, Alex Colucci and Leo Moneymaker. “This contest made the boys local heroes,” said Mr. Devaney, the video productions teacher.

18 Next Steps Register Today (if you haven’t done so already)  As a participating bank you will be included in the official Lights, Camera, Save! List of Participating Banks List that is shared with the public. Access Bankers Toolkit Online  Yo u’ll find action steps, timelines, judging guidelines & entry packets, marketing materials, and more.

19 Survey Questions A.Yes! Our bank is has registered for this contest year. B.No, our bank still needs to register. 1. Have you registered your bank for this year’s Lights, Camera, Save! Contest? 2. Have you registered your bank to hold contests in multiple states? A.Yes! My bank has registered to hold contests in at least two states. B.No, my bank only holds the contest in one state. C.I have not registered my bank.

20 Registration

21 Submit questions using “CHAT” feature on toolbar Questions after the webinar email: Lights, Camera, Save!

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