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SABSC Training for Departments Fall 2014 Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC)

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1 SABSC Training for Departments Fall 2014 Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC)

2 About the SABSC Location: Maloney Hall, Suite 458 Walk-in Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5 Telephone Number: 617-552-1586 E-mail: Website:

3 What We Do Process financial transactions including: Reimbursements Vendor Payments BC Student Hires Purchase Orders Chartstring Fund Transfers

4 Forms BC Employee Payment SABSC Expense Report Outside Vendor Payment Award / Honorarium BC Student Hire Travel Advance Transfers eMarket Purchase Order


6 Reimbursements Chartstring information Authorized signatures All requests must be filled out completely or they will be returned-- you will receive an email stating paperwork has been returned Instructions are provided on the back of each form

7 Proof of Payment Original itemized receipts are required for all Reimbursements If payment method was check, submit a copy of front and back of check after it is processed from the bank If a credit /debit card was used, it is mandatory that an itemized credit card receipt and a credit card signature slip, with the payee’s name on receipt, be submitted with the reimbursement List of attendees is required for all dining expenses An SABSC Expense Report is only required for travel-related reimbursements


9 Payment to Outside Vendors If you need to pay a company or outside organization Vendor id number– SABSC will complete however if the vendor is not in BC’s system you will be contacted to request the vendor complete the W-9 on-line Authorized signatures Submit an invoice; no advance payments to vendors Payment of cash, personal check or credit card for labor intensive services is prohibited



12 BC Undergrad Student Hire Form If the student is or has been previously employed at BC, fill-out & submit the Student Hire Form If the student has never been employed at BC: The student must fill-out the I-9 Form at Student Services (Lyons Hall) & fill-out and submit the below required forms at W4 Form (Federal Taxes), M4 Form (Mass State Taxes), Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form Once these two steps completed, fill-out and submit the Student Hire Form The student should submit their worked hours in Kronos every Friday & the supervisor should approve Kronos every Friday before 5:00pm

13 chartstring

14 Travel Advance Travel Advances should be used for pre-paid expenses such as airfare and hotel deposit To apply fill-out the Travel Advance form and submit confirmation of the booking, all payments need to be documented When completing the form, please be sure to include chartstring information Travel advances do not pull the funds from the budget until you return from your trip and reconcile the travel advance by completing the BC Employee Payment Form & the SABSC Expense Report


16 Transfer of Funds Used to move funds between two different chartstrings Example: co-sponsorship, MTS Payments Dept. chartstring transferring the funds out initiates the process email can be



19 Purchase Order (PO) This form is typically used for purchases over $5,000.00 or for transportation services such as a bus SABSC emails the contact person the PO number once it created in Procurement Services Do not use a PO if you already have an invoice 7-10 days to process, so plan accordingly

20 MyFiles All financial requests will be scanned to the appropriate chartstring folder Only the individuals given permissions can access their MyFiles folder Contact the SABSC if you have any challenges accessing the folder


22 Miscellaneous SABSC work-study student available to pick-up work Mileage reimbursements require Mapquest or Yahoo Maps print-out Foreign travel reimbursements require conversion for date of travel, unless you use a credit card & the credit card company converts it for you Questions: Can use inquiry form to contact the SABSC service-request.html service-request.html

23 Questions

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