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How To Submit Loans to Flanagan State Bank a/k/a “you are going to love this system”a.

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1 How To Submit Loans to Flanagan State Bank a/k/a “you are going to love this system”a

2 Where to find our Submission Portal Contains a link on the Home page to our portal Or Bookmark this page to keep it simple to return to Accessible on PC’s, laptops, phones & tablets Some devices may be limited to just viewing info

3 Log In Required Email with link will be sent from Enterprise LOS. Please check your spam folder prior to emailing us that you did not get it, once we send the link out. Do not share your log in with other LO’s or Processors in your company. The link is specific to your NMLS. Documents will print with your name and information on them. The system is user sensitive and we require each user to have their own log in. Processors will be set up to view the LO’s they are working with. To receive your log in link, email

4 Log In Page

5 Submission System Home Page The Create drop down provides the option for uploading a FNMA 3.2 file or manually entering in your 1003 information to start a new loan Pipeline allows you to view the loans in progress and check for status updates

6 Under Create…choose Import for a FNMA 3.2 file Or Create a Loan for manual data entry Where Do I click next? Upload or Create a Loan

7 It is very important that you choose the correct Loan Origination Type. Your loan will be: Wholesale Or Correspondent Once all choices are completed, click Import Important Details for Importing

8 Once your file is uploaded, check the 1003 to make sure ALL sections are completed. Click on each section to enter it.

9 Register Your File Under the Forms & Docs menu, choose Register Loan. All RED boxes must be completed to complete the registration. At the bottom of the page, click Register. If any information is missing, the system will advise you with links to the missing items. Once registered, leave page by clicking Close at the bottom of the screen. Now that your loan is Registered, you may lock at any time you choose.

10 Upload your file Under Imaging, choose UPLOAD DOCUMENT. It will open a new window. You can upload as many documents as needed, or one large package. Browse to find your file. Please check upload in color to insure good quality on the docs. Choose the document type…it will only have TPO Submission Package as your option. Then click on Submit. The system will confirm the upload. When you have uploaded your complete file, click CLOSE in the upper right corner to close out of the upload screen.

11 Image Flow All documents can be viewed under ImageFlow. Any document in the file will be held in this section.

12 ImageFlow With ImageFlow, you can: Add notes to documents Turn pages the correct way Highlight sections to point them out to the Jr or UW Delete extra documents View multiple documents at one time Tool bar at top of screen provides all the tools needed to advise on your file submission ImageFlow is a great tool to communicate to our internal staff


14 Ready for Submission Once you have Registered and uploaded, the file is ready to be officially submitted to FSB. Under Actions, choose Final. This will notify the Jr Underwriters and Ops Manager that the file is ready for review.

15 After Underwriting? You will be notified via email when your Loan Approval is ready to view in the system. You will find your loan commitment under Forms & Docs, Underwriting Conditions/Decision. Ready to Resubmit? Simply go to Imaging in the menu to the left, click on upload documents and upload the same way you did the submission package. When ready for us to view, under Actions choose FINAL A couple of Important Notes: 1)When your file is in submission status or finalized, you will not be able to add any documents to the file until it is released back to you 2)We ask to keep multiple submissions to a minimum. The more submission and the more “touches” a file has, the longer our turn times become

16 Pipeline View As you enter loans, you can locate them under your pipeline. A search is available to find your loans quickly as the pipeline grows. Simply click on the loan to enter the file.

17 Viewing – you will always have access to the file. You will be able to view our ratios, income, etc to know exactly how your file was underwritten. Transparency is the key. The more you know about the information we used to underwrite, the better you can judge the approval. Additional Features of our System These features will assist you with your productivity! AUS – you have the ability to run DO or LP upon registration of the file. Find this option under Services in the menu. This is only open to you until the loan is submitted to the UW. You must choose one of the AUS systems and the other will be closed to you once a choice is made Docs – Initial and requested docs can be generated from our system. In the menu locate Doc Packages. For Initial Docs, choose Initial Disclosure. Do not choose any features to send docs to borrower, simply confirm information and submit. The docs will generate a PDF for you to print or send to the borrower. To generate any additional docs you need, you may follow the same steps and pull what is required from the package. Appraisal Confirmations – will be found under notes. You will receive an email confirmation that a note has been added and can view it under the book symbol in the upper right corner.

18 Even though both are available, we ask that you only choose ONE AUS system to work with The one you choose is the one we will have to stick with throughout the file Choose Automated Underwriting under Services Menu To change from DO to LP, choose the link just above the Submit button to change options You will enter your credit report information on the first screen to re- issue the report(s) Multiple submissions are a red flag to our investors. Please limit the running of the file to a max of 3 AUS LP & DO are available

19 Every time your file reaches a “milestone”, it is tracked and added to the Loan Status page. This contains a record of when the file was submitted, locked, underwritten, etc. If you are unable to find the information you need about your file, please contact your Inside AE for assistance The loan history will verify every action that happens on the file Status & Tracking Checking on your file

20 Thank you for attending our training. We hope you like our system as much as we do. We have programmed it to be as efficient and user friendly as possible. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email

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